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The ASA CPD training directory

The CPD training directory is a full listing of all the available continuing professional development (CPD) seminars.

Once you have chosen the seminar of interest there are two options: running a seminar or attending a seminar

  • To deliver a seminar, browse through the listings below, choose the seminar you wish to deliver at your club or centre, then contact your Aquatic Officer.
  • If you are a tutor or coach wishing to book on to a seminar in your area, then you can find them on the IoSOnline here

The following seminars are all owned by the Institute of Swimming (IoS) and are fully accredited and approved by the ASA Awarding Body. 

Seminar ID Number Seminar Summary of Seminar
QA0005 Teaching Turns Click here
QA0009 British Gas ASA Learn to Swim Flip n Fun (Diving) Click here
QA0011 Effective Sculling Techniques & Developing into the 4 Strokes Click here
QA0012 Swim Strength – An Introduction to Swim Strength & Conditioning      Click here
QA0013 Swim Strength – Complex Land Training for Swimming Click here
QA0014 Swim Strength – Swiss Balls and Bands Click here
QA0015 Swim Strength – Floor & Medicine Ball Based Strength Development Click here
QA0016 Swim Strength – Training Sprint Swimmers & Periodisation Click here
QA0017 Swim Strength – Time & Equipment Limited Training Click here
QA0018 Swim Strength – Injury & Prevention Click here
QA0019 Swim Strength – Starts & Turns Click here
QA0022 British Gas ASA Learn to Swim AquaFUN (Synchro) Click here
QA0023 Voice Protection & Projection Click here
QA0024 British Gas ASA Learn to Swim Mini Polo (Water Polo) Click here
QA0027 Working with Children with Educational Difficulties Click here
QA0032 British Gas ASA Learn to Swim FUNdamentals Click here
QA0033 Aqua Kids Click here
QA0036 British Gas ASA Learn to Swim Competitive Swimming Click here
QA0042 Planning Periodisation & Monitoring Click here
QA0044 Effective Communication & Feedback for Swimming Teaching & Coaching Click here
QA0045 Injury Prevention & Management – Ideas for Swimming Coaches Click here
QA0046 Cross Training – Ideas for Coaches Click here
QA0061 Improving Breaststroke Click here
QA0062 Improving Back Crawl Click here
QA0063 Improving Butterfly Click here
QA0064 Improving Front Crawl Click here
QA0067 A Games Led Approach to Learn to Swim Click here
QA0068 Performance Nutrition in Aquatic Sports Coaching Click here
QA0069 Movement & Balance in Water Polo Click here
QA0070 Applying Psychology to Coaching Athletes Click here
QA0072 Integrating Swimmers with a Physical & Sensory Impairment into Mainstream Swimming Lessons Click here
QA0073 Integrating Disabled Swimmers into a Mainstream Coaching Environment Click here
QA0081 Working with Disabled Young People with a Severe Physical Impairment Click here
QA0091 Dryland Diving Assessment Click here

ASA Seminars         

Seminar ID Number Seminar More information (PDF's)
QA0020 Child Protection Click here
QA0080 Aquatics in the National Curriculum Click here

Externally Owned Seminars

The seminars listed below are approved and accredited by the ASA Awarding Body but are owned and delivered independently.

Seminar ID Number Seminar More information (PDF's)
QA0038 Adult & Child Click here
QA0050 Swim a Song Click here
QA0052 Developing Butterfly Click here
QA0055 Integrating Autistic Children in to Mainstream Swimming Lessons Click here
QA0071 Personal Survival - Preventing Accidents in or near water Click here
QA0079 Open Water Preparation                        Click here
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