Teaching the ASA Adult Swimming Framework

The ASA Adult Swimming Framework provides clear guidance on how to structure adult swimming lessons and adapt them to suit the needs of all participants.

There are four stages of the ASA Adult Swimming Framework, with corresponding awards to recognize the swimmer’s achievements:

  • Be Water Confident - to give a swimmer the confidence to enter the pool safely; the ability to move around the pool with confidence and to achieve basic core aquatic skills such as entries, exits, buoyancy, balance and aquatic breathing.
  • Be a Swimmer - to give a swimmer the necessary skills to start swimming independently over short distances (5 to 10 metres), without support or swimming aids.
  • Be a Better Swimmer – to provide a swimmer with the necessary skills to swim up to 400 metres independently, as well as the confidence to try other activities taking place in the pool, for example, Aquacise or lane swimming.
  • Be a Master Swimmer - to provide a swimmer with the necessary skills to confidently enter the Masters section of a swimming club and if they would like to develop more advanced swimming skills to enable them to compete.

Adults will go through each of these four stages to develop their learning and progression to achieve outcomes which are based on the Core Aquatic Skills of:

  1. Entries and exits
  2. Treading water
  3. Rotation and orientation
  4. Streamlining
  5. Aquatic breathing
  6. Sculling
  7. Travel and coordination
  8. Flotation
  9. Stamina
  10. Submersion
  11. Water safety

Although each of the four stages has a number of outcomes, not all outcomes will need to be achieved to move onto the next stage.

It’s much more flexible for adults and the initial conversations between the swimming teacher and the swimmer is paramount. This chat will ensure everyone understands the individual goals of the swimmer before the lessons begin.

The ASA's free Operator Guide to the Adult Swimming Framework contains guidance to structuring adult swimming lessons. Click here to download it now.

Online Resources

  • Click here to go to the ASA Library where you can download free resources including the operator guide, adult swimming questionnaire and marketing posters.
  • Click here to go to the ASA Shop were you can purchase additional resources for swimming teachers.
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