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Fina Diving Updates Wednesday 22 February

Check out how the GB divers are performing on day three of the Fina World Diving Cup with our time-stamped updates below.

Action Updates

Updates are finished for today. Join us for day four. For a concise summary of the day, go to the full report here.

12:44: What a stunning comeback from the British girls - fantastic.

  1. Chen / Wang (CHN) 359.58
  2. Benfeito / Filion (CAN) 331.65
  3. Barrow / Couch (GBR) 314.40
  4. Croak / Wu (AUS) 311.04
  5. Subschinski / Steuer (GER) 309.33
  6. Potyekhina / Prokopchuk (UKR) 308.52
  7. Leong / Pamg (MAS) 307.86
  8. Espinosa / Orozco (MEX) 305.34
  9. Petukhova / Koltunova (RUS) 296.70
  10. Cozad / Ryan (USA) 284.70
  11. Cho / Kim (KOR) 265.50
  12. Jin Ok / Un Hyang (PRK) 264.27

21:43: Medal for Great Britain - Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow score 83.52 for their final dive - a back 2.5 somersaults, 1.5 twists (5253B) and they've made history!

21:30: A slip by the Brits though - they both drop the forward 3.5 somersaults piked (107B) for a score of 61.2. They're on 230.88 and eighth ahead of this final round.

21:28: Not Germany's best - they're on 242.73. They'll be the ones Tonia and Sarah will try to catch.

21:19: Better again from the Brits - not quite their prelim standard but a 70.08 for their inward 3.5 somersaults tucked (407C) puts them on 169.68 and into fourth position.

China dominating - they're on 193.50 ahead of Canada and Germany.

21:14: There have been a few dropped dives in this third round - Germany (177.48) and Canada (179.70) looking good still though.

21:04: Much better from the Brits - they equal their score from the prelims on that one and pick up 52.20 for a back dive piked (201B). That takes them to sixth place on 99.60.

Still well in this. China lead on 109.80 ahead of Canada (105.00) and Germany (102.60).

21:01: Germany not quite as strong on that second required dive - they're on 102.60 after those first two efforts though. Korea right behind on 102.00.

20:56: The British girls start with a 47.40 - not as high as their 52.80 from the prelims but it's a decent start. Nobody toppled Germany's effort in that opening round and the Brits are placed ninth. 

20:52: Germany's World Championship bronze medallists Nora Subschinski and Christin Steuer lead after the early pairs - they score 55.20 for their inward piked.

20:42: After the drama of the men's 3m Springboard, will the women's 10m Synchro be a little calmer? I very much doubt it....

The Brits qualified in second so they'll dive second-last. They started brilliantly in the prelims with 105.00 for their two required dives (all pairs must complete two dives of difficulty 2.0 first).

Anything over 100 again will put them well on their way...

20:35: There's about 10 minutes until the women's 10m Synchro final here. Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow will be representing for the Brits.

They qualified in second (see below) and finished fourth at the 2011 World Champs so they're definitely in with a medal shout.

If they WERE to win a medal, they would become the first British women to have done so in FINA Diving World Cup history.

20:20: Here's Jack - seems pretty happy with his efforts as well he might!

19:59: Another China 1-2 with Despatie back in the medals with bronze:

  1. He Chong (CHN) 553.35
  2. Qin Kai (CHN) 524.00
  3. Alexandre Despatie (CAN) 511.95
  4. Ethan Warren (AUS) 511.70
  5. Illya Kvasha (UKR) 500.50
  6. Illya Zakharov (RUS) 493.05
  7. Sho Sakai (JPN) 491.05
  8. Jack Laugher (GBR) 463.70
  9. Chris Colwill (USA) 460.95
  10. Reuben Ross (CAN) 455.85
  11. Ken Terauchi (JPN) 448.50
  12. Michele Benedetti (ITA) 424.05

19:51: Good finish from Jack - he scores 86.7 for his forward 2.5 somersaults, 2 twists piked (5154B) and he finishes on 463.70 - that's only a few points off his score from the semi-final despite one dropped dive.

