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Fina Diving Updates Friday 24 February

Check out how the GB divers are performing on day five of the Fina World Diving Cup with our time-stamped updates below.

Action Updates

Updates are finished for today. Join us tomorrow for day six. For a concise summary of the day go to the full report here.

20:22: So it's ninth for Becky. Grand job in her first world final and three good scores over the three stages of competition. Very encouraging stuff.

Here are the full results:

  1. Wu Minxia (CHN) 368.95
  2. He Zi (CHN) 365.40
  3. Tania Cagnotto (ITA) 345.75
  4. Pamela Ware (CAN) 341.30
  5. Anna Lindberg (SWE) 341.25
  6. Laura Sanchez (MEX) 329.10
  7. Christina Loukas (USA) 327.65
  8. Cassidy Krug (USA) 326.10
  9. Rebecca Gallantree (GBR) 315.90
  10. Emilie Heymans (CAN) 307.35
  11. Olena Fedorova (UKR) 305.30
  12. Joselyn Castillo (VEN) 288.90

20:19: That's a shame for Becky that she couldn't finish on a high note but 315.90 is another good score on the world class stage. She finished with a 57 for her back 2.5 somersaults piked (205B). Looks like she'll get ninth with that.

20:13: China have got gold and silver wrapped up now. Wu Minxia (305.95) from He Zi (297.9) with one dive left.

Becky has dropped to ninth but is diving well - just so is the rest of the field at this stage!

20:08: Another very steady dive from Becky - 63.45 for her inward 2.5 somersaults will do nicely as she moves up on to 258.90. Some good scores from other competitors though. USA's Christina Loukas has just leapfrogged Becky. Cagnotto still favourite for bronze though.

20:00: Round three is up and it looks to be a battle for gold between Wu Minxia (226.45) and He Zi (222.90).

The chase for bronze is hotting up though - Tania Cagnotto (218.25) in there at the moment but one slip and any one of Pamela Ware (206.30), Anna Lindberg (200.25), Cassidy Krug (200.10), Laura Sanchez (195.5) or Becky Gallantree (195.45) could step in.

19:58: This is where people are beginning to step up - European champion Anna Lindberg joins the (probably bronze) medal chasers with her third dive. She's 200.25 after three.

19:54: 60.45 for Becky's third dive - a forward 3.5 somersaults piked (107B). Seemed a little harsh that. She's on 195.45. Still plenty to play for though.

19:50: Becky's slipped to sixth there - Wu Minxia (148.95) leads with He Zi, Cagnotto, Ware and Krug chasing.

19:47: Nice from Becky again - same score in fact. 67.5 for her reverse 2.5 somersaults so she's 135 overall.

19:46: Cagnotto would appear to have the bit between her teeth tonight - she lands another 70+ for her back 2.5 somersaults to move on to 148.5 after two dives.

19:41: Not a massive shock that Cagnotto's 76.5 holds the lead after that first round - both Chinese and Krug the other 70 plus scorers. Becky is joint fifth with Pamela Ware after that opening round.

19:37: Cassidy Krug of the USA also beats the 70 mark for her opening effort. She scores 73.5 to stick with Cagnotto. Canada's Pamela Ware matches Gallantree's first dive.

19:35: Lovely start for Becky - she scores 67.5 for her forward 2.5 somersaults, 1 twist piked (5152B) and she's nestled into second behind Cagnotto (76.5)

19:30: Canada's three-time Olympic medallist Emilie Heymans starts us off with 66.00 for her back 2.5 somersaults.

19:24: Who else to look out for tonight? Well as usual in diving, there's a huge threat from China - Wu Minxia is world champion and He Zi defending World Cup champion.

Then there's European champion Anna Lindberg from Sweden, multiple World medallist Tania Cagnotto and an undoubted threat from the American duo of Christina Loukas and Cassidy Krug.

19:14: Okay - so we're starting at 19:30 here with the women's 3m Springboard final featuring Great Britain's very own Rebecca Gallantree.

She's finished 16th and 13th before but this is her first indiv FINA Diving World Cup final. She set a couple of great scores to reach the final so hopefully she can do herself proud again tonight.

17:48: Just had a chat with Pete. Here it is! Join me again at 19:00 for the women's 3m springboard final tonight with Great Britain's Rebecca Gallantree in action.

