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Live updates from Day One of the 2012 Olympic Diving Trials

Keep up to date with all the action from Day One at Ponds Forge as this summer’s British team takes shape at the British Gas Diving Championships.

  • CLICK HERE for a full news report with video interviews from the first day in Sheffield

Action Updates

17:57: Here are the final results - another silver for Daniel Goodfellow:

  1. Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield 475.77
  2. Daniel Goodfellow and Ross Haslam 333.72
  3. James Denny and Joe Meszaros 320.52

17:54: Tom and Pete do sign off with a good final effort.

They both score 9s for their 5255B (Back 2.5 Som, 2.5 Twists) for a score of 95.04 and an overally tally of 475.77.

Giving that a bit on context, it would have won silver at the World Cup (where they scored 419) and gold at the Europeans (where they didn't compete).

17:52: Goodfellow and Haslam are into second after five dives - they're on 268.47. Denny and Meszaros are on 265.02 and are taking on the forward 4.5 in their final dive.

17:51: Pete drops his front 4.5 slightly and scores 5s, Tom with 9s - total of 86.58 isn't too bad for the 109C (Forward 4.5 Somersaults) - they're 380.73 with one dive left. Can they sign off on a high note?

17:48: Out come the 10s! Tom and Pete score 97.02 for their 307C (Reverse 3.5 Somersaults) to move on to 294.15 overall.

Forward 4.5 up next.

17:46: Good first optional for Tom and Pete - they score 86.13 for their 207C (Back 3.5 Somersaults) and they're on to 197.13.

17:43: Another great start from the top GB pair - they're on 111 after their first two dives. Denny and Meszaros on 93.60 and Goodfellow and Haslam on 93.00.

17:40: It's time for the men's 10m Synchro - Tom Daley (Plymouth) and Peter Waterfield (Southampton) dive first.

James Denny and Joe Meszaros (both Leeds) go second then Daniel Goodfellow (Cambridge) and Ross Haslam (Sheffield).

17:13: Here's an interview with the two happy winners:

17:12: Here are the final results:

  1. Rebecca Gallantree and Alicia Blagg 300.30
  2. Francesca Del Celo and Grace Reid 276.03
  3. Amber Sheppard and Emily Moses 243.84
  4. Katherine Torrance and Jessica Riley 200.40

17:11: More than 300 for Becky and Alicia then - they finish with 66.60 for their 205B (Back 2.5 Somersaults) and score 300.30. Should be enough for gold.

17:09: Lovely fourth dive for Becky and Alicia - they score 72.9 for their 5152B (Forward 2.5 Som, 1 Twist) to move on to 233.70 overall.

Grace and Francesca drop off slightly - they score 57.12 and are on 215.28 ahead of this final round.

17:05: Francesca and Grace are right back in it - they're on 158.16 while Becky and Alicia lead on 160.80 after three dives.

17:03: Very solid start in fact - 101.40 after the two compulsory dives for Becky and Alicia. Francesca and Grace are lying second on 96.00.

Here come the three optionals.

16:58: Good start for Becky and Alicia - 8s for their opening compulsory 401B (Inward Dive) puts them on 50.40.

16:56: Becky and Alicia finished fifth at the Europeans last month on on 258.90 - they scored 302.40 in the prelims to qualify second though so they've got those 300+ scores in them.

16:50: Counting down to session two here - it starts in 10 minutes. It's the women's 3m Synchro!

Rebecca Gallantree and Alicia Blagg (both Leeds) have been Great Britain's top pair for the past couple of seasons - they dive first.

Crystal Palace have two entries: Katherine Torrance and Jessica Riley, then Amber Sheppard and Emily Moses. Finally, Francesca Del Celo (Crystal Palace) and Grace Reid (Edinburgh) dive fourth.

15:35: We've got a bit of a break until the women's 3m Synchro at 17:00 and the men's 10m Synchro straight afterwards.

15:30: Just been told that's a personal best for Tonia and Sarah as well as a British record - they're heading into the Olympics in the form of their lives:

15:25: 8s for that final dive hands them 77.76 overall leaving them on 327.18 - they'll be pretty pleased with keeping their momentum going here! Next stop, London for Tonia and Sarah!

15:21: Slightly rotated entry from Tonia but 69.30 is a good score for their 107B (Forward 3.5 Somersaults). They're on 249.42 with one dive remaining.

Just the 5253B (Back 2.5 Som, 1.5 Twists) remaining - this was the one which catapulted them into the medals at the World Cup in February when they score 79 for it.

They also scored 76 for this one at the Europeans so another positive finish would see them sail past 320 here today.