Looks like he's set to finish eighth overall.

19:49: The two Chinese at the top of the leaderboard with Ethan Warren in bronze medal position with a round to go. Jack's 10th with just his 5154B to go.

19:47: He's introduced the front 4.5 somersaults for the final and it hasn't quite paid off. A dropped dive leaves Jack with 43.7 and an overall tally of 377 for the competition with one round of dives left.

19:37: Well he's up to fourth. He Chong still leads on 347.40 ahead of Illya Kvasha (345.40) and Ethan Warren (342.75). Then it's our Jack on 333.30. And it's the big front 4.5 to come next. Nervous anyone?

19:31: WOW - that's Jack's dive of the week so far. 94.5 for a reverse 3.5 somersaults in tuck (307C). He's up to 333.30 and he is in the form of his life. He scored nines and one 10 for that dive.

19:29: Laugher's still in sixth - but he's beating China's Qai Kin at the half-way stage! China's He Chong leads from Kvasha and Warren. All to play for though. And some big scoring dives coming up.

19:25: This is a fantastic performance from Jack Laugher - he outperforms his semi-final again on third dive - a back 2.5 somersaults piked (205B). He scores 79.5 for it and he's up to 238.80.

19:21: Russia's Zakharov still leads on 175.80 ahead of Kvasha and He Chong. Jack is indeed sixth.

19:16: Nice second dive from Jack. He scores 85.80 for his reverse 2.5 somersaults, 1.5 twists piked (5353B) which should move him up to about sixth this round with his score of 159.30.

19:13: Seems like a lonely place on the edge of the springboard...

19:10: Well, unsurprisingly after scoring the same as he did in the semi-final, he's in the same position he was at this stage this morning as well - in eighth.

Russia's Illya Zakharov leads the way after R1 on 91.80.

19:05: And Jack is away - he scores 73.50 for his inward 2.5 somersaults piked (405B) - that's the same as in this morning's semi-final. Good start.

Ukraine's Illya Kvasha is the early leader on 88.40.

19:01: Ethan Warren starts strongly for Australia - he's the early leader on 76.5 in this first round.

18:58: As Jack qualified in sixth, he dives seventh out of the 12 competitors in this final. He scored 467.60 in this morning's semi-final.

18:49: So what do you want to know about Jack? He's 17-years old, trains at City of Leeds, won double gold at 2010 World Juniors and European Juniors.

His big break came last year when he finished eighth in the 3m Springboard on his World Championships debut in Shanghai.

He's backed that form up again here this week so far. He finished fifth in the prelims, sixth in the semi-final and was incredibly consistent in both.

18:46: Hello all. First night of the meet with two finals and guess what? We've got Brits in both finals!

Jack Laugher goes first in the 3m Springboard final then Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow will try their chances in the 10m Synchro final. Should be a fun-filled night. I'll try and keep you up-to-date with the Brits and the leaders as we go.

15:08: That's it for this afternoon - bookmark this page and head back to it at about 19:00 for the men's 3m final (featuring Jack Laugher) and the women's 10m synchro final (featuring Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow).

Could be a fantastic evening.

15:05: China win this qualification event on 340.08 but the Brits go through second and Malaysia third. Here's the full results - top 12 into tonight's final.

  1. Chen / Wang (CHI) 340.08
  2. Barrow / Couch (GBR) 319.86
  3. Leong / Pamg (MAS) 318.42
  4. Croak / Wu (AUS) 311.94
  5. Petukhova / Koltunova (RUS) 310.56
  6. Benfeito / Filion (CAN) 307.68
  7. Espinosa / Orozco (MEX) 301.74
  8. Cozad / Ryan (USA) 291.54
  9. Subschinski / Steuer (GER) 290.49
  10. Jin / Un Hyang (PRK) 278.85
  11. Potyekhina / Prokopchuk (UKR) 278.70
  12. Cho / Kim (KOR) 277.32
  13. Aiacoboae / Topolinschi (ROU) 262.86 
  14. Kormos / Reisinger (HUN) 257.19

14:56: Great finish from the British girls - they've outscored their performance from Shanghai in the prelims here and they've finished second overall in these prelims.

