Once a swimmer has reached Level 7 of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework it is recommended that they are then encouraged to take part in different aquatic disciplines to develop their fundamental sports skills. Stages 8,9 and 10 of the framework for Diving are known as the Flip n Fun programme.

Stage 8 outcomes

By the end of Stage 8 (Diving) of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework your pupils should have reached 6 outcomes:

1. Perform a sequence of three jumps and on the third, rotate around the vertical axis all, to be performed in waist deep water

2. Push and glide into a forward tucked somersault and finish in upright position

3. Push and glide into a forward somersault pike and finish in upright position

4. Push and glide on front, and perform a ½ twist onto back

5. Perform a sitting pike line up on pool deck (dry land skill progression)

6. Perform a sitting dive with hands grabbed

Stage 9 outcomes

By the end of Stage 9 (Diving) of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework your pupils should have reached 6 outcomes relating to starts:

1. Forward jump straight
2. Forward jump tuck
3. Forward tuck roll from poolside
4. Forward pike fall line up from poolside, hands grabbed throughout
5. Push and glide on back into ½ twist onto front - hands grabbed throughout
6. Back jump straight

Stage 10 outcomes

By the end of Stage 10 (Diving) of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework your pupils should have reached 9 outcomes relating to relay takeovers:

1. Forward jump straight, with arm swing
2. Forward jump tuck, with arm swing
3. Crouch forward dive with hands grabbed above head to start
4. Back push and glide into back circle
5. Back tuck roll from poolside
6. Back jump tuck

There are two Flip n Fun awards that compliment the framework: the pool diving skills award and the dryland diving skills award. You can also use the Diving Level Awards as a great way to give pupils an early introduction to diving skills including underwater confidence and body awareness. You can find the full criteria for each award in the Teacher's Toolkit.

Tips for Stages 8, 9 and 10

To assist with the delivery of stages 8, 9 and 10 the ASA has developed ASA Learn to Swim Framework CPDs specific to each discipline and it is recommended teachers delivering these levels attend the appropriate CPDs. The ASA also encourages partnership working with ASA swim21 Accredited clubs in the relevant disciplines to support delivery and to provide structured exit routes for swimmers.

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If you are looking for the most relevant information about how to deliver the framework then make sure you read the ASA Teacher's Complete Frameworks, while theiosonline offers the most up-to-date training around the framework.

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