Horace Davenport Cup (400m Free)

Horace Davenport Cup (400m Free). ASA Trophy Cabinet

The Horace Davenport Cup (400m Free) is awarded to the fastest male senior swimmer in the 400m Freestyle at the ASA National Championships.

History of the Horace Davenport Cup (400m Free)

Horace Davenport was president of the Swimming Association of Great Britain from 1880 to 1883.

During this time, the Association went through hard times and Davenport baled them out. He felt he could no longer stay in this post following 1883 as his club had a disagreement with the Association and resigned itself from their membership.

After lots of changes in the following years, Davenport agreed to take on the position of president again in 1890 and continued in this post until 1894. He was a great swimmer and won several of the events that the ASA promoted (all in outdoor facilities).

He followed his father into industrial chemistry and made his money by marketing Collis Brown Mixture, adverts for which can be seen in early swimming magazines.

The recipe was gained from his father watching an army sargeant mixing a concoction for his men suffering from stomach upsets on the front line.

The Horace Davenport Cup (400m Free) was originally promoted by Portsmouth SC and was known as the quarter mile (440 yards) salt water championship.


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