If they can match that performance in the final, who knows....!

Their final dive was worth 76.80 for their back 2.5 somersaults, 1.5 twists piked (5253B).

14:53: The Aussies are safely through - Alex Croak and Melissa Wu finish on 311.94 and will be a medal threat in the final.

14:46: China move on to 260.40 and lead ahead of this final round. Malaysia (252.18) in second and the Brits (243.06) third.

14:45: Malaysia's Mun Yee Leong and Pandelela Rinong Pamg have taken advantage and leapfrogged the Brits in the rankings - they're on 252.18.

14:42: Fourth dive probably the Brits' first slip in this preliminary. They score 60.30 for their forward 3.5 somersaults piked (107B) and are on 243.06 with one dive remaining.

Doesn't look like they'll win this preliminary but it has been a very encouraging session.

14:33: China take the lead after that third round of dives - they're on 183.60 but Sarah and Tonia are right behind on 182.76 and Germany are third on 173.52.

Two rounds remaining. GB comfortable for a final place at the moment.

14:27: Another strong effort there - 77.76 for an inward 3.5 somersaults in tuck (407C) to move to 182.76 and still lead the preliminary competition.

14:23: The Brits still ahead after two dives - three optionals up next though.

14:15: Another great dive from the British girls - this time 52.2 for their back dive piked (201B) and they're storming away on 105.00 after their requireds.

If they can start this well in the final tonight, they'll be in with a great chance of a medal.

14:12: Well that's always nice to see - Great Britain on top of the leaderboard after one round of dives - just the four to go then...

14:06: Great start for Sarah and Tonia as they score 52.80 and take an early lead with their first required dive - a reverse dive piked (301B). Plenty of support for the British crowd.

13:55: The top 12 from the 14 pairs will go through so there shouldn't be too many issues about making tonight's final.

The three pairs who made the podium in Shanghai are also competing here in London - that's China's Wang Hao / Chen Ruolin, Australia's Alexandra Croak / Melissa Wu and Germany's Christin Steuer / Nora Subchinski.

Meanwhile, Mexico's Paola Espinosa / Alejandra Orozco have the hardest list, taking on a 407C (DD:3.2), 207C (DD:3.3) and 5254B (DD:3.2) after their two required dives (both DD:2.0) which all pairs must perform first.

13:50: Tonia and Sarah finished fourth at last year's World Championships in Shanghai so they'll be looking to impress again here in their first visit to London Aquatics Centre.

Great Britain are guaranteed a quota place in the four synchro events at London 2012 courtesy of being hosts so there's no pressure from that respect.

11:45: Join us again at 14:00 when World Championship finalists Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow will look to qualify for tonight's women's 10m Synchro final.

11:30: So well done to the two Brits. Just the one dropped dive was the difference between Chris's score and the top 12 and another consistent performance from Jack puts him through to his first FINA World Cup final tonight.

Here's an interview with Chris after his final dive:

11:25: The two Chinese lead the qualifiers - Jack is in with a great shout after progressing in sixth though. Top 12 qualify.

  1. He Chong (CHI) 523.60
  2. Qin Kai (CHI) 499.45
  3. Illya Zakharov (RUS) 497.90
  4. Chris Colwill (USA) 471.65
  5. Illya Kvasha (UKR) 468.05
  6. Jack Laugher (GBR) 467.60
  7. Alexandre Despatie (CAN) 466.30
  8. Michele Benedetti (ITA) 459.10
  9. Sho Sakai (JPN) 452.35
  10. Reuben Ross (CAN) 446.75
  11. Ken Terauchi (JPN) 444.90
  12. Ethan Warren (AUS) 441.80
  13. Yahel Castillo (MEX) 433.55
  14. Cesar Castro (BRA) 431.20
  15. Stephan Feck (GER) 423.25
  16. Chris Mears (GBR) 413.55
  17. Sascha Klein (GER) 410.40
  18. Matthieu Rosset (FRA) 391.20

11:23: Jack is safely through. He scores 81.6 for his final dive - a forward 2.5 somersaults, 2 twists in pike position (5154B) to finish with 467.60. He's through in sixth.

