Volunteers celebrate at 2012 Aquaforce Awards

17th October 2012

The ASA Aquaforce Awards aim to recognise and thank some of the fantastic volunteers who dedicate countless hours to aquatics.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our sport and without the day to day contribution of proactive individuals across the country, participation in aquatics simply wouldn’t happen.

The 2012 Aquaforce National Winners were announced at the ASA Annual Council Dinner, which took place on the 13th October. Regional winners gathered at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Nottingham to be recognised and rewarded for their achievements.

Chris Lee (South East), Jean Childs (West Midlands), David Burgham (North West), Grant Robe (East Midlands) and and Alexander Harrison (London) were the five national winners across the different categories.

On behalf of the ASA we would like to offer each regional and national winner our congratulations. You really do make the sport happen! 

Outstanding Contribution at Club Level

This award recognises volunteers who have made an outstanding contribution in their club.

  • North West - Jim Howlin
  • North East - Charmain Rawlings
  • West Midlands - Marc Soulsby
  • East Midlands - Gren Greaves
  • East - Barry Brinkley
  • London - Mackinh Tran
  • South East - Chris Lee - 2012 National Aquaforce Winner
  • South West - Wendy Rivers

Outstanding Contribution at County/Regional Level

This award recognises volunteers who have made an outstanding contribution in their county or region.

  • North West - Elain Ludgate
  • North East - Sue Barrington
  • West Midlands - Jean Childs - 2012 National Aquaforce Winner
  • East Midlands - Don Ward
  • East - Steve Champbers
  • London - Mark Gorsuch
  • South East - Joan Swain
  • South West - Christina Tremellen

Long Service Award

This award recognises those individuals who have volunteered for 25 years or more.

  • North West - David Burgham - 2012 National Aquaforce Winner
  • North East - George Stillings
  • West Midlands - Godfrey Harper
  • East Midlands - Reginald Dennis Smith
  • East - Mike Woodbridge
  • London - Maurice & Daphne Short
  • South East - John Ottaway
  • South West - Janet Hewitt

Outstanding Contribution by a Young Adult

This award recognises volunteers aged 18-25 years who have made an outstanding contribution in aquatics.

  • North West - Sally Ratcliffe
  • North East - Megan Crombie
  • West Midlands - Samantha Barguss
  • East MIdlands - Grant Robe - 2012 National Aquaforce Winner
  • East - Laura Frostick
  • London - Alex Carr
  • South East - Matthew Pipe
  • South West - Kristy Rides

Young Volunteer of the Year

This award recognises volunteers under 18, who have already made a difference in aquatics.

  • North West - Leah Statham
  • North East - Helen Dawson
  • West Midlands - Jessica Hickman
  • East Midlands - Amelia Dudley
  • East - Alex Fussey
  • London - Alexander Harrison - 2012 National Aquaforce Winner
  • South East - Henry Goddard
  • South West - Liam Wilcox
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