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Fina Diving Updates Tuesday 21 February

Check out how the GB divers are performing on day two of the Fina World Diving Cup with our time-stamped updates below.

Action Updates

20:26: China's world champion Chen Ruolin takes gold on 405.25 - fantastic performance from her. China's Hu Yadan silver and Russia's Yulia Koltunova bronze.

Well done Monique Gladding - finishing 10th.

  1. Chen Ruolin (CHI) 405.25
  2. Hu Yadan (CHI) 397.10
  3. Yulia Koltunova (RUS) 350.25
  4. Roseline Filion (CAN) 348.90
  5. Carolina Mendoza (MEX) 346.85
  6. Christin Steuer (GER) 346.80
  7. Mai Nakagawa (JPN) 339.85
  8. Noemi Batki (ITA) 332.10
  9. Maria Kurjo (GER) 331.75
  10. Monique Gladding (GBR) 326.35
  11. Tatiana Ortiz (MEX) 324.40
  12. Un Hyang Kim (PRK) 315.65

20:19: Yes! Monique finishes on a high with a lovely forward 3.5 somersaults piked (107B) for 72 points. She finishes the competition on 326.35 and will surely move up a couple of places with that last dive.

20:15: Monique's in 12th with the final round awaiting. Not far off the pack though. One good dive could move her up.

China's Chen Ruolin leads on 322.05 ahead of Hu Yadan (321.90) and Germany's Christin Steuer (282.30).

20:08: Another steady dive from Monique - this time she scores 62.35 for her back 2.5 somersaults piked (205D). She's on 254.35 with one round to go...

20:03: Monique's 10th after those three rounds then. China's Hu Yadan leading from teammate Chen Ruolin and Russia's Yulia Koltunova.

19:58: Here comes the armstand! Another score of 62.40 for Monique's armstand back double somersault 1.5 twists in free position (6243D). She's now on 192.00 overall - ranked about ninth or tenth.

19:52: So Monique is in ninth after the second round. Defending champion Hu Yadan leads on 162.90.

19:44: Good second dive - she scores 62.40 for her back 2.5 somersaults, 1.5 twists in pike position (5253B) to move on to 129.60 for the competition.

19:32: Very positive start for Monique - she scores eights and one nine for her inward 2.5 somersault in pike position (405B) to kick off with 67.20 points.

19:09: We're starting a little late here because the men's prelims overran slightly - I reckon we'll be off at about 19:30.

Monique Gladding dives third out of the 12 after qualifying in 10th this morning (see below). The top three from the semi-final were China's world champion Chen Ruolin, China's defending World Cup champion Hu Yadan and Italy's European champion Noemi Batki.

18:13: Women's 10m final featuring Great Britain's Monique Gladding is coming up at 19:00.

18:00: And here they are: Jack Laugher and Chris Mears after finishing fifth and 14th respectively to qualify for the 3m semi-final.

17:57: So they both make it through! Fantastic from the Brits. Here's the top 18 to qualify for tomorrow's semi-final. I'm off to get some quotes!

  1. Qin Kai (CHI) 521.85
  2. He Chong (CHI) 502.85
  3. Ethan Warren (AUS) 475.25
  4. Illya Kvasha (UKR) 468.80
  5. Jack Laugher (GBR) 458.05
  6. Illya Zakharov (RUS) 456.70
  7. Sascha Klein (GER) 450.45
  8. Alexandre Despatie (CAN) 446.40
  9. Chris Colwill (USA) 444.55
  10. Michele Benedetti (ITA) 435.00
  11. Reuben Ross (CAN) 434.50
  12. Sho Sakai (JPN) 431.65
  13. Ken Terauchi (JPN) 430.05
  14. Chris Mears (GBR) 429.35
  15. Yahel Castillo (MEX) 423.65
  16. Matthieu Rosset (FRA) 423.25
  17. Stephan Feck (GER) 421.90
  18. Cesar Castro (BRA) 416.95

17:47: And Chris may well join him. He scores a blindin' 81.60 for his final dive - an inward 3.5 somersault in tuck (407C) - to finish on 429.35. Should be enough.

If it is, that's two GB places at London 2012 in the men's 3m confirmed.

17:40: Jack's through. He scores 76.5 for his last dive - a forward 2.5 somersaults, 2 twists in pike (5154B) - to take his tally to 458.05 and lead after 30 dives.

17:37: Illya Zakharov just nailed a front 4.5 to take the lead in this final round. Sascha Klein, Alex Despatie and Chris Colwill just behind.

17:23: Okay, we're into the final round. Not sure my nerves can take it. Jack is fifth, Chris is joint 17th. Top 18 go through to tomorrow's semi-final.

Internationally, Qin Kai still leads from He Chong and Ethan Warren.

17:08: YES! Chris Mears definitely in the mix for a semi final spot at this rate. He nails his 3.5 somersaults in pike (107B) for 71.30 and he's equal 13th after 44 of R5.

17:01: YES! Jack Laugher back in front again after his penultimate dive. He scores 74.4 for his forward 3.5 somersaults in tuck position (307C) and leads the way on 381.55 after 33 dives. NICE.

16:38: Qin Kai leads after four rounds on 338.65. He Chong just behind him on 329.55 then it's Illya Kvasha (322.70), Ethan Warren (318.20) and Jack Laugher in fifth on 307.15.

Chris Mears has moved right up to the fringes of qualification in 20th on 276.45.

16:28: Again an improvement from Chris Mears - that was 76.50 for his forward 2.5 somersaults, 2 twists in pike (5154B) to move him on to 276.45 overall.

Climbing the leaderboard gradually... Not entirely sure what position he is but he was 14th after 41 divers. Jack is still third.

16:19: What a dive from Jack Laugher - he's turning on the style here with a 91.00 for his reverse 3.5 somersaults in tuck position (307C) to move to FIRST in the rankings after 30 divers through R4.

16:11: Usual suspects at the top in the early stages of R4 - Sascha Klein on 304.65, USA's Chris Colwill on 303.15 and Yahel Castillo on 290.00.

Of those three, Klein and Colwill are both looking to seal Olympic quota places for their respective nations.

15:54: Qin Kai still in control at the top of the leaderboard on 260.45 ahead of He Chong and Illya Kvasha.

Best guess is Jack is around 10th place and Chris is in the low 30s/high 20s at the half-way stage.

15:44: Chris Mears turns in his best dive of the competition so far. He scores 70.95 for his reverse 2.5 somersaults, 1.5 twists in pike (5353B).

That takes him to 199.95 overall at the half-way stage. More improvement and he may still make the top 18.

15:34: NICE from Jack Laugher again. He scores 72 for his back 2.5 somersaults in pike (205B) to move to 216.15 overall and fourth after 30 divers in R3.

Looks very comfortable in world class company again.

15:27: Sascha Klein proving most consistent at the moment - he leads early in R3 on 220.65.

15:15: China's Qin Kai back into the lead as R2 comes to a close. He's on 167.70. Jack Laugher is 12th and Chris Mears 34th with four dives remaining.

15:06: China's He Chong soars into the lead in this second round with his second effort - he's on 158.70. Meanwhile Ukraine's Dmytro Mezenskii is into third - he's on 147.5.

15:03: Chris scores 61.50 for his second dive which was a reverse 2.5 somersaults piked - he's now on 129.00 and placed in the mid-20s.

15:00: There's Jack again - another good dive from him. He scores 67.65 for his reverse 2.5 somersaults, 1.5 twists in pike (5353B) and