Pragnell Memorial Trophy

Pragnell Memorial Trophy

The Pragnell Memorial Trophy is awarded to the fastest female senior swimmer in the 200m Freestyle at the ASA National Championships.

History of the Pragnell Memorial Trophy

Sir George Pragnell became secretary of the Amateur Swimming Association in 1893. He set about writing a list of objectives needed by the ASA to succeed.

It took the ASA 10 years to embrace the changes that were set out in Pragnell’s objectives.

He was also elected President of the Association during this time.

Following his long term of office, Pragnell set about out starting the British Red Cross Society and the Home Guard for which he received his Knighthood.

When he passed away the Queen sent the following message to his widow:

“The Queen fears that Sir George must have over taxed his strength in his remitting efforts to serve his country and Her Majesty feels that by his death the Nation has lost one of its most useful and patriotic citizens.”


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