Swim your way to fitness with Swim4Health

If you want to enjoy the benefits that being physically active can bring you, the pool is a fantastic place to start. Whether you love to be involved in swimming, or have you simply run out of ideas for exciting ways to get fit in the pool, Swim4Health is perfect for you!

Swim4Health provides an accessible route for everyone – whatever your level of fitness. Each participant receives a FREE 30 minute appointment with a specially trained Aquatic Advisor. The Swim4Health aquatic journey is then tailored to your individual needs, ensuring you get most from your Swim4Health experience.

Swim4Health you can offer you a six week tailored plan giving you unlimited swimming and aquatic classes plus a free voucher to try the gym and a free studio class all for just £25 (£20 if you belong to a local Weight Watchers group). Alternatively you can benefit from a 20% discount card valid for three months – allowing you to experience all the fun of the pool as often as you like with unlimited swimming and aqua classes for 20% less than the standard price.

For those not as confident in the water you may want to sign up for adult swim lessons and these come at a specially discounted price of £24 per term for Swim4Health participants.

Contact your local DC Leisure pool for more information.

DC Leisure Sites:

Alfreton Leisure Centre, Derbyshire

Alton Sportsa Centre, Hampshire

Buxton Pool, Derbyshire

Elmbridge Xcel, Surrey

Farnborough Leisure Centre, Hampshire

Fleming Park Leisure Centre, Hampshire

Herons Sports & Fitness Centre, Surrey

Kingsway Leisure Centre, Chesire

River Park Leisure Centre, Hampshire

Rotherham Leisure Complex, Rotherham

Victory Sports & Fitness Centre, Norfolk

Wolverhampton Sports & Fitness Centre, Wolverhampton

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