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Fina Diving Updates Thursday 23 February

Check out how the GB divers are performing on day four of the Fina World Diving Cup with our time-stamped updates below.

Action Updates

Updates are finished for today. Join us tomorrow for day five. For a concise summary of the day, go to the full report here.

20:20: So China take it on 481.29 from Mexico and Germany. Good effort from Tom and Pete - just the one dropped dive letting them down.

1.    Cao / Zhang (CHN) 481.29
2.    Garcia / Sanchez (MEX) 460.17
3.    Hausding / Klein (GER) 457.41
4.    Boudia / McCrory (USA) 444.93
5.    Aguirre / Guerra (CUB) 432.40
6.    Zakharov / Minibaev (RUS) 432.27
7.    Daley / Waterfield (GBR) 419.97
8.    Geyson / Sehn (CAN) 402.12
9.    Bondar / Gorshkovozov (UKR) 380.16
10.    Park / Oh (KOR) 378.30
11.    Ortega / Rios (COL) 370.80
12.    Hyon / Il Myong (PRK) 358.68

20:15: Nice way to finish - 82.08 for their back 2.5 somersaults, 2.5 twists piked (5255B). Tom and Pete finish on 419.97 which is an improvement on last year's World Champs but won't get them a medal this time out.

20:12: Great diving from Cuba - they finish on 432.30 and that's going to be tough for the Brits to beat.

20:08: Canada have finished on 402.12 and are the first pair over 400.

20:05: GB seventh with one dive left. Very reminiscent of last night - China lead from Mexico and Germany. Still pretty tight though. One fantastic dive (or one dropped dive) will make a big difference.

20:02: They're slipping behind now - Mexico, Germany and USA all land their fifth dives and move ahead. Russia and China may well do the same.

19:59: Ah, what a shame for Tom and Pete - they both dropped the forward 4.5 somersaults and come away with 58.83 for it. It's a make or break dive.

They're on to 337.89 and it's tough from here. But Sarah and Tonia taught us last night it's not impossible!

19:54: Ukraine are sticking with it gamely - they're on 333.54 ahead of their final effort. Shouldn't worry the medallists though.

19:49: The Brits are in the medal positions - just need to land these next two on their heads and they'll be laughing. Easier said than done though.

China lead on 290.13, USA second on 284.46, GB on 279.06.

19:45: Boom - best of the round so far for Tom and Pete. 91.08 for the reverse 3.5 somersaults in tuck (307C). That takes them to 279.06 and they're flying now.

The 'Big Front' coming up next though - forward 4.5 somersaults. Could be make or break for the Brits.

19:39: China still out in front at the half-way stage. They're on 204.00 and looking good for gold. USA are second on 197.88 and Germany (189.84) are third.

Russia (188.16) are fourth with Tom and Pete right behind in fifth.

19:32: Good third dive from the Brits. They score 81.18 for their 207C and that puts them into the temporary lead on 187.98.

Very temporarily... because Germany have just overtaken them straight after!

19:25: Round Two is up and China are storming away already on 117.6. Ukraine and USA joint second on 108.6 and GB are joint fourth with Cuba on 106.8.

19:19: Tom and Pete score 53.4 for their second required as well. That was a reverse dive piked and they're up to 106.8 - a solid base for a good performance. All about the optionals now.

19:13: China pick up a stunning 58.8 for their opener - that's not too bad considering Cao Yuan and Zhang Yanquan aren't even China's top pairing.

19:09: Great start for the Brits - 53.4 for the inward piked including a 10 from one judge for execution. It says a lot of this field that they're in fifth after that.

19:03: Good start already. Ukraine receive a 10 from one judge for synchronisation. They're 55.2 for their first dive.

19:01: Here we go for the men's 10m Synchro final. Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield qualified in sixth this morning so they'll go seventh out of 12 divers.

This will be super-competitive.

