NAGS14 Athlete Factfile: Meet Tori Sopp

Tori Sopp Athlete Factfile

Day four at the British Gas ASA National Age Group Championships and nobody is safe from the ASA Nationals Hub team trawling the cafe for new victims!

During this morning’s heats session, we chanced upon 14-year old Wirral Metro swimmer Tori Sopp.

Find out more about Tori in our ‘Athlete Factfile’.

Who is your coach at Wirral Metro?
I’m coached by Paul Remmonds.

How often do you train?
Nine times a week.

How early was your start to be at NAGS14 this morning?
Six o’clock. (we’re not getting used to athletes casually rising before seven in the morning – impressive commitment from everyone who does it!)

What was your breakfast this morning?
Beans on toast! (The Nationals Hub team heartily endorse this and have been known to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner)

What events are you looking forward to most this week?
I’ve got the 400 Free on the last day. I’ve already had the 200m IM and that went well. (Tori made the final and finished eighth with a PB)

Who is your favourite swimmer in the GB team?
When she was swimming, Rebecca Adlington really inspired me.

If you could describe your NAGS experience in one word, what would it be?


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