The Kellogg’s ASA Swimtastic Awards 2012 countdown - Wednesday

17th October 2012

The countdown is on for the annual Kelloggs ASA Swimtastic Awards 2012 so let’s take a closer look at this years finalists.

The countdown is on for the Kellogg’s ASA Swimtastic Awards 2012 taking place at Ponds Forge, Sheffield, 20th October.  Today we take a look at the finalists for this years new Sun inspire Award in partnership with The Sun Newspaper and The Top Teacher award.

Each one of our finalists has shown sheer determination, courage and commitment to the swimming world.


  The Sun Newcomer Award

This brand new award is for an individual, family or group who have been inspired to take up swimming in this Olympic year, perhaps for health benefits, to overcome a fear of water or as a fun group challenge? The award could be for someone who has progressed from complete non-swimmer or transformed your swimming skills as a team.


George Block, lives in: Dagenham, Essex

  • In May 2009 George was rushed to the hospital resuscitation unit - he spent three days in a high dependency unit after suffering a life threatening asthma attack. George was diagnosed with brittle asthma and now takes daily medication along with asthma pumps.
  • George started swimming with Barking & Dagenham Aquatics when it opened in July 2011. He had never swum competively before and over such a short space of time he has achieved phenomenal goals!
  • At first, he was breathless and found it difficult to swim for a long duration. Over the past 10 months he has built up his lung capacity and is now swimming daily for an hour and a half, sometimes three hours. With sheer commitment, determination and passion George has become strong. He can swim long distances and feels that his asthma is controlled more now than ever. He feels that if it wasn’t for swimming, he would still find daily activities difficult to manage.

The Top Teacher Award


This award is for a teacher who provides quality lessons week in week out. They would be motivated to improve their pupil’s standards by delivering quality swimming sessions.


Finalist: Mary Clark

Based: Everyone Active Swim Scheme

Lives in:North East Lincolnshire

  • Although Mary has a disability in her left arm she has never given up on being passionate swim teacher. Mary teaches Special Needs Children and Adults. She has taught children with Autism, Adhd, Diabetic, Aspergers, Cerebral Palsy Global Learning Difficulty to swim and many more including people who have lost limbs. Can you believe she has only had one week off in five years!
  • Mary is also Chair lady for Pilgrim swimming Club Royal Lifesaving Club, she has taught there for 32 years voluntary and has raised over hundreds of pounds for various charities. Mary is well loved by the children and adults and is well known in the community for all her hard work with many charities. To which, Mary won N.E Lincolnshire Volunteer of the Year 2010 Award, after raising over £10,000 for three different charities taking part in numerous Open Water events.
  • She teaches to a high standard, ensuring that all children and adults are receiving the best opportunity to swim and are reaching their potential as well as enjoying their lessons.


Finalist: Jan Ebbs

Based: Fitness 4 U Swim School

Lives in: Newquay, Cornwall

  • Jan is a devoted swimming teacher, she began teaching at the age 14, working alongside her Mother until she took her full teaching qualification in 1987. She teaches every age, from babies just a few weeks old up to her eldest pupil aged 86. She teaches basic water skills through to technique improvement and competitive swims.
  • She perseveres with even the slowest of learners and never gives up trying to improve the confidence of nervous swimmers.  Jan teaches over 500 children a week in her own swim school as well as co-ordinating the school swimming programme for six local schools.  She has a remarkable memory and somehow remembers every child's name and their swimming ability.
  • Jan has many teaching achievements, she taught the current County Champion for Cornwall from the age of six months – nine years. Jan has also taught numerous two year olds to swim 10m and she even taught a child to swim 400m at the age of just three.  She teaches a varied swimming programme which includes introducing all 4 strokes as well as teaching children how to be safe in the water.


Finalist: Roberta Wilson

Based: Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre

Lives in: Suffolk

  • Bobbie is deeply passionate about teaching people to swim.  She is still teaching week in week out at Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre at the age of 72.
  • Bobbie has been more than instrumental in establishing the Disability Section of the Stowmarket Swimming Club, providing progressive and enjoyable opportunities for both youngsters and adults with a variety of needs, ensuring the key element of the section is to allow each individual to be 'themselves'. 
  • Bobbie’s motto; "the aim of these disability sessions are for each individual to be at liberty to be themselves.  To play, make a noise, splash, laugh, cry, jump off from the side of the pool, have races on the floats, be grumpy, see if something floats, try and get the sinkers off the bottom of the pool, expend all the energy they have, but more importantly to make friends and just have some fun whilst they are learning to swim"! 
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