17:00: Head back here in a couple of hours for coverage of the evening session in which Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield will shoot for the medals in the men's 10m Synchro final.

Here's the full results - agonisingly close for Hannah but a good performance and she'll have a second chance to seal that Olympic quota place in Sunday's dive-off.

1.    Wu (CHN) 376.55
2.    He (CHN) 365.25
3.    Cagnotto (ITA) 344.25
4.    Stratton (AUS) 338.35
5.    Loukas (USA) 335.20
6.    Subschinski (GER) 324.45
7.    Cheong (MAS) 324.30
8.    Krug (USA) 318.65
9.    Gallantree (GBR) 317.85
10.    Heymans (CAN) 317.25
11.    Lindberg (SWE) 316.90
12.    Ware (CAN) 313.95
13.    Fedorova (RUS) 310.50
14.    Smith (AUS) 309.20
15.    Kesar (UKR) 308.05
16.    Hernandez (MEX) 306.30
17.    Castillo (VEN) 300.60
18.    Sanchez (MEX) 300.30
19.    Starling (GBR) 293.95
20.    Philippova (RUS) 285.50
21.    Dallape (ITA) 281.00
22.    Somloi (AUT) 280.55
23.    Bazhina (RUS) 279.90
24.    Dieckow (GER) 274.70
25.    Farissier (FRA) 264.45
26.    Mabuchi (JPN) 263.20
27.    Kratochwil (AUT) 260.85
28.    Gondos (HUN) 259.60
29.    Barta (HUN) 254.90
30.    Chan (HKG) 252.25
31.    Jansen (NED) 251.35
32.    Shibusawa (JPN) 250.55
33.    Eizaguirre (ESP) 249.80
34.    Ivezic (SRB) 248.20
35.    Benitez (ESP) 244.90
36.    Bouvet (FRA) 244.70
37.    Karvonen (FIN) 238.05
38.    Kim (KOR) 232.50
39.    Veloso (BRA) 229.70
40.    Luisa (PUR) 226.40
41.    Yan Yee (MAS) 223.15
42.    Moskalenko (UKR) 222.00
43.    Maric (CRO) 212.85
44.    Khmel (KAZ) 210.60
45.    Cho (KOR) 209.20
46.    Sotomayor (CHI) 208.30
47.    Chilanda (POL) 191.45

16:27: Becky's home and dry (well - definitely home!). She's finished on 317.85 after a final dive of 55.5 for her back 2.5 somersaults piked (205B).

16:23: Lovely finish from Hannah - she scores 66 for her 5152B and finishes with a tally of 293.95. Probably just misses out on the semi-finals but a grand effort from the 16-year old.

16:18: Pamela Ware (313.95) and Christina Loukas (335.20) also looking good for Canada and USA respectively.

16:13: Looks like Sharleen Stratton (338.35) and Cassidy Krug (318.65) are safely through after their final dives.

16:08: It is China still in first and second, Australia's Sharleen Stratton third. Becky is seventh and Hannah 21st. She needs to claw back 12 points for the semis.

16:05: It's looking like Hannah is going to be low 20s ahead of this final dive. It's going to be mighty close! Needs to nail it though.

15:53: Another solid one from Becky there and she should be fine for the semi-final here. She scores 62.1 for her 405C and she's on 262.35 overall with one dive left.

15:49: Ooh, Hannah just went over her back 2.5 somersaults a touch and she’s received 60 points – takes her to 227.95. Going to be tough from here but not impossible.

15:45: Becky was sixth at the end of that round - Hannah 25th but only about 10 points off the 18. She can still do this!

15:24: Much better from Becky - she scores 69.75 for her third dive. Two more like that and she's into the semi-final. She's now on 200.25. Hannah's third went for 55.5 so she's up to 167.95 - in the 20s still I would imagine.

15:05: China's Wu (147.5) and He (143.25) lead at the end of R2. Becky still up there in sixth though and Hannah not far off the pace in 25th. Long way to go - three more rounds of dives.

