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Fina Diving Updates Saturday 25 February

Check out how the GB divers are performing on day six of the Fina World Diving Cup with our time-stamped updates below.

Action Updates

Updates are finished for today. Thanks for your support this week. For a concise summary of the day, go to the full report here.

21:42: Great Britain's Alicia Blagg and Rebecca Gallantree finish 11th in the 3m Synchro final with 287.10. China's He Zi and Wu Minxia defend their gold medal on 345.30.

Full results:

  1. He Zi / Wu Minxia (CHN) 345.30
  2. Jennifer Abel / Emilie Heymans (CAN) 321.90
  3. Tania Cagnotto / Francesca Dallape (ITA) 317.40
  4. Kelci Bryant / Abby Johnston (USA) 315.00
  5. Olena Fedorova / Anna Pysmenska (UKR) 314.70
  6. Cheong Jun Hoong / Pamg Pandelela Rinong (MAS) 300.90
  7. Paola Espinosa / Laura Sanchez (MEX) 300.60
  8. Anabelle Smith / Sharleen Stratton (AUS) 298.20
  9. Katja Dieckow / Nora Subschinski (GER) 296.40
  10. Mai Nakagawa / Sayaka Shibusawa (JPN) 288.00
  11. Alicia Blagg / Rebecca Gallantree (GBR) 287.10
  12. Nadezda Bazinha / Maria Polyakova (RUS) 268.20

21:32: Really nice way to finish the competition for the Brits - 70.2 for the forward 2.5 somersaults, 1 twist (5152B) and they end up with 287.10.

That's not a PB but it's an improvement on last year's World Championships and the prelims. Solid base for the season.

21:30: China leading still after that fourth round and they've got gold in the bag surely. GB have dropped to 12th with one dive left.

21:21: Ah - that's a slip up for the Brits. Becky misses her reverse 2.5 somersaults and their pair receive a 54.9 for it. They're on 216.90 with one dive remaining.

Let's make it a good one girls!

21:15: The Brits are 10th after that third round of dives and performing really nicely. Canada are still leading on 186 with Ukraine second and Canada third at this stage.

21:11: The Back 2.5 Somersaults is one that the Brits have struggled with in the past but that was a much better effort than the prelims and they score 63. Their next two should be better still so they're definitely still in with a shout of improving position.

21:06: Requireds out of the way and the Brits are eighth on 99.00. China and Canada tied for the lead on 106.80. Three optional dives to come.

20:58: Alicia and Becky score 48.6 for their second required dive - a forward piked - and they're 99 after the requireds. Better than the prelims.

20:56: Good standard there across the field. China lead after that opening round on 54.60 while Alicia and Becky are eighth after their good start.

20:46: The women's 3m Synchro has just started and Becky Gallantree and Alicia Blagg have started brilliantly. 50.40 is a lovely required score. Another one of them for their second required and they have a very strong basis.

While Pete was aiming for 500, the girls are looking to beat the 300 marker here tonight. It would be the first time internationally that they have done it.

20:10: WOW - Lin Yue misses his final dive and Pete Waterfield wins Great Britain's second medal of the 2012 FINA Diving World Cup with 10m Platform bronze.

  1. Qiu Bo (CHN) 574.90
  2. Victor Minibaev (RUS) 523.60
  3. Peter Waterfield (GBR) 510.35
  4. David Boudia (USA) 501.10
  5. Oleksandr Bondar (UKR) 499.95
  6. Lin Yue (CHN) 493.00
  7. Patrick Hausding (GER) 482.35
  8. Bryan Nickson Lomas (MAS) 461.60
  9. Martin Wolfram (GER) 453.40
  10. German Sanchez (MEX) 448.35
  11. Christofer Eskilsson (SWE) 419.85
  12. Gleb Galperin (RUS) 416.55

20:00: Roof officially raised by Pete Waterfield as he finishes with a stellar back 2.5 somersaults, 2.5 twists. Wonderful dive gets 9s and 9.5s and he scores 99.00 to finish on a very good 510.35.


19:56: Qiu Bo dives a great, great forward 4.5 somersaults and scores 9.5s and a 10. Yikes. He has gold in the bag and leads on 486.7.

19:54: Despite scoring nearly 90, Pete remains in seventh. Another around the 90 mark may not give him a medal but a 500+ score would be a fantastic confidence boost to start his season.

19:49: Oooh, Pete looking a class act again now. He scores another 89.1 for his fifth dive - a reverse 3.5 somersaults with tuck (307C) and he's on 411.35 ahead of his last effort.

This should be his best score of the meet.

19:43: We're up to the last two dives now and Pete has progressed to seventh. Couple of beauties would be nice please Pete!

