30 Jul 2009
Dozens of young Barnsley swimmers got their chance to shine recently as the Metrodome Leisure Complex held its Annual Aqua Gala for 16 schools in the region, which was hosted by Barnsley Premier Leisure (BPL).

Participants in the Aqua Gala ranged from eight to 11 years of age. Schools involved included Hoyland Common, Oakhill Primary, St. Mary’s, Worsbrough Common, Barugh Green and Burton Road Primary School.

In the morning, the younger children got involved in exciting swimming activities, such as an aquatic egg and spoon race, flying saucers and swimming whilst balancing an object on their heads.

In the afternoon the older students took part in slightly more familiar races of 25m front crawl, breaststroke and butterfly followed by a freestyle relay where they could swim any stroke of their choice.

The overall winners of the morning’s activities were St Mary’s and in the afternoon pupils from Barugh Green School were victorious.

Edward Lim, Swimming Development Manager for Barnsley Premier Leisure said: “The Aqua Festival was a great event with both the younger and older pupils performing really well and with strong support from hundreds of family and friends. There was a great atmosphere at pool side and there really are some up-and-coming swimming stars hidden within Barnsley Schools!”


The Aqua Festival was hosted by Barnsley Premier Leisure (BPL) with support from Darren Padgett, Partnership Development Manager for Priory school and Sports School Partnership; Jude Langdon, Barnsley Competition Manager for Holgate and Priory School Sports Partnerships and The Borough of Barnsley Swimming Club.

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