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Finance Policy

The finance policy details how British Swimming deals with commercial activities, insurance and revenue budgets to name a few. See the index below for more information and download the links to read our finance policies.


Part 1of the finance policy (company wide)

Part 2 of the finance policy (directly refers to British Swimming)

Finance policy index

Reference no: Title Company Issue date Revision date


Introduction to the Financial Polices of the Organisation Joint 30.11.2010  
F1201 Register of pecuniary interests Joint 30.11.2010  
F1202 Purchasing policy Joint 30.11.2010  
F1203 Revenue Budget Policy Joint 30.11.2010  
F1204 Regulations for the payment of expenses Joint 30.11.2010  
F1205 Capital Expenditure Policy Joint 30.11.2010  
F1206 Debt Recovery Joint 30.11.2010  
F1207 Treasury Management Policy Joint 30.11.2010  
F1208 VAT Policy Joint 30.11.2010  
F1209 Tax Planning Policy Joint 30.11.2010  
F1210 Commercial Activities Joint 30.11.2010  
F1211 Grants and Contracts Joint 30.11.2010  
F1212 Insurance Policy Joint 30.11.2010  
F1213 Commercial Ethics, registration and declaration of interests. Joint 30.11.2010  
F1214 Fraud and other Financial Irregularity Joint 30.11.2010  
F1215 Bad Debt Write Off Joint 30.11.2010  
F12016 Accommodation Policy Joint 30.11.2010  
F1217 Project Management Joint 30.11.2010  
F1218 Corporate Gifts and Hospitality Joint 30.11.2010  


F1200-BS1 Home Country / British Swimming Responsibility Regarding Payment For Attendance At Meetings BS 30.11.2010  


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