The Kellogg’s ASA Swimtastic Countdown 2013 - Tuesday

12 November 2013

The countdown to the annual Kellogg’s ASA Swimtastic Awards 2013 is on! So let’s take a closer look at this years finalists…

This year's Kellogg’s ASA Swimtastic Awards will be taking place on 16th November in Birmingham, with the exciting 'Swim with the Stars' session at Cocks Moor Woods Leisure Centre and the glamorous awards dinner at Edgbaston Stadium. In the five-day run up to the event we will take a sneak peak at each of our award categories and their deserving finalists for the evening.

First up, the Parent of the Year award and the Senior Swimmer of the Year award. Each one of our finalists has shown sheer determination, courage and commitment to the swimming world.

Parent of the Year Award

Presented to a parent that regularly makes huge sacrifices to support their Presented to a swimmer who has experienced their swimming success later in life.
children through their swimming journey.

Alice Francis

About Alice: Alice’s two boys, Reuben and Ellery, have swum with JH20 for several years and Alice has spent many hours as a spectator on poolside. Last year, she decided to learn more about the technical side of teaching swimming, so that she could help her boys practise in between their weekly lessons. Alice successfully completed her ASA Level 1 teaching course and an opportunity soon came up in Ellery’s pre-school swimming class whereby Alice could provide extra adult support for children with special needs. Alice was more than happy to volunteer and is a fantastic assistant who shows empathy and kindness towards the children and is a great communicator. Ellery is very proud to have his mummy helping in his class and keeps telling everyone “my mummy is a swimming teacher!”


Emma Back

About Emma: Emma has been involved with Winchester City Penguins Swimming Club for a number of years, and currently is Squad Rep for the club’s top squad. Squad Reps are an important part of the communication puzzle in any club, as they provide a link between the coaches and parents. Emma has demonstrated fantastic communication and interpersonal skills in this role and is an extremely valued member of the team. Where Emma has really shone, however, is in her personal voluntary work schedule. Emma heads up the Winchester Fit for the Future (WFF) campaign, which focuses on securing the lasting legacy of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. Emma has been working on the project for more than two years, consulting with local experts and schools, the City’s University, and national governing bodies. Emma really is an inspiration and her motivation is unmatched.


Alison Crompton

About Alison: Alison has been involved with Winchester City Penguins Swimming Club for over eight years. She has been the Press Officer and worked on Committee for the last three and a half years. She was recently appointed as a Trustee as the club has been awarded Charitable incorporated Organisation status. Alison has worked to establish the new club structure, and offered hours of voluntary time to guide and achieve the new structure and also has two swimmers at the club. Alison has supported many club events, both social and fundraising, and regularly offers her time as a team manager and timekeeper at swimming events. Alison’s work as a Press Officer has enabled the club to promote its work to the members and community and is always appreciated for its content, wonderful photos and articles telling the club story!


Senior Swimmer of the Year Award

Presented to a swimmer who has experienced their swimming success later in life.

Naomi Crowder, aged 77

About Naomi: At 77 years old, Naomi is the oldest member of the City of Sheffield Masters Squad. In spirit, however, Naomi is far younger than her years - she is one of the most regular attendees at training, always to be found ploughing up and down the pool with her characteristic determination. Naomi was also a 2012 Games Maker and is hoping to volunteer at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. In the last few years, Naomi has completed the Great North Swim 2011 and 2013, the Great Manchester Swim in 2012 and 2013, the Great London Swim in 2010, and as well as finishing ahead of many people far younger than her, she has also raised £1,600 for the Samaritans in the process. It’s hard to describe Naomi in words, but as a starting point she is determined, passionate, full of life, wildly flirtatious, kind and generous – a truly inspirational woman.


Tony Clack, aged 80

About Tony: Tony turned 80 in May of this year and rain, snow and gales do not stop him from heading down to the pool for his daily lunchtime dip. If his car is in the garage he either catches the bus or bikes five miles each way to keep up his routine. If his family visit from Australia, the whole clan have to come - nothing must interfere with the daily swim. Tony had a heart bypass last year, but he attributes his quick recovery to the fact that he maintained a good level of fitness through his swimming. Tony is always positive and often brings runner beans and sweet corn in for the pool staff! He has been a loyal member to his pool nearly all his life and his commitment to the sport is one of a kind.


Terance Ganey, aged 94

About Terance: Still swimming three times a week at the age of 94, Terance attends his local pool each week without fail. He always brings a smile to the staff and customers alike. He is quite the character and every time the staff say “see you soon” he replies “no I’ll probably be dead by then”. Even on walking sticks he still comes in and swims his lengths (now with a noodle); his determination despite his age and health issues is a lesson for us all. He has been affectionately nicknamed ‘Mr Grumpy’ as he always moans about the temperature of the water, complains he goes backwards when swimming breaststroke and says he only swims to save the electricity of having a shower at home – but for all of this, he brings so much pleasure with his out spoken, characterful approach and secretly the staff know he adores them as much as they adore him.

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