11:16: Chris signs off with a nice 76.5 for his inward 3.5 somersaults in tuck position (407C). He finishes with 413.55 - won't be top 12 but a good way to finish.

11:09: Another steady one from Jack - looking very composed out there. He scores 79.05 for his forward 3.5 somersaults piked (107B) to move up to 386.00 for the competition.

10:57: Chris is off the bottom with that dive - much better effort on the 3.5 somersaults piked (107B) scores him 74.4 and takes him to 337.05. Just the big 407C left to see if he can sneak in to the top 12. Still a tall order.

10:56: So with two dives left, He Chong leads from Alex Despartie and Qai Kin. Jack is eighth and Chris 18th.

10:52: Nice fourth dive from Jack - he scores 82.25 for his reverse 3.5 somersaults in tuck (307C) which is the hardest dd on his list of 3.5.

He's on to 306.95 for the competition and still looking good for the final.

10:47: Chris' first mistake of the competition - he drops his fourth effort to score 45.9 on a forward 2.5 somersaults, 2 twists piked (5154B). Looks like he'll drop back to 18th with that but he's by no means out of contention.

10:43: The Brits are there or thereabouts at the half-way stage. Jack is 10th and Chris 13th. Remember top 12 go through.

This is the stage where they both started firing on all cylinders yesterday though so if they can do that again, they will have a great chance.

10:39: Jack scores 72.00 for his third dive - a back 2.5 somersaults piked (205B) - to take him on to 224.70 at half way stage.

Another really consistent performance from him so far.

10:33: Another steady one for Chris. He scores 74.25 for his reverse 2.5 somersaults, 1.5 twists piked (5353B) and he's on to 216.75 for the competition with his strongest dives to come. Again an improvement on his preliminary dive.

10:30: So Jack is up to sixth and Chris is 15th after a third of the competition. Long way to go though.


10:26: Improvement from Jack again - he's about seven more than the prelims as he scores 79.2 for his reverse 2.5 somersaults, 1.5 twists piked (5353B).

That takes him to 152.70 for the competition - should climb a couple of places as well. Looking good a third of the way through.10:20: Ooh, much better from Chris on his second dive - about 15 points more than he scored yesterday as he picks up 76.5 for his reverse 2.5 somersaults piked (305B).

He's climbed a couple of places already with that effort.

10:15: The Brits are eighth (Laugher) and 18th (Mears) after that first round. Some good scoring across the field there and it's a three-way tie for the lead between Mexico's Castillo, Ukraine's Kvasha and Russia's Zakharov on 81.60.

10:12: Jack kicks off his competition with a nice inward 2.5 somersaults piked (405B) for 73.5. It was three points down on his effort from yesterday's prelims but still a healthy start.

10:05: Solid start for Chris Mears. Not quite as good as yesterday but he scores 66.00 for his back 2.5 somersaults in pike (205B).

He's at the bottom of the scoreboard initially but he tends to improve throughout the rounds.

09:58: Jack finished eighth on his World Championship debut last season and impressed again in qualification here yesterday, progressing in fifth.

Chris Mears had to reach the semi-finals to guarantee Great Britain a second quota place for the 3m Springboard at London 2012 - he did so on his last dive, scoring 81.60 for his favourite inward 3.5 somersaults to progress in 14th.

09:55: Morning all - the men's 3m springboard semi finalists are being introduced here at London Aquatics Centre.

Great Britain have got Jack Laugher and Chris Mears in action after their nail-biting qualification yesterday - read about it HERE.

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