Information for competitors, coaches and team managers

Information for competitors. ASA Nationals Swimming

Below you can find all documents and information for competitors, coaches or team managers involved with the 2016 ASA National Winter Meet.

Entry Information for Competitors

  • Entry Pack – download the entry pack for full entry information for the 2016 ASA National Winter Meet.
  • Event Conditions – download the meet conditions which contain information on events, procedure and useful notes for team leaders and coaches.
  • Qualification Times – download the event qualification times. There are separate times for the open age group and for swimmers born in 2001 or later. Qualification times must have been achieved in a 25m pool since 1 December 2015.
  • Schedule – download the full event schedule. The event takes place over four days with A and B finals contested for each individual event except the 800m and 1500m freestyle.
  • Team Declaration Form – download the team declaration form. Give this completed form to the Recorders at least 60 mins before the advertised start of the session.
  • Heats Withdrawal Form – download the heats withdrawal form. This form is to be completed by anyone wishing to withdraw from heats.
  • Finals Withdrawal Form – download the finals withdrawal form. This form is to be completed by anyone wishing to withdraw from the finals.
  • Draft Programme – view the draft programme for the competition, based on the latest entries.
  • Confirmation Pack – download the confirmation pack if you are competing or coaching at the 2016 ASA National Winter Meet.

If you have any additional enquiries, please contact


If you wish to coach or chaperone a swimmer at the ASA National Winter Meet (25m) 2016, you will need a swimming coach pass.

If you have already applied for an annual swimming coach pass, it is valid for this event and coaches are reminded to bring their annual passes along.

You will not be allowed poolside without a valid pass and British Swimming coach passes will not be accepted.

Please contact if you have any questions about coach passes.


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