NYCS14 Athlete Factfile: Meet Velimir Stjepanovic & Hannah Taleb

Stjepanovic Taleb Hamilton UAE

So we come to Day Three of #NYCS14 and would you believe it, we’ve got another birthday amongst our entries….! This time, it’s one of the meet’s most successful names, Serbian international and reigning European Short Course 200m Butterfly champion Velimir Stjepanovic who turns 21 today.

We tracked down Velja and his 16-year old Hamilton UAE teammate Hannah Taleb in the cafe for a quick chat for our latest ‘Athlete Factfile’.

What events are you competing in at #NYCS14 this week?
VH: For me, it’s the 100m and 200m Fly and the 200m Free.
HT: I’m a breaststroke swimmer so am doing the 50m, 100m and 200m Breast and also the 50m Free.

Birthday boy Velimir started his campaign with 19 Yrs / Over gold in the 200m Free yesterday.

How many times a week do you train?
VH: I usually have ten or 11 training sessions a week with about three gym sessions.
HT: Eight times a week and two gym sessions.

What time do you normally get up for training?
VH: I’m at university studying Business Management so I get up at 5AM to train before lectures.
HT: Fifteen minutes earlier! 4:45AM for training before school.

Hannah sets a new record for the earliest rising time mention to the National Hub team for an Athlete Factfile. We’re undecided over whether it’s a record to be too proud of though.

What is your favourite food after training?
VH: Sandwiches! With any filling!
HT: Beans on toast – I can’t get enough of it.

How would you describe #NYCS14?
VH: It’s always a great atmosphere and a lot of fun to swim at.
HT: Challenging at times but we get to eat a lot of food which is always a highlight! (Best. Answer. Ever).

Good luck to Velja and Hannah this week.


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