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Peter Waterfield’s National Cup build-up

17 January 2011

Catch up with Olympic silver medallist Peter Waterfield as he prepares for the opening diving competition of the 2011 season - the British Gas National Cup in Southend-on-Sea.

It’s good to have a competition like the British Gas National Cup in January.

I'll be competing in the 10m Synchro with Tom Daley and the two of us travelled up to Leeds last week to practice.

To get a competition under your belt early in the season is essential to get you into competition mode. It might not sound ideal but it’s good for stopping you drinking and eating too much over Christmas as well!

I did take a little bit of time off over the holidays to spend with my family but you can’t take too much time and it’s important not to let your fitness drop.

This will be my first main event since the Commonwealth Games which I chose not to go to.

It was a really difficult decision and I didn’t even watch it in the end. I was so gutted that I hadn’t gone that it was just too hard.

I think I watched the first springboard event but that was all I could manage.

But I’m looking forward to getting back into competition again in Southend. I’ll be competing in the 10m Synchro with Tom Daley and the two of us travelled up to Leeds last week to practice.

We wanted to video the take-offs and break them down but the sitting area is too low to film at my pool in Southampton and Tom’s in Plymouth.

So my coach Lindsey (Fraser) and Tom’s coach Andy (Banks) travelled up to Leeds with us where they have the best facilities for that.

One of the dives we're doing is the 4 1/2 somersault tucked which is the hardest dive in the world.

The camera was placed level with the 10m platform so we were able to break down the dive frame by frame. You can see the starting position as well so we knew exactly what we were doing.

It really helps to know the form of the dive and pick up on anything you are doing well and anything you’re tripping up on.

We did some really encouraging work up there in the end. I started off on Wednesday doing some stuff on my own and it was just getting my body used to doing the numbers up off the 10m again.

Then I did some work with Tom in the gym, focusing mainly on our timing.

One of the dives we’re doing is the 4 1/2 somersault tucked which is the hardest dive in the world. So not only are you thinking about yourself getting it right, but you’re also having to time it perfectly with your partner.

We’re doing a run-up for it and because Tom is taller than me, his legs are longer and he has to do a longer run-up. I’m counting on all our other dives but because I’m in front for that one we’ve had to swap so he’s counting.

But after some practice we managed to get it to a level where both divers and coaches were really happy.

While I spend most of my time diving, I work for the Youth Sports Trust and it’s a job I really enjoy.

I go to schools and help kids who are maybe on the wrong track and help them get back on the right path. Last week I actually got some kids into the pool as well and had them doing a few dives which was fantastic to see.

I originally started because my funding was cut after shoulder surgery in 2008 but it’s a really rewarding job when you see the kids being enthusiastic about things like this.

I go to a couple of schools in Gosport and Poole two mornings a week and it’s all sport-related mornings. Sometimes I do sport with them or sometimes it’s more paperwork but it’s all great work and something I really enjoy.

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