The Kellogg’s ASA Swimtastic Awards 2012 countdown - Monday

15th October 2012

The countdown is on for the annual Kelloggs ASA Swimtastic Awards 2012 so let’s take a closer look at this years finalists.

The countdown is on for the Kellogg’s ASA Swimtastic Awards 2012 taking place at Ponds Forge, Sheffield, 20th October.  Today we concentrate on finalists receiving an award for the Parent of the Year and The RLSS Lifesaver of the year.

Each one of our finalists has shown sheer determination, courage and commitment to the swimming world.


Parent of the year award

No-one makes it to the top without support from a good family behind them. This award recognises just that. Particularly looking for parents that do so much to help their children train and compete in swimming. This award shows the appreciation for those mums and dads who give up so much time for their children.


Vicki Lewis from Southampton

  • Vicki Lewis is a mum of two and has Cerebral palsy, despite her disability Vicki has learnt to swim using just her arms. Getting changed and into the pool presented a significant challenge in which she had to overcome first.
  • Inspite of her disability, it is Vicki's stong support and dedication to her childrens swimming commitments that has seen her become a finalist for this award. Vicki has ensured that both her children will grow up to be confident and safe in the water.
  • Vicky and her mother Debbie work assist one another on a weekly basis when taking Vicki’s children swimming lessons.Having overcome many significant barriers to take part in swimming, Vicki still attends regularly two or three times a week, setting a real example for all parents of young children.


Edwin Plumber from Nottingham

  • Edwin knows the importance of swimming and began taking Isabella when she was just two weeks old. They started parent and toddler swimming lessons at six months old and have had lessons ever since. When Isabella was five she began 1-1 lessons to improve her swimming. During Isabella's swim lessons Edwin listens intently to instruction given to her and decided that he might improve his own basic skills in the pool, he has improved considerably himself and continues to challenge himself with distance and times.
  • He continues to hold full time employment and even works night shifts to ensure he spends quality time with his daughter on a daily basis.


David Gilmore from Preston

  • David has been nominated by his son Morgan, he takes him swimming training five times a week. He is a big encourager to Morgan, books and pays for all his swimming galas.
  • He put himself forward to be the Press Officer at Morgans swimming club which involves attending monthly meetings and photographing and writing gala reviews to be published in the paper and on the web site.
  • At the end of Morgans training he always helps him coach to bring the lanes in. He works all this in with working shifts and also having four other children. Morgans brother sometimes swims at the same time at different pools and somehow he manages to be in two places at once.


RLSS Lifesaver of the year award

This award acknowledges a gifted lifesaver, may have recently gained their life saving qualification or may have been actively involved in saving a life.


Stella, Madison and Kane from Fleetwood, Lancashire

On 27th July 2011 at Fleetwood beach an 11 year old boy was dragged out to sea. Madison and Kane Murgatroyd assisted by keeping him afloat and lifting him out of the water for as long as possible until returning to shore. Meanwhile, Stella Russell entered the water to assist. Jake went underwater and upon searching for him Stella felt him bump into her. She reached for him and lifted him out of the water, he regained consciousness and was brought to shore. 

Jake was taken to Hospital as a precautionary measure but made a full recovery.


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