Important notice from the ASA Technical Swimming Committee (TSC)

12 June 2013

Important notice from the ASA Technical Swimming Committee (TSC)

In 2012 some changes were made to the National Age Group & Youth Championships primarily by moving the 14 year age group from the Youth to the Age Group Championships. These changes were made after careful consideration, to enable the sport to continue to move forward. In addition, the ASA Technical Swimming Committee (TSC) lobbied successfully for a full review of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD).  A review was set up by colleagues within British Swimming, across Swimming and Disability Swimming and all disciplines of the sport. The review was concluded and the report written prior to the 2012 Olympic Games. With the subsequent changes in the management of the world class team, there is a  delay in the implementation of the recommendations within the revised LTAD plan.

Once the new LTAD has been accepted by the World Class team, a Competition Review will be put in place across  the home countries and the ASA will take a full role in that review.  The committee is aware that “Age on Day” will form part of this  review. The ASA TSC has taken the view that no further changes will be made until the full outcome of the Competition Review is clear and any changes will be as a result of careful education of the sport through a  consultative process and supporting evidence will be provided.

Whilst the committee would like the Competition Review to commence as soon as possible, it is clear that the current timescale will mean that there will be  no changes for the 2013/14 competition year. This will apply to National, Regional & County Competitions and Licensed Open Meets. The ASA TSC therefore requests that organisers of competitions continue to follow the current LTAD and BAGcat guidelines with the exception of the small changes made last year.  As soon as the Competition Review has concluded widespread consultation will take place before any changes are made.  We hope that all interested parties will take a proactive part in the consultation process.

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