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Super-Star: October 2013 Update

31 October 2013

Teenager Hannah Starling reached the 3m Springboard semi-final on her Olympic debut at London 2012. She fills us in on her progress in 2013, having moved away from home to live and study at Leeds University.

Hi guys!

So preceding university life I was rather apprehensive about the whole moving and living on my own caboodle. Now, however, I am absolutely loving it!

It is so much more satisfying cooking a delicious meal and knowing you did it on your own. I just really like the independence and responsibility of having to survive on planet Earth with little help. It gives one a sense of fulfilment and pride knowing that each day you are alive is purely down to your own brain cells.

Every time I come back from diving and it's dark and I'm tired, I have to make sure I have saved a tiny scrap of energy to get me up the 45 stairs.The five other people with whom I share a flat are also fabulous and we often drift in and out of the flats below when we are bored so the social side of it is good and it is starting to feel like home (sorry Mum and Dad).

My flat is on the fourth floor (or perhaps third floor depending on how you count). This means that every time I come back from diving training and it is dark and I'm tired, I have to make sure that I have saved a tiny scrap of energy to get me up the 45 stairs to our front door.

Mostly I motivate myself by the thought of a nice big glass of chocolate milk at the top but when that fails I have to go one step at a time. The worst days are the days when we have had weights and my hamstrings are crying already, begging to me to let them just rest.  Alas, I know I cannot do as they wish for I have to torture them with another three flights of stairs. I don't think they like me anymore.

Last Sunday, the fire alarm went off at 4am. 0400 hours. FOUR O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. Are you kidding me?

It is such a loud alarm it scares the rattlesnakes out of you. I was minding my own business, having a peaceful dream and then before I knew it, I had athletically leapt out of my bed, across the room and was hugging the wall fumbling for the light switch. A man's voice was deafeningly screaming "this is a fire alarm. Please leave the building via the nearest exit."

Quite frankly, I think is stupid because the nearest exit to someone on floor four is going to usually be the window and I do not want to jump out of that. There is an alarm signal in the bedroom so my room was also glowing red - the scariest colour if you have ever seen 'The Sixth Sense'.

I hurriedly grabbed a jumper, some trousers and my pillow and ran down the stairs. I felt sorry for most of my flat mates who had gone out the night before because they did not look happy at all! Thankfully, the fire was just caused by a smoker so it didn't take long for us all to be safely tucked up in bed again.

This past month has been a whirlwind of changes for me and last week I decided that I needed another one. Naturally I went for the most complicated change of all. I concluded that after three weeks of learning about limits, functions and graphs, BSc Mathematics was not the course for me.

I deliberated over many an option. From thinking about having a gap year, to switching to part-time education and a few other alternatives. After many long chats with my parents I decided to pursue Medical Engineering.

Last year I was keen on Medical Engineering but was advised that the contact hours would be too hectic with my diving career, so I plumped for Maths. Unfortunately it is hard to study something you don't enjoy. I hope that even with the longer hours, Medical Engineering will interest me enough to motivate the hard worker within me and enable me to enjoy the course. That will be after I have completed the four weeks worth of work which I have missed. Boy life just gets better and better!

I think it went quite well. After my second song, 'Du Bist Die Rue', the examiner teared up and found it hard to speak.Aside from going to university, I really haven't done much this month apart from my grade eight singing last week. I love singing so much and I find it very theraputic so I wasn't too nervous for my exam.

It went quite well (I think) and after my second song 'Du Bist Die Rue', the examiner teared up and found it hard to speak. I hope it was because that song is the most beautiful song that exists and not because her ears hurt from my awful screeching! I guess I will just have to wait a month or so to get my results so I can see which of them it was!

One more thing - it was Alicia's 17th birthday on 21 October. WOOOOO I am so happy, I love birthdays!

I went and bought her a top from Topshop, which I saw and just thought “oh my gosh that is sooo Alicia!” . I thought I had nailed it. That was until I gave it to her and it turned out she already had it!!

Typical me. But now I get to go shopping for her again – I love buying presents so I am oh so excited! Well I shall go get on with that and leave you wonderful readers to go back to enjoying your lives. Cheerio!

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