The Kellogg’s ASA Swimtastic Awards 2010 focus – Friday

19 November 2010

The Kellogg’s ASA Swimtastic Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements in the pool in 2010.

We will countdown to Saturday’s awards ceremony with a focus on the nominees for two awards each day in the run-up to the event.

Friday’s spotlight is on the nominees for Disability Swimmer of the Year and the British Swimming Supporters Club Senior Swimmer of the Year.

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Disability Swimmer of the Year

This award is presented to a swimmer who has overcome a disability and continues to develop their swimming and achievements in the pool.

Eva Higgins – 3-years old from Flixton, Manchester

•    Despite being just three, Eva can swim well over 100m with no arm bands or floats. She can also do a roly-poly and dive to the bottom of the pool unassisted.
•    Her achievements would be impressive for any child but Eva has cystic fibrosis and often can’t go swimming when she is undergoing treatment.
•    Her parents believe swimming, and the teaching of Mark Johnson from Aqua Babies Manchester, has helped Eva increase her lung strength and improve her health.

Charlotte Hailstone – 7-years old from Ipswich

•    Charlotte has been swimming for the past two years and has achieved a number of badges, including her 50m badge.
•    Doctors warned Charlotte would never swim because she is paralysed down one side of her body but thanks to her determination and commitment she’s proved them wrong and tries to swim every week.

Sarah Willes – 8-years old from Chingford, London

•    Sarah loves swimming and was hugely excited to be promoted in her learn to swim class recently.
•    She was also delighted when she earned her first Kellogg’s ASA award.
•    Sarah’s physiotherapist suggested that she took up swimming to strengthen her upper body because she has CHARGE syndrome – a condition which includes sensory impairment and co-ordination problems.
•    Her physio is impressed with the improvement Sarah has made since starting swimming.

British Swimming Supporters Club Senior Swimmer of the Year

This award is presented to a swimmer who has had their swimming success later in life, for example, overcoming obstacles in their quest to achieve.

Ivor Pope – from Swindon

•    Ivor, 76, has dedicated his life to swimming. He has been teaching and coaching for well over 40 years and has continued to swim, train and compete in Masters Competitions setting county, national and European records.
•    He formed his own swimming club to share his love of swimming, including catering for slower swimmers who were put off joining some of the larger clubs.
•    In recent years, Ivor has suffered numerous cardiac arrests and has had triple bypass surgery but is now back in the pool swimming around 3 km every week.

Sheila Airey – from Suffolk

•    Sheila Airey recently celebrated her 80th birthday and has a real zest for life.
•    After moving to Suffolk from Bradford, Sheila decided she would like to learn to swim and now believes it’s the best things she has ever done.
•    Sheila admits she feels a different person when she comes out of the pool and hopes she is an inspiration to other older people not to sit around but to get up and get their bodies moving.

Heather & Gill Bower-Lissaman – from Sheffield, South Yorkshire

•    Sisters Heather and Gill have been given a new lease of life after taking up swimming.
•    Learning to swim was a childhood dream but the duo were always put off by weight and health problems.
•    They admit they were like ‘two rabbits caught in the headlamps of a car’ but are now enjoying being in the water and trying their best to swim.

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