Stage 4 of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework

In Stage 4 of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework, swimmers will focus on refining kicking techniques for all four strokes and develop a better understanding of buoyancy.


By the end of Stage 4 of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework, your pupils should have reached 13 outcomes (full details are contained in the Teacher's Complete Framework). Swimmers should complete these outcomes without support:  

1. Demonstrate an understanding of buoyancy

2. Perform a tuck float for 5 seconds

3. Perform a sequence of changing shapes (minimum of three) whilst floating at the surface 

4. Push and glide from the wall to the pool floor
5. Kick 10 metres backstroke (one item of equipment optional)

6. Kick 10 metres front crawl (one item of equipment optional)

7. Kick 10 metres butterfly on the front or on the back

8. Kick 10 metres breaststroke on the back (equipment optional)

9. Kick 10 metres breaststroke on the front (equipment optional)

10. Perform on the back a head first sculling action for 5 metres in a horizontal position

11. Travel on back and roll in one continuous movement onto front

12. Travel on front and roll in one continuous movement onto back

13. Swim 10 metres, choice of stroke is optional

Don't forget a child who can complete all of these outcomes is eligible for an ASA National Plan Award for Stage 4. You can also encourage them through the stage with an ASA Rainbow Distance Award 20m and the Water Skills Award Grade 4.

Don't forget the Rainbow Distance awards can be particularly helpful in motivating swimmers between Stages 4 and 5.


Time for your pupils to imagine they're castaways and let's play Robinson Crusoe!
One side of the pool is the shipwreck and the other is the island. 'Robinson Crusoe' and his friends have to carry saved items from the shipwreck to the island without them getting wet.

It's a great way to get your pupils to identify different ways of moving e.g.

  • Swim breaststroke on the back holding the item above the chest
  • On the front with it resting on a float
  • Wading

For more tips on how to draw out the FUNdamental Movement Skills of this game, along with teaching tips on equipment, rules and safety and ways to make the game easier or harder, read our ASA Learn to Swim Framework Games Pack.

Tips for Stage 4

One of the key tips for Stage 4 is look forward to Stage 5! Some teachers find they struggle to get swimmers to pass the butterfly or breastroke elements in Stage 5 so you may need to plan here to help avoid bottlenecks. Outcomes from Stage 5 can be introduced in this earlier stage, so swimmers have had more practice before they enter stage 5. This is true for all the outcomes. Each stage specifies which outcomes a swimmer has to achieve, there is nothing stopping a centre delivering extra outcomes to help better prepare swimmers for the next stage.

Teacher's Guide

If you are looking for the most relevant information about how to deliver the ASA Learn to Swim Framework then make sure you read the Teacher's Complete Framework, while theiosonline offers the most up-to-date training around the ASA Learn to Swim Framework.

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