NYCS14 Athlete Factfile: Meet Ellena Jones

Ellena Jones

One of the stars of Day Two at #NYCS14 was Swansea Aquatics’ Ellena Jones who won 200m and 800m Freestyle gold over two sessions at Ponds Forge.

The 17-year old – who also won the 3km Open Water title on Sunday and will be competing at the World Junior Open Water Champs later this month – has a few days of rest before her next individual event so her coach Adam Baker kindly let us borrow her for another ‘Athlete Factfile’.

How long have you been coached by Adam at Swansea?
Err… (short pause for thought) since I was 13, so for four years now.

How many times a week do you train in a pool?
I train nine to ten times in the pool then half an hour of land work before we get into the pool.

Do you have to manage your training around studying?
Yeah, I’m doing my A levels at school at the moment so I’m training four times in the morning before school and five nights after school.

How early is morning training then?
Yeah pretty early! We train from 6 – 8 in the morning and I live about half an hour away so it’s normally around a 5AM start.

What time did you get up yesterday on your big competition day (second day of #NYCS14)?
I was in the 800m yesterday so it wasn’t too early because it was an afternoon session. We came down to the pool for half eleven yesterday, so that was a nice lie in for me!

What do you eat for breakfast if you are competing in the morning?
Normally some cereal like Shredded Wheat and some toast followed by some orange juice.

What is your favorite thing about the National Champs?
I love seeing everyone, especially people from the English clubs. We compete in Wales a lot so I don’t get to see them as much as I would like too. Plus just the atmosphere here at Ponds Forge. It’s a great pool to swim in and a lot of fun.

Who would you say your swimming inspiration is?
After the Commonwealth Games, it’s definitely got to be Jazz (Carlin). I shared a room with her in Glasgow, she’s from Swansea and Welsh like me. Seeing her win the 800m was amazing and I thought as I was watching it, that’s what I want to do some day.

And if you could sum up your #NYCS14 in one word…?
‘Surprising’. (We now regret not pushing her on this answer…. we think because she wasn’t expecting double gold in one day!)

Look out for Ellena in the 400m Freestyle on Sunday as she goes for a hat-trick of golds in the pool. Good luck Ellena!


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