Frequently Asked Questions

ASA Nationals frequently asked questions

The competition structure in England allows for more people to compete but can take time to get used to. So, if you have any questions about any part of the process  check out our Frequently Asked Questions below first.

If you are still not sure after that, please use the contact details on our Contacts page to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When there is a combined age group, will the top 20 swimmers from each individual age be invited i.e. 40 swimmers in total or the top 20 swimmers from the combined age group?

The combined age groups act as one age group, therefore 20 swimmers in the combined age groups will be invited.

E.g. for the Women’s 12/13 400m I.M. 20 swimmers will be invited, not 40.

  • If a swimmer qualifies for the British Summer Nationals in one event and the ASA Summer Nationals in another are they invited to both championships?

Yes. Please refer to the ASA Nationals Hub on 31 May when the list of qualified athletes will be displayed.

  • If a swimmer qualifies for the British Summer Nationals in an event can they choose to swim the same event at the ASA Summer Nationals?

No. A swimmer who has been invited to compete in the British Summer Nationals 2016 in an event may not swim that event at the ASA National Summer Championships 2016.

  • Is every ranked time in the window taken into account with the fastest time used or the first time swum within the window, regardless of a faster time being swum subsequently within this period?

Rankings will use the fastest level 1 long course time swum within the time frame. Short course and converted times will not be accepted.

  • What title will winners receive?

ASA champion

  • Why are the British and ASA Summer National age groups not aligned?

This is an introduction of progressive minimum ages for each tier of Championship swimming (13/14 at British Level; 12/13 at Home Nation Level; 11/12 at Regional Level; 10/11 at County/District Level)

Early exposure to high levels of competition is viewed as contributing to the training habits which lead to burn out in young athletes. It is also viewed as having contributed to the development of a strong focus placed by many coaches on the achievement of short term performance outcomes in young athletes, which is counter to the philosophy of coaching towards an individual’s long term potential.

The progressive ages relate solely to championship competitions (County, District, Regional, Home Nation and British Championships). There is no suggestion that younger swimmers should have no access to any competition. On the contrary there is a clear need for good quality development meets for young age group swimmers as part of their development and positive experience in the sport.

  • I am ranked with a Scottish club however I am English so would like to swim in the ASA National Summer Championships, how do I register this preference?

All swimmers should note that when identifying qualifiers for the home nations meets, the system will assume that athletes wish to be selected by the country of your ranked club. If swimmers wish to be selected on the basis of country of representation instead, please refer to the instructions on the Competitors page.

  • If swimmers do not take up their invitation to either the British Summer Nationals or the ASA National Championships will these spaces be back-filled with swimmers not on the original qualification list? 

No. There are no plans to back-fill.

  • My club traditionally enters the Welsh Summer Championships with those swimmers who do not qualify for Nationals. What is the position for 2016?

Any English ranked swimmer age 12 and above at 31 December 2016 may enter the Welsh Summer event in those strokes they have not qualified for the English Championships if they meet the qualification standard for the open part of the Welsh event.

  • I have qualified for both the British and ASA Championships in different strokes. I am only able to attend one of the competitions. What are the rules if any?

You may choose to attend one or both competitions. There will not be a requirement to attend a specific one.

  • I have qualified for both the British and ASA Championships in different strokes. I am only able to attend one of the competitions. May I swim all of the qualified events at the ASA Championships?

No, you can only swim the event you have qualified for at the competition they are allocated to.


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