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Fina Diving Updates Monday 20 February

Check out how the GB divers are performing on day one of the Fina World Diving Cup with our time-stamped updates below.

Action Updates

20:30: It all kicks off again at 10:00 tomorrow morning with Stacie and Monique in the 10m Platform semi finals. Hopefully see you then.

20:10: So China take gold ahead of Russia and Malaysia in silver and bronze respectively:

1. Qin Kai / Luo Yutong (CHI) 445.71
2. Evgeny Kuznetsov / Illya Zakharov (RUS) 439.83
3. Bryan Nickson Lomas / Huang Qiang (MAS) 432.09
4. Illya Kvasha / Oleksyi Prygorov (UKR) 424.83
5. Alexandre Despatie / Reuben Ross (CAN) 417.42
6. Troy Dumais / Kristian Ipsen (USA) 414.30
7. Yahel Castillo / Alejandro Daniel Islas (MEX) 413.73
8. Patrick Hausding / Stephan Feck (GER) 402.27
9. Grant Nel / Ethan Warren (AUS) 401.58
10. Christopher Mears / Nicholas Robinson-Baker (GBR) 390.30
11. Damien Cely / Matthieu Rosset (FRA) 385.95
12. Alexandros Manos / Stefanos Paparounas (GRE) 374.46

20:01: Final dive for the Brits is the big 109C - that's 4.5 somersaults in tuck position. Difficult! They score 64.98 for it and finish with a respectable 390.30.

19:57: A dropped dive from Germany's Hausding/Feck means Nick and Chris remain eighth with one dive remaining. China lead from Ukraine and Malaysia.

19:50: 69.36 for Chris and Nick's penultimate dive, the inward 3.5 somersaults in tuck position (407C). They may well drop to ninth with that but with their highest degree of difficulty to come last.

19:46: China still in control here but Ukraine right back in it in second. GB are eight on 255.96 and gradually making their way through the field!

19:41: Ooooh, just seen a cracking 4.5 somersaults from Ukraine's Kvasha and Prygorov. They're in amongst the medal positions with a 90+ score there.

19:40: Another 80+ for the Brits, this time 80.58 for their forward 2.5 somersault 2 twists in pike position. Stirring stuff here. And they've still go their forward 4.5 somersaults to come.

19:37: China back in front after those first optionals. They lead from Malaysia and France in second and third respectively. I predict those rankings will change again before the end!!!

19:28: Fantastic dive from the Brits! That puts them back in the pack again. They score 81.18 for their reverse 2.5 somersaults, 1.5 twists in pike position (5353B) to leapfrog Greece and Australia in the rankings.

19:20: USA's Troy Dumais and Kristian Ipsen leading after the two requireds. They're on 105.00 ahead of China in second and Germany in third at this early stage. GB in 12th put not off the pace.

19:15: Improvement for Chris and Nick in their second required - they scored 49.20 for their reverse dive in pike position (5353B). They're on 94.20 heading into the optionals.

19:03: Slow start for the Brits - they score 45.00 on their opening required dive (back dive in pike position) to place third so far. Long way (and another five dives) to go.

18:55: GB are already guaranteed a place at London 2012 so there should be no pressure from that point of view of the Brits. Let's see what they can do...!

18:53: Here we go then. Time for the Men's Synchronised 3m Springboard final at the 2012 FINA Diving World Cup.

GB have got Nick Robinson-Baker and Chris Mears looking to improve their placing of 10th from the prelims.

18:25: There's a few peeps asking for the classification from the women's 10m Platform preliminaries so here it is...

1. Chen (CHI), 2. Koltunova (RUS), 3. Steuer (GER), 4. Mendoza (MEX), 5. Benfeito (CAN), 6. Gladding (GBR), 7. Wiggins (AUS), 8. Nakagawa (JPN), 9. Filion (CAN), 10. Kurjo (GER), 11. Pamg (MAS), 12. Hu (CHI), 13. Ortiz (MEX), 14. Powell (GBR), 15. Batki (ITA), 16. Tukiet (MAS), 17. Un Hyang (PRK), 18. Ishimatsu (USA).