15:17: Lovely third dive - the 407C (Inward 3.5 Somersaults) goes for 73.92 and they're 180.12 overall. Anything over 310 is a good effort - the girls scored 319.56 to take European gold.

15:14: Another good compulsory dive - so important for a positive start in international competitions. They're on 106.20 after those first two efforts - the same as their score at this point in Eindhoven last month.

Now come three optionals.

15:11: They're underway with a very positive start - 9s for their 301B (Reverse Dive) hands them 53.40 for their first compulsory effort.

14:58: As I mentioned earlier, it will just be Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow competing in the women's 10m Synchro now. It will be a bit of an exhibition but plenty of people here to see the European champions in action.

They'll be keen to lay down a high score to keep their momentum going as well.

To remind yourself of their big results from this year, here's a couple of links:



14:30: Here's what Chris Mears and Nick Robinson-Baker had to say afterwards:

14:29: Here are the final results:

  1. Nick Robinson-Baker and Chris Mears 428.34
  2. Freddie Woodward and Daniel Goodfellow 371.34
  3. Josh Dowd and Charles Calvert 366.69
  4. Oliver Dingley and James Denny 359.73
  5. Matthew Roberts and Yona Knight-Wisdom 335.67
  6. David Cowen and Sean Larner 295.53

14:27: Freddie Woodward and Daniel Goodfellow secure silver on 371.34 - nice total for them. Josh Dowd and Charles Calvert should hold on to bronze.

14:24: Talk about ending on a high note - Chris and Nick score 7s and 8s for their 109C (Forward 4.5 Somersaults) for a 91.20. That leaves them on 428.34 for the competition - Nick's highest total in winning this competition over the past six years.

Josh and Charles finish on 336.69 - that will either be silver or bronze for them.

14:22: Ooh - Freddie Woodward and Dan Goodfellow have just stepped up into second after their fifth effort - they're on 309.78.

14:21: Steady performance from Nick and Chris as they score 77.52 for their 407C (Inward 3.5 Somersaults) to move to 337.14 overall after five dives.

Josh Dowd and Charles Calvert still in silver medal position - they're on 307.29 with one dive remaining.

14:17: 81.6 for Nick and Chris for their fourth dive - 5154B (Forward 2.5 Som, 2 Twists) - takes them to 259.62 after four dives.

14:13: Nice third dive for the defending champs - they score 77.22 for their 5353B (Reverse 2.5 Som 1.5 Twists). That puts them on 178.02 at half way stage.

14:12: After two rounds, it's Nick and Chris in the lead on 100.80 with Josh and Charles nearest rivals on 99.00.

14:07: 8s again for Chris and Nick as they score 50.40 for their second compulsory. That's 100.80 after two dives for them.

14:05: Josh and Charles also with an encouraging first dive - they start with 52.20 for their 401C (Inward Dive).

14:03: Solid start for Chris and Nick - the defending champs score 50.40 for their 201B (Back Dive).

13:58: We've got two rounds of compulsory dives - each with a difficulty of 2.0 - before the competition gets going with four optionals. Nick and Chris will take on the hardest dive of anyone's list with their 109C (Forward 4.5 Somersaults) worth 3.8 difficulty on their final dive.

13:56: Competitors being introduced now for the men's 3m Springboard. We've got:

Nick Robinson-Baker (Sheffield) and Chris Mears (Southampton)
Josh Dowd (Leeds College) and Charles Calvert (Leeds)
David Cowen (Leeds College) and Sean Larner (Leeds College)
Freddie Woodward (Sheffield) and Daniel Goodfellow (Cambridge)
Oliver Dingley (Leeds) and James Denny (Leeds)
Matthew Roberts (Leeds) and Yona Knight-Wisdom (Leeds)

13:39: European 10m Synchro champions Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow are currently warming up from the high platform.

They're actually the only entrants in this afternoon's women's 10m Synchro but the men's 3m Synchro beforehand should be a bit more competitive.

Nick Robinson-Baker and Chris Mears will be overwhelming favourites, having competed in the World Cup, won a World Series silver in Mexico and finished fifth at the recent European Championships.

Nick is going for his sixth consecutive British Champs gold in this event, Chris for his third.

12:46: Welcome to live text updates from the opening day of the 2012 British Gas Diving Championships at Ponds Forge. The London 2012 Olympic Diving team will be nominated after this event so it's going to be an exciting three days of competition.

The Synchro pairs take centre stage on the opening day here in Sheffield. It's the Men's 3m Synchro and the Women's 10m Synchro from 14:00 before the Women's 3m Synchro and Men's 10m Synchro in session two from 17:00.

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