14:52: We’ve had 30 through R2 and it’s USA’s Krug (135.65) and Loukas (134.2) at the top of the leaderboard. Becky still third at this point.

14:48: Becky also not as good on her second as first. She still manages 58.5  for her reverse 2.5 somersaults piked (305B) and she’s up to 130.5. Should still be top 10 after that.

14:46: Not quite as good for Hannah’s second effort – a forward 3.5 somersaults piked (107B). She scores 44.95 for a total of 112.45 after two dives.

14.40: Great start from the Brits then - Becky joint third, Hannah joint sixth after first round of dives in 3m Prelim.
14.20: Even better start for Becky! She scores 72 for her forward 2.5 somersaults, 1 twist piked. She's into the lead after 23 divers!
14:14: We're back up and running her with the women's 3m springboard prelims and Hannah has got off to a great start - 67.5 for her inward 2.5 somersaults piked (405B) puts her straight up into second after about 20 divers through the first round.

11:38: Join us again at 14:00 for the women's 3m Springboard preliminaries. We've got Hannah Starling and Rebecca Gallantree going for GB - a semi-final place will mean an Olympic quota place for GB.

11:30: Got the full results in now. Here's the classifications and final scores. Remember top 12 go through.

  1. Cao / Zhang (CHN) 456.45
  2. Zakharov / Minibaev (RUS) 442.62
  3. Garcia / Sanchez (MEX) 441.18
  4. Boudia / McCrory (USA) 416.64
  5. Hausding / Klein (GER) 411.63
  6. Daley / Waterfield (GBR) 402.15
  7. Aguirre / Guerra (CUB) 398.40
  8. Geyson / Sehn (CAN) 394.23
  9. Park / Oh (KOR) 388.08
  10. Ortega / Rios (COL) 385.32
  11. Bondar / Gorshkovozov (UKR) 382.05
  12. Hyon / Il Myong (PRK) 379.95
  13. Hordeichik / Kaptur (BLR) 372.55
  14. Dell'uomo / Verzotto (ITA) 368.10
  15. Eskilsson / Tolvers (SWE) 352.05
  16. Muhammad / Pamg (MAS) 339.63

11:15: What a finish - that's the form they'll want to carry over into tonight. Tom and Pete score 86.40 for their back 2.5 somersaults, 2.5 twists piked (5255B) and they're into the final on 402.15.

11:02: The Brits' fifth is their hardest dive on the list - the front 4.5 somersaults in tuck (109C). That's not the best effort I've seen them do but it's good enough to keep them in the qualification spots.

They score 68.82 and are up to 315.75 with one dive remaining.

10:47: 67.32 for Tom and Pete's fourth - dropped from Tom there - and they're on to 246.93. Still in seventh though with two rounds left.

10:37: So half way through the prelims, doesn't look like there will be too many shocks. China lead on 197.88 from Cuba on 186.60.

Tom and Pete are seventh for Great Britain on 179.61 with their hardest dives (therefore with the higher dd and worth potentially more points) still to come.

10:29. Yeah, good third dive for the Brits. They score 78.21 for their back 3.5 somersaults tucked (207C) and they're up to 179.61. China lead on 197.88.

10:25: China in charge after those requireds - they lead on 108.60 while the Brits (101.40) are lying fifth and looking comfortable at this early stage.

Four dives to go though!

10:20: Good second required as well. Tom and Pete are over 100 after the two requireds. They scored 50.40 for their reverse piked (301B). Now for the optionals.

10:04: Solid start for the Brits - they score 51.0 for their first required dive, an inward piked (401B).

09:52: It's time for Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield on day four of the FINA Diving World Cup!

The British 10m Synchro pair won gold at their last international competition in front of a home crowd - last season's FINA World Series leg in Sheffield.

They're looking to finish in the top 12 of this 16-pair preliminary and reach tonight's final.

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