NYCS14 Athlete Factfile: Meet Rebecca Mottershaw & Amelia Clynes

Amelia Clynes Rebecca Mottershaw

It’s day two here at #NYCS14 and European Junior medalist Amelia Clynes is celebrating her 15th birthday!

We thought about a cake, present, shout out over the commentary…. but no, we decided the best way to say a true Nationals Hub ‘happy birthday’ would be with an Athlete Factfile!

So we tracked her City of Leeds teammate Rebecca Mottershaw (17yrs) down in the Ponds Forge cafe to talk all things #NYCS14.

What events are you competing in?
RM: I’m doing the 50m Open, 100m and 200m Fly
AC: Yeah, I’m doing the same but in the 15/16 Yrs Age Group.

The girls went head-to-head in the 50m Fly with Amelia reaching the final and finishing an impressive ninth.

How often do you train?
RM: It’s usually up to nine times a week.
AC: I swim eight times a week.

Who inspires you in swimming?
AC: Probably Michael Phelps.
RM: Chad Le Clos

Rebecca’s answer cued giggling from both girls – the Nationals Hub team wouldn’t like to comment but we think this may be because he looks like this…
Chad Le Clos
What is your favourite thing about #NYCS14?
The event brings everyone together so you get to see friends from other clubs

This was the official answer from both. #teamwork

If you could describe the Nationals experience in one word, what would it be?
RM: ‘Tiring’
AC: ‘Tiring’…… and ‘Exciting’

We made exception and allowed this double-answer because it was Amelia’s birthday.


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