ASA Adult Swimming Framework

The ASA Learn to Swim Pathway provides a national syllabus with clear outcomes and assessment standards to help swimmers from their very first splash in the water to becoming a competent and confident swimmer, but the adult swimming experience needs to be delivered in a more flexible way.

The Framework provides clear guidance on how to structure adult swimming sessions to ensure a clear pathway is available for adults, regardless of age and ability, and suggested activities that should be part of a regular pool programme.

The Adult Framework is an adapted version of stages 1-7 of the Learn to Swim Framework  and provides clear outcomes and information on how to deliver Adult Learn to Swim to ensure it aligns to existing learn to swim programmes already taking place, but also to cater for the individual needs of each adult.

  • Be a Swimmer: For the nervous beginner and total beginner – it’s never too late to learn.  Gives water confidence and enables them to join in with family fun with the kids or grandchildren.  
  • Be a Better Swimmer: For improvement of swimming skills – ideal if adults have not been in the pool since school.
  • Be a Great Swimmer: For refinement of swimming technique particularly useful to improve skills for other sports including triathlon.  Develops endurance and aerobic capacity.

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