Qiu Bo (381.25) leads ahead of Boudia (346.30) with Minibaev and Lin Yue tied third on 341.80.

19:38: Pete's back on form with that one. A massive 89.10 for his back 3.5 somersaults piked (207C) and things are looking up. 322.25 after four dives and he's knocking on the door of the top six again (I think!).

19:35: Massive inward 4.5 somersaults (that's dd 4.1) goes for 104 points from Malaysia's Bryan Nickson Lomas. That's the best I've ever seen it performed.

19:33: QIu Bo is leading after three dives on 273.25 ahead of Boudia and Lin Yue (260.4). Pete has dropped one place to ninth on 233.55 but still tight up there. And plenty of points to be won and lost.

19:30: Good for USA's World Championship silver medallist David Boudia - he's into lead during R3 with a 90+ for his 4.5 somersaults. He's 265.45 after three dives.

19:27: Well the front 4.5 came and went for 70.3. Better than the prelims but not as good as semi-final. 233.15 at half-way stage is better than either though so he's looking okay at this point. Still just about in the chasing pack.

19:21: Looks like Pete is now in eighth - by no means out of contention though. His biggest dive (front 4.5 somersaults) in terms of diving difficulty is up next. He dropped it in the prelims but was better in the semi.

Qiu Bo (182.50) leads from German Sanchez (177.90) and Lin Yue (170.40).

19:15: That's not too bad from Pete for his second. Not as good as his first but 68.80 for the inward 3.5 somersaults will do! He's up to 162.85 which is higher than he was at this stage in the prelims and heats.

19:11: Qiu Bo scores a 10 but he's only sixth after that first round - Pete leads on 94.05! Victor Minibaev and Lin Yue also go 90+ on 91.20.

19:04: WOW - Pete couldn't have hoped for a better start. 9s and 9.5s for his armstand triple somersault with tuck and he's on the way with 94.05 and in the lead. No-one else past 90 for their first effort yet.

18:58: Pete goes third out of the 12 divers in this final and he'll perform six dives in total. Anything around 500 puts him in with a great chance of a medal.

18:38: Pete's up first - he's been looking better with every dive this week. He finished seventh with Tom Daley in the 10m Synchro a couple of days ago, then progressed through 10m Platform prelims on 423.25 and this morning's semi-final on 444.9.

When he's good, he's world class and if he can string together six consistent dives tonight, he won't be far from the podium places with a list to match anyone else in this final.

World champion Qiu Bo is heavy favourite and Chinese compatriot Lin Yue will also no doubt be up there. Could be a fight to the last dive for bronze though.

18:34: Hello all - last night's coverage from me this week. Let's hope it's a good one as the final medals are given out for the men's 10m Platform at 19:00 and the women's 3m Synchro at 20:45.

As with every other final this week, there is British interest - namely, Peter Waterfield then Alicia Blagg and Becky Gallantree.

15:00: In case you hadn't worked it out already, yes - that does mean Great Britain have earned a spot in every single final at the 2012 FINA Diving World Cup. Well done everyone involved with making that happen.

Join me here at 19:00 for coverage of Pete Waterfield in the 10m Platform final then a bit later, Alicia Blagg and Becky Gallantree in the 3m Synchro final as the last medals of the competition are handed out.

14:57: China lead qualifiers on 333.30 ahead of Germany (306.60) and Ukraine (303.60). Alicia Blagg and Becky Gallantree nicely through in 11th for Great Britain.

Here are the full results:

  1. He Zi / Wu Minxia (CHN) 333.30
  2. Katja Dieckow / Nora Subschinski (GER) 306.60
  3. Olena Fedorova / Anna Pysmenska (UKR) 303.60
  4. Jennifer Abel / Emilie Heymans (CAN) 302.70
  5. Kelci Bryant / Abby Johnston (USA) 298.80
  6. Tania Cagnotto / Francesca Dallape (ITA) 296.40
  7. Anabelle Smith / Sharleen Stratton (AUS) 294.30
  8. Paola Espinosa / Laura Sanchez (MEX) 291.30
  9. Jun Hoong Cheong / Pandelela Rinong Pamg (MAS) 284.10
  10. Mai Nakagawa / Sayaka Shibusawa (JPN) 283.50
  11. Alicia Blagg / Rebecca Gallantree (GBR) 282.60
  12. Nadezda Bazinha / Maria Polyakova (RUS) 272.85
  13. Taina Karvonen / Iira Laatunen (FIN) 232.92
  14. Cho Enubi / Kim Suji (KOR) 221.76
  15. Lyubov Chervinskaya / Lyudmila Khmel (KAZ) 219.72

14:51: Alicia and Becky finish nicely - that should be enough to reach tonight's final. 64.8 for their forward 2.5 somersaults, 1 twist piked (5152B) leaves them with a final tally of 282.60.

