Meet the Team - Emma Hollis

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Get to know first-time Paralympian swimmer Emma Hollis. Read her Tweets, view images, watch her in action and being interviewed, check out Emma in numbers, see how her Paralympic rivals compare, and much more.

Rhiannon Henry






4ft 9in

Training base

Loughborough University


Ian Armiger

Paralympic History


In Action

S8 400m Freestyle on 31st August
SB7 100m Breaststroke on 1st September
SM8 200m Individual Medley on 5th September
S8 100m Freestyle on 6th September

Did you know?

  • Emma is a self-professed 'nerd' who loves everything to do with volcanoes, earthquakes, plate tectonics, storms and everything geography related! Fittingly, she studies Geography at Loughborough University.
  • She has two dogs, one of which is a Jack Russell called Jack.
  • Emma can lick her elbow and also touch her nose with her tongue.

Emma's Career

At 19 years old, Emma has already racked up an extensive resume of swimming achievements, winning six medals in April at the British International Disability Championships in Sheffield and coming home with five medals and five personal bests in July at the IPC European Championships in Berlin. Emma qualified for her first Paralympic Games at the British Gas Swimming Championships in March, swimming the S8 400m Freestyle in a time of 5:24.85.

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