Other finishers:

19. Kormos (HUN), 20. Betancourt (VEN), 21. Bell (USA), 22. Bugg (AUS), 23. Labeau (FRA), 24. Popovici (ROU), 25. Tatsumi (JAP), 26. Cho (KOR), 27. Kim (KOR), 28. Reisinger (HUN), 29. Ramirez (VEN), 30, Ribeira (CUB), 31. Mendes (BRA), 32. Martinez (PUR), 33. Aiacoboae (RUS), 34. Govor (RUS), 35. van Katwijk (NED), 36. Jin Ok (PRK), 37. Potyekhina (UKR), 38. Spaziani (ITA), 39, Laatunen (FIN), 40. Chaplenko (UKR).

17:45: That's it for this afternoon. The men's 3m Synchro starts at 19:00 and we've got Nick Robinson-Baker and Chris Mears going for a medal in that.

Until then, why not enjoy this interview with Monique Gladding (l) and Stacie Powell (r) after they booked their places in tomorrow's 10m Platform semi final.

16:54: Great stuff. The Brits earn GB a second quota place in the 10m Platform for London 2012.

They also qualify for tomorrow's semi finals in sixth (Gladding) and 14th (Powell) respectively.

I'm off to get some quotes!

16:50: Lovely finish for Monique as well. She scores 63 for her final dive - a forward 3.5 somersaults piked (107B) - to finish with 320.3. Should be a top-ten finish for her after that.

16:45: Make that 12th with only eight divers remaining....

16:40: Stacie looking good at this stage. She's ranked 10th with only 14 divers remaining.

16:31: And Stacie finishes with a composed inward 3.5 somersaults tucked (407C). Her equal best score from the prelims of 67.2 takes her to 299.70 for the competition - should be comfortably through to tomorrow's semi finals.

16:18: The final round is upon us! Monique is seventh and Stacie is 15th so both would progress to tomorrow morning's semi finals with steady dives in this last round.

16:12: Another nice dive from Monique to score 55.10 for her back 2.5 somersaults piked (205B). That moves her to 257.30 for the competition and seventh overall with one dive remaining.

15:55: Nice improvement from Stacie Powell with her fourth dive. It was a forward 3.5 somersaults piked (107B) and scored 63 to take her on to 232.5. She shouldn't drop her position after that then it's just one dive to go!

15:40: Another cracking dive from Monique! She scores 72 for her armstand back double somersault 1.5 twists to move into FOURTH overall on 202.20.

Stacie is 18th with two rounds left on 169.50. Looking good for that second Olympic quota place and hopefully both girls can make tomorrow morning's semi finals.

15:23: China's world champion Chen Ruolin is in charge of this prelim. She's led from the first round and is on 241.00 after her three dives.

15:18: That's Stacie's weakest so far. Just came over her back 3.5 somersault tucked (207C) slightly and scores 49.5. She was in 17th before that dive and may have slipped just outside the top 20 on 169.5. Two more dives to pick things up though!

15:07: Two rounds gone - both girls well in the mix for a top-18 finish and a semi-final place. Monique looking good in equal ninth (I think!) and Stacie seems to be around the 15-20 bracket right now. She's got some strong dives to come though

15:03: Monique Gladding scores sevens for her second dive - a back 2.5 somersault, 1.5 twists piked (5253B) - to move into the top 10 on 130.20. 

14:44: Stacie scores 52.8 for her second dive - an armstand back double somersault 1.5 twists in free position. That moves her on to 120.00 so far.

14:30: Good start for Monique Gladding - she scores 63.00 for her inward 2.5 somersault piked (405B) which carries the lowest DD in her list. She's top 15 with that effort.

14:22: Not too many have out-dived Stacie in this first round - she sits sixth after 30 of the 40 divers' first attempts.

14:10: Stacie starts with a 67.2 for her back 2.5 somersaults, 1.5 twists piked (5253B). Solid start - puts her third after the first 12 divers.

14:02: Just the five dives for the women. Stacie is up 12th, Monique is 36th. China's world champion Chen Ruolin will be 14th to dive.

13:57: Before we get going with the women's platform, here's a bit of reaction from Chris Mears and Nick Robinson-Baker after they booked their place in tonight's 3m Synchro final.

Chris Mears: "We're hoping to do even better in the final but it'll be nice to just step out there and enjoy the crowd."

Nick Robinson-Baker: "Nowhere else we've dived has come close to this. It was absolutely manic and it was just a taster for the Games. We can't wait!"