That's about 42 points better than at the World Champs last year. Well done girls.

14:48: So the Brits are 10th ahead of the final round - a nice finish here and they'll be in the final.

14:41: Looks like it's going to be China, Ukraine, Germany for top three still ahead of the final round.

14:40: Lovely reverse 2.5 somersaults from the Brits - they score 68.4 for it and they're up to 217.8. That was the dive they both missed at last year's World Champs so nice for them to get it here.

14:37: The Brits have slipped to 11th overall - China, Ukraine, Germany remains the top three.

14:26: Alicia and Becky score 54 for their back 2.5 somersaults piked - that's more than their effort at last year's World Champs and it puts them on 149.4 with two dives to go.

China still in front on 178.5 ahead of Ukraine (170.40) and Germany (169.8) at this stage during the third.

14:22: China, Ukraine and USA still in the first three places - GB are equal ninth with the Aussies!

14:18: Not quite as good for the Brits but it's still a decent second required on the forward piked and they score 46.2 for it. That takes them to 95.4 ahead of the optionals.

China are storming clear already. They're 107.4 after their opening two. Ukraine are 103.8.

14:12: The Brits' are equal fifth with Canada after that 49.2 first dive. China, Ukraine and USA leading.

14:03: Some good scores already - China lead on 55.2 ahead of Ukraine (52.2) and USA (51.6).

14:02: That'll do for the Brits - a nice start with their inward piked (401B) for 49.2. They'll be looking to get as close to 100 as possible (if not over 100!) after the first two requireds.

13:55: The British girls dive third out of the 15 pairs while China's world champions and defending World Cup champions He Zi and Wu Minxia dive sixth.

13:50: Welcome back - we're closing in on the 3m Synchro preliminaries now. Rebecca Gallantree and Alicia Blagg go for Great Britain - they're a fairly established partnership out of City of Leeds Diving Club despite Alicia being only 15-years old.

They won Grand Prix silver in Fort Lauderdale last season and finished eighth at the 2010 World Cup. Their international pb is 298.32 from the 2010 World Cup and anythng around the 300 mark should be more than enough to progress this afternoon.

11:47: So far so good today then for GB - Pete through to tonight's 10m Platform final at the World Cup. Next up is Becky Gallantree - who finished ninth in the individual 3m Springboard yesterday - and Alicia Blagg in the 3m Synchro prelims. That starts at 14:00 so see you then.

11:45: Pete's safely through in 10th then and Qiu Bo leads qualifiers, finishing on 565.60. Matt Mitcham unlucky 13th on the day.

  1. Qiu Bo (CHN) 565.60
  2. Lin Yue (CHN) 508.55
  3. Victor Minibaev (RUS) 494.70
  4. Gleb Galperin (RUS) 485.55
  5. David Boudia (USA) 473.30
  6. Patrick Hausding (GER) 473.25
  7. Oleksandr Bondar (UKR) 471.15
  8. German Sanchez (MEX) 455.25
  9. Christofer Eskilsson (SWE) 447.30
  10. Peter Waterfield (GBR) 444.90
  11. Martin Wolfram (GER) 442.00
  12. Bryan Nickson Lomas (MAS) 427.45
  13. Matthew Mitcham (AUS) 414.70
  14. Sebastian Villa Castaneda (COL) 408.90
  15. Hugo Parisi (BRA) 400.20
  16. Rommel Pacheco (MEX) 396.35
  17. Vadim Kaptur (BLR) 389.70
  18. Jose Guerra (CUB) 72.00 (withdrew with injury)

11:40: German Sanchez just dived the inward 4.5 somersault which carries a tariff of 4.1 - that's 0.3 harder than the front 4.5 which has been troubling so many people this week.

Ah, that's a shame. Olympic champion Matthew Mitcham falls at this hurdle. He finishes on 414.70.

11:36: Confirmed - Pete is through as Germany's Martin Wolfram scores 442.00 to finish below him. He's ahead of six now.

11:27: Pete finishes strongly - 75.6 for his back 2.5 somersaults, 2.5 twists - that's better than his prelim score and leaves him 444.90 overall. Should be enough for the final.

11:24: One person who hasn't slipped is Qiu Bo - best 4.5 somersaults we've seen this week and he leads after R5 on 479.20. Compatriot Lin Yue is second on 422.15 , Russia's Minibaev still third on 402.9.

Pete is up to 10th with one dive left - he's 369.30.

11:18: A few divers slipping here - Pete is moving up the leaderboard nicely. Should be top ten with one dive to go.

