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What is your volunteer personality?

Team Manager, Coach, Teacher, Official…there are loads of roles you could take as a swimming volunteer. But finding one that suits your personality is difficult. Not any more. Take our personality quiz and find your perfect match.

OK, let's get started. It is quite simple. Below are 27 statements. You need to rate them 1-5 using the scale. To do this simply click on the buttons. When you are done click submit and your volunteer personality will be revealed.

1 - Strongly Disagree
2 - Disagree
3 - Neither Agree nor Disagree
4 - Agree
5 - Strongly Agree

Question 1 2 3 4 5
1. I am confident
2. I feel comfortable listening to people's problems and enjoy giving advice
3. I consider myself to be a good role model
4. I enjoy trying new things and learning new skills
5. I work well with adults
6. I am able to make quick decisions
7. I am organised
8. I enjoy being given responsibility
9. I feel comfortable making difficult decisions
10. I am creative
11. I am patient
12. I have good people skills
13. I am sociable and enjoy communicating with others
14. I am good at managing lots of tasks at the same time
15. I am a passionate and enthusiastic person
16. I am always fair
17. I am open minded and open to change
18. I normally take the role of the leader in a group
19. I am calm in difficult situations
20. I am good at problem solving
21. I am knowledgeable about my sport but am always looking to learn more
22. I find it easy to control my emotions
23. I am good at being flexible with my time
24. I have good time management
25. I enjoy administration tasks
26. I like organising activites for my friends
27. I trust my own judgement
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