Otter SC Trophy

The Otter SC Trophy. ASA Trophy cabinet

The Otter SC Trophy is awarded to the fastest male senior swimmer in the 100m Freestyle at the ASA National Championships.

History of the Otter SC Trophy

Founded in 1869, Otter SC is one of the earliest English clubs still in existance today.

This trophy is distinguishable by the silver otter situated on the lid of the trophy.

This famous club has produced several ASA presidents, noted administrators and coaches, numerous internationals and Olympians and pioneered Masters competitions in GB prior to onset of ASA national Masters events.

Based at successive venues in central London, Otter SC had an association with Oxbridge and other universities and is now a mixed club that specialises in Masters swimming and water polo.

However, in the pre and post war years, the men’s team were ASA champions, winning freestyle and medley relay championships.


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