Nowhere else we've dived has come close to this.

13:39: Great Britain still need to seal one quota place for London 2012 in this event. A semi final spot for either diver would do the job.

More on Olympic qualification and quota places can be found HERE.

13:38: Welcome back to the Aquatics Centre. The crowd has fille dup nicely and the divers have finished warming up ahead of this second session on day one.

It's the women's 10m Platform prelims. The top 18 from the 40 entrants progress to tomorrow's semi finals with Stacie Powell and Monique Gladding flying the flag for GB. 

11:50: The next action from London Aquatics Centre is the women's 10m Platform preliminaries. We've got Stacie Powell and Monique Gladding going for Great Britain and they'll be shooting for a top-18 finish to reach tomorrow's semi finals. See you at 14:00.

11:48: Men's 3m Synchro Prelims (top 12 qualify for final)

1. Qin Kai/Luo Yutong (CHI) 445.49
2. Alexandre Despatie/Reuben Ross (CAN) 419.58
3. Patrick Hausding/Stephen Feck (GER) 411.96
4. Troy Dumais/Kristian Ipsen (USA) 411.90
5. Bryan Nickson Lomas/Huang Qiang (MAS) 402.09
6. Yahel Castillo/Alejandro Daniel Islas (MEX) 399.99
7. Illya Kvasha/Oleksyi Prygorov (UKR) 398.88
8. Evgeny Kuznetsov/Anton Zakharov (RUS) 397.83
9. Grant Nel/Ethan Warren (AUS) 396.15
10. Christopher Mears/Nick Robinson-Baker (GBR) 391.81
11. Damien Cely/Matthieu Rosset (FRA) 379.17
12. Alexandros Manos/Stefanos Paparounas (GRE) 368.28

13. Eirik Valheim/Espen Valheim (NOR) 366.69
14. Yu Okamoto/Sho Sakai (JAP) 350.49
15. Nicola Marconi/Tommaso Marconi (ITA) 335.88
16. Chola Chanturia/Shota Korakhashvili (GEO) 335.67
17. Cho Kwanhoon/Son Seongchei (KOR) 333.03
18. Yorick de Bruijn/Roman de Meijer (NED) 330.66
19. Donato Neglia/Diego Carquin (CHI) 305.76
20. Ignas Barkauskas/Sergej Baziuk (LTU) 301.44

11:45: So it's 10th for Mears and Robinson-Baker, comfortably through to tonight's final. Full results on their way....

11:35: China's Qin Kai and Luo Yutong finish with an impressive tally of 445.59 - they're reigning world champions and will be heavy favourites tonight.

11:29: And there it went! 61.56 for the forward 4.5 somersaults tucked (109C) takes Mears and Robinson-Baker to 381.18 for their prelim. SHOULD be comfortably through to tonight's 12-pair final. Well done Chris and Nick!

11:27: GB are eighth after that fifth round of dives. One more to go...

11:12. Another good dive - this time 80.58 for their inward 3.5 somersaults tucked (407C) takes GB to 319.62. 11th after four dives and one more steady dive will see them through.

11:03: By my calculations, Mears and NRB have leapfrogged Greece (232.32) and Japan (238.41) already in this fourth round of dives....

10:55: Better from the British pair - they score 76.50 for their third dive, a forward 2.5 somersaults, 2 twists piked. That may well move them up the leaderboard.

10:50: Great Britain lying 13th at the half-way stage of the men's 3m Synchro prelims. China's Qin Kai and Luo Yutong are leading on 188.04.

10:31: First optional dive of the day for the Brits. Reverse 2.5 somersaults, 1.5 twists piked (5353B) scores 65.34 to take them to 162.54 at the half-way stage.

10:30: China and USA leading the way after the first required dives - they're equal first on 104.40. GB's Mears and Robinson-Baker are 11th.

10:19: The Brits up again for their second required dive - an improved effort scores 51.00 for their reverse dive piked (301B) leaves them on 97.20 overall with four dives remaining.

10:05: Solid start for the Brits - they score 46.20 for their first of two required dives - a back dive piked (201B).

10:00: Great Britain's Nick Robinson-Baker and Chris Mears will dive second out of the 20 nations in the 3m Synchro prelims.

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