17:21: Here are the full results:

  1. Lin Yue (CHN) 519.80
  2. Qiu Bo (CHN) 506.75
  3. Christofer Eskilsson (SWE) 498.95
  4. Matthew Mitcham (AUS) 498.90
  5. German Sanchez (MEX) 489.60
  6. Victor Minibaev (RUS) 472.80
  7. Rommel Pacheco (MEX) 467.25
  8. Martin Wolfram (GER) 466.40
  9. Oleksandr Bondar (UKR) 466.05
  10. Patrick Hausding (GER) 453.50
  11. Jose Guerra (CUB) 449.85
  12. David Boudia (USA) 445.25
  13. Sebastian Villa Castaneda (COL) 439.20
  14. Hugo Parisi (BRA) 431.40
  15. Vadim Kaptur (BLR) 431.00
  16. Peter Waterfield (GBR) 423.25
  17. Bryan Nickson Lomas (MAS) 423.10
  18. Gleb Galperin (RUS) 420.90
  19. Francesco Dell'Uomo (ITA) 415.15
  20. Anton Zakharov (UKR) 412.70
  21. Amund Gismervick (NOR) 407.85
  22. Hyon Ju Ri (PRK) 402.10
  23. Jeinkler Aguirre (CUB) 404.60
  24. Riley McCormick (CAN) 401.35
  25. Victor Ortega (COL) 394.65
  26. Zeng Tian Yi (HKG) 391.20
  27. Kazuki Murakami (JPN) 381.95
  28. Andrea Chiarbini (ITA) 379.45
  29. Eric Sehn (CAN) 377.40
  30. Timofei Hordeichik (BLR) 373.45
  31. Max Brick (GBR) 368.20
  32. Il Myong Hyon (PRK) 366.55
  33. Tze Liang Ooi (MAS) 363.75
  34. Park Jiho (KOR) 363.05
  35. Thomas Finchum (USA) 358.95
  36. Walter Rojas (VEN) 357.85
  37. Cassius Duran (BRA) 353.00
  38. Oh Yitaek (KOR) 330.00
  39. Michail Panagiotis Tzifas (GRE) 312.65
  40. Jesus Liranzo (VEN) 300.65
  41. Jesper Tolvers (SWE) 280.55
  42. Puskar Meitei Chungshubam (IND) 269.15

17:16: Max finishes with 57.75 for a reverse 3.5 somersaults in tuck (307C) for a total of 368.20. Not quite his day today.

17:12: Pete finishes with a decent 70.20 for his back 2.5 somersaults, 2.5 twists piked (5255B). Should think that will see him through okay.

17:03: One of the top 12 - Riley McCormick has just dropped a dive so that might ease the pressure on Pete if he can nail this last one.

16:55: Qiu Bo is safely through - he finishes with 506.75 - that's going to be hard to beat. Mexico's German Sanchez finishes on 489.6 so he'll be through as well.

16:50: This is going to be so tight for Pete - he's 17th ahead of this final round. Max looks out of it at this stage - he's dropped to 32nd. Be nice for him to finish strongly though.

16:43: Oh no - it's the 109C again. The Brits must hate this dive after this week. Max misses it and scores 31.45 to move on to 310.45 overall. Going to be very difficult now to make the semi-final.

16:37: Yeah, great dive from Pete. He scores 74.25 for his reverse 3.5 somersaults in tuck (307C) and he's on to 353.05 overall. May have moved up a couple of places with that effort.

16:23: At the end of R4, Max Brick is 17th and Pete Waterfield is 18th. Getting very tense!!!

16:05: Pete has made a good recovery there. 67.65 for his back 3.5 somersaults in tuck position (207C) and he's on to 278.8 overall,

15:41: Half-way through the 10m Platform prelim and Max Brick is 14th on 214.2. Pete Waterfield is equal 18th on 211.15 despite dropping one dive.

China's Qiu Bo leads on (255.65).

15:30: Max puts in a solid third dive. He scores 60.8 for his armstand back 2 somersaults, 1.5 twists in free position (6243D). That moves him on to 214.2 overall. Definitely still in the semi-final reckoning at half-way.

15:26: Pete's front 4.5 somersaults costs him a few points there. He misses it badly and scores 38.85 for his effort. That drops him initially to 13th but there's a few divers left this round.

15:10: The Brits looking good after R2 - Pete is second on 172.3 and Max is 10th on 153.4. Let's keep this up!

14:53: And Max follows suit. A nice 68.8 for his inward 3.5 somersaults with tuck (407C) and he's on 153.4. Should stay around the top ten after that.

14:49: Lovely stuff from Pete in his second dive. He scores a very decent 83.2 for his inward 3.5 somersaults tucked (407C) and holds on to top spot.

14:47: We're through the first 20 in round two now and David Boudia leads for USA on 168.80. World champion Qiu Bo has also picked up his game - he's second on 164.9.

14:35: That'll do for the Brits. First (Pete) and fourth (Max) after the first round of dives!

14:25: Fantastic from Max as well - really encouraging start from both Brits. Max scores 84.6 for his back 2.5 somersaults, 2.5 twists piked and he's straight into fourth place.

14:19: So Pete's the first Brit to dive and it's a great start for him - he shoots into the lead after 89.1 for his armstand back triple somersault tucked (626C). He may well lead after the round with that effort.

13:58: Max isn't quite as experienced but did reach the semi-final in the last World Cup in 2010 - eventually finishing 18th overall.

