Teachers and coaches give their backing to ASA vision

3 Feb 2010

Teachers and coaches across England have given their approval of the ASA’s vision for their profession.

A recent survey of teachers and coaches showed that the content of the ‘ASA Development Framework for Teaching and Coaching in England 2009-2013’ largely met their needs and that of the wider coaching workforce. The following were amongst the endorsements received:

“This document was inspiring. It is the way forward."

“What is my role and when do we start!”

“The ASA appears to have identified a clear framework for improving coaching and training at all levels, looking at the needs of those who have entered the system.”

“It has given me more belief in the ASA to develop both teachers and coaches abilities and the service that they provide.”

“I feel that the ASA has now embraced the coaching needs of the local swim school teachers and this can only be good.”

Colin Huffen, Coaching Systems Manager for the ASA is heartened by the support received. “The aim of this plan is to create a new coaching system that delivers the right number of coaching hours, by the right coach, in the appropriate environment to achieve success. It’s fantastic that we have received endorsement of our methods from teachers and coaches, as well as lots of valuable constructive feedback. They are the ones at the sharp end who will see the results on a day to day basis, so it’s really important to incorporate their views at this stage”.

He added, “We would like to thank everyone who responded to the survey. Those individuals now have the opportunity to be involved in a ‘think tank’ of aquatic professionals, whose views and opinions will serve to strengthen our efforts to achieve the major culture shift the industry needs.”

The Development Framework provides plans for a world class coaching environment for England’s teachers and coaches by progressing from providing simply coach education to coach development. Click here to read more.


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