11:11: Yes - that's top diving from the Brit. 84.15 for his reverse 3.5 somersaults in tuck (307C) and Pete is on to 369.30 with one dive left. That's already moved him ahead of Malaysia's Bryan Nickson Lomas and Belarus' Vadim Kaptur. Things looking very rosey all of a sudden.

11:08: Qiu Bo scores 102.6 for his fourth dive and he's leading after R4 on 379.30. Lin Yue is second on 332.15, Victor Minibaev third on 318.3.

Pete is still 13th but he's closer to the top 12 than before. If he keeps improving as he has been, it's still on.

11:02: No missed dives yet this round. Oops spoke too soon. Martin Wolfram misses his fourth dive and he's on 290.55 now - out of the top three.

Victor Minibaev takes advantage and he's temporary leader on 318.3. Not sure Pete is going to have moved up but he's definitely closer.

10:56: Pete getting better with each dive - 79.2 for his back 3.5 somersaults after 8s from the judges. He's up to 288.55 and that may well put him into the top 12 for the first time this competition.

10:52: Qiu Bo looking much more his usual self today - he scores a couple of 10s for his reverse 3.5 somersaults in tuck and he's into the lead on 276.70.

Lin Yue is second after R3 on 258.15 while Wolfram is third on 247.35. Pete is 13th. Edging closer to the top 12....

10:44: Russia's Gleb Galperin is up into the top spot after his front 4.5 - he's 240.9 after three. Big guns to come now though...

And Martin Wolfram has just overtaken him - he's 247.35 with three very difficult dives left - 207B, 5255B and 109C.

10:40: Well it hasn't put him into first but it has started to claw his way back - 75.85 for his front 4.5 somersaults and Pete is up to 205.95 at the half-way stage.... with his trickiest dive behind him. Still needs to score well on these last three though.

10:36: So after two rounds, Qiu Bo is first ahead of Wolfram and Mexico's German Sanchez. Pete's not looking too bad in 15th but this is the big one - 109C.

10:32: Mitcham has just missed one as well so he drops below Waterfield. No mistakes from Qiu Bo though - he's up to first on 182.65.

10:28: More 9s for Martin 'Wolfie' Wolfram. He's on 176.4 after two dives and could well still be in the lead.

Not so good for Cuba's Jose Guerra - he's pulled out injured - and Mexico's Rommel Pacheco - he's just fallen out of a dive and scored 0. Massive risk of injury when that happens. He pretty much landed on his chest. Big 'oooohs' from the crowd and he may well have to withdraw as well after that.

10:21: Pete doesn't quite nail his entry for his second dive and he scores 60.8 for the inward 3.5 somersaults with tuck (407C). He'll be a little disappointed with that after scoring 83.2 in yesterday's prelims. He may well be 18th after round two now on 130.1 but with some high tariff dives coming up it's too soon to write him off.

10:19: Wolfram leads after that first round and Pete is 16th. He had a good second dive in the prelims though so hopefully he can recreate it. The third one (front 4.5 somersaults) could well be crucial for the Brit.

10:12: Germany's Martin Wolfram has a challenging list and he's started well, scoring 90 for his armstand back double somersaults, 2.5 twists in free position (6245D)

10:03: Not a perfect start for Pete but it's a decent 69.3 for his armstand back triple somersault to get him under way - shouldn't be too far off the top 12 after one.

USA's David Boudia is the early leader on 84.6.

09:56: Big cheer for Pete as you would expect - another packed house here in the Aquatics Centre.

His rivals in this one? The two Chinese challengers Qiu Bo and Lin Yue would seem favourites to progress in the top two again. Otherwise, we've got Olympic champion Matthew Mitcham from Australia, Mexico's German Sanchez and Rommel Pacheco, Russia's Victor Minibaev and Germany's Patrick Hausding.

09:43: Pete is an Olympic medallist from the 10m Synchro at Athens 2004 and has won a couple of World Cup medals over the years as well. They were both in 10m Synchro though and he would dearly love to add a third in the individual 10m Platform today.

He has to reach the final first though - the top 12 from this 18-man semi-final go through to tonight's final. Pete dropped one dive in the prelims (the daunting 4.5 somersaults) and progressed in 16th so he'll dive third in each round in this semi.

09:38: Morning all. Hope you're all looking forward to our last day of the 2012 FINA Diving World Cup at London Aquatics Centre. It's been a fantastic event here with Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow's 10m Synchro bronze the highlight for the British team.

Today we have Peter Waterfield in action in the 10m Platform semi-final this morning then Rebecca Gallantree and Alicia Blagg look to seal a final place in the 3m Synchro this afternoon.

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