J A Tyres Otter SC Trophy

J A Tyres Otter SC Trophy. ASA Trophy Cabinet

The J A Tyres Otter SC Trophy is awarded to the fastest male junior swimmer in the 200m Freestyle at the ASA National Championships.

History of the J A Tyres Otter SC Trophy

James H (Jack) Tyers (b. circa 1876) was an English swimmer who had great success in the 1890s.

He won the English 100-yard and 220-yard championships from 1892-97, and the 440-yard, 500-yard, half-mile, and mile championships from 1893-96.

A member of the Osborne Swimming Club in Manchester, Tyres first came to prominence on 19 September 1892 when, in the Corporation Baths, Vestry Street, Leicester, he swam 100 yards with three turns in 1.54-5s, beating all previous records.

Since that evening, he never lost a race except when heavily handicapped.

The ASA used to schedule seven annual championship races at distances from 100 yards to 5 miles, held at different times between June and October.

Tyers took all seven titles in 1893 then went on to win them all again in 1894.

Official swimming statistics credit Tyers with 43 English records of varying distances and all but two of these 43 were world’s best records.

Tyers received a suspension for using ‘strong language’ at a meet. He went on to turn professional in 1898.


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