NAGS14 Volunteer Blog: Meet Russell Gardner

Russell Gardner ASA Volunteer NAGS14

Hi. I’m Russell Gardner, 33 years young from Louth, Lincolnshire and a washed-up Masters swimmer!

For me this is the first time volunteering at Nationals. Being asked to come over and watch some of the nation’s top young talent was an opportunity not to be missed.

I’ve volunteered for many years but more recently on a national level over the last few and I get huge satisfaction from it. I’ve come through the ASA event volunteer programme which means (hopefully) I’m well equipped for anything that may come my way at the event!

The buzz from Glasgow 2014 can only be felt by the swimmers here in Sheffield and hopefully I can witness some great swims or records respectively. I also get chance to see some home grown talent from Lincolnshire compete at a national level.

For me, the two days I am here volunteering are my only two days off work this week. Normally, I’d be managing a leisure centre on a day-to-day basis so this really is a busman’s holiday for me.

This does not deter me though! After a finish to my shift on Wednesday the bags were packed and off to Sheffield I came. Check in at the hotel, get my job designated by the event staff on arrival, next thing I know the alarm is buzzing at 6am to start my two hot sweaty 12-hour days at NAGS14!

Sitting here today my job is to keep everyone up-to-date by writing the daily newsletter, and from the swims I have seen so far it certainly won’t be short of content with this talented field in the water.

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