13:57: Pete is an Olympic silver medallist in 10m Synchro from 2004 so he's seen his fair share of World Cups as well - in fact he's won synchro medals before in 2004 and 2000.

13:54: We're getting ready for the men's 10m Platform prelims here. Great Britain have already sealed their two Olympic quota places so there's no pressure on Max Brick and Peter Waterfield from that respect.

42 competitors lining up in this one and a number of nations do still need to get those Olympic quota places. Peter Waterfield goes 25th, Max Brick goes 31st.

11:24: That's a wrap for this morning's session - head back at 14:00 for the afternoon session where British Gas National Cup champion Max Brick and GB's Olympic silver medallist Peter Waterfield will look to progress through the men's 10m Platform prelims.

11:17: Rebecca Gallantree into her first individual World Cup final then - she qualifies in seventh. Well done Becky for another world class performance.

  1. He Zi (CHN) 360.75
  2. Wu Minxia (CHN) 336.60
  3. Pamela Ware (CAN) 327.60
  4. Anna Lindberg (SWE) 324.75
  5. Cassidy Krug (USA) 323.10
  6. Christina Loukas (USA) 318.50
  7. Rebecca Gallantree (GBR) 315.30
  8. Olena Fedorova (UKR) 310.70
  9. Tania Cagnotto (ITA) 309.50
  10. Laura Sanchez (MEX) 306.00
  11. Joselyn Castillo (VEN) 305.30
  12. Emilie Heymans (CAN) 301.60
  13. Sharleen Stratton (AUS) 298.65
  14. Nora Subschinski (GER) 295.55
  15. Dolores Hernandez (MEX) 294.30
  16. Anabelle Smith (AUS) 285.30
  17. Victoriya Kesar (UKR) 282.70
  18. Jun Hoong Cheong (MAS) 255.90

11:12: Yeah, Becky is safely into the final. She scores 63 for her back 2.5 somersaults piked (205B) and finishes on 315.30. Only a couple of points down on her tally from the prelims so another very positive showing from the Brit.

11:08: Anything over 310.70 at this point will book Becky's place in the final. She's up next...

11:03: Becky has dropped to seventh but still looking pretty comfortable for a final berth. China back in the top two places with Krug in third ahead of this final round.

10:57: That's Becky's lowest tariff dive and probably her weakest this morning - she scores 56.7 for her inward 2.5 somersaults in tuck (405C) to take her to 252.30.

Still looking fine for the final though.

10:47: Haven't seen many dropped dives from Chinese athletes this week but that was one from Wu Minxia - she drops out of the top three at the end of R3 to be replaced by our Becky!

R3 top three: He Zi (213.75), Cassidy Krug (204.6), Rebecca Gallantree (195.6).

10:43: USA's Cassidy Krug is also looking good at this stage - she's the first to pass the 200 mark. She's on 204.6 after three solid efforts in this semi.

10:39: Another consistent performance Becky is putting in here. She scores 65.1 for her third dive - a forward 3.5 somersaults piked (107B) - and she's 195.60. 

It's slightly lower than her tally at this point in the prelims (by about four points) but she's looking good - probably still top five.

10:33: Becky (130.5) has maintained fourth with her second effort - looking really strong here. China's He Zi (141.75) leads from her compatriot Wu Minxia (141.60) and USA's Cassidy Krug (137.10).

10:29: Edwin Jongejeans (Becky's coach) on Twitter: "No top 18 scoring over 300 today. Already had a few wobbles"

No top 18 scoring over 300 today. Already had a few wobbles.

10:26: Nice second dive from Becky - she only scored 58.50 for it in the prelims yesterday but a better effort earns her 63 for the reverse 2.5 somersaults piked (305B) and she's 130.5 after two - may well still be top five after that.

10:22: Nothing outstanding from the opening few divers here. Canada's Pamela Ware is pick of the opening eight divers - she's 128.10 after her first two dives. 

10:16: Good starts from China's He Zi and Wu Minxia as well - they both score 72 but Becky is well placed in fourth.

10:09: She had a great start yesterday. Not quite as good today but still straight to the top of the leader board. Becky scores 67.5 for her forward 2.5 somersaults, 1 twist piked (5152B).

Great dive from USA's Cassidy Krug though and she's jumped ahead of Becky on 72.00.

10:03: Rebecca finished 13th in the semi-final of this event two years ago after scoring 287.25. Her prelim score yesterday was 317.85.

09:58: It's a pretty stacked field this so a final place will be tough to come by. It took more than 300 points just to reach the semi which is really high for this event.

We've also got nine of the 12 finalists from last year's World Championships here.

09:51: The women's 3m springboard semi-final is up first on this fifth day at the FINA Diving World Cup at London Aquatics Centre.

Top 12 of 18 divers progress to the final and hopefully that will include Great Britain's Rebecca Gallantree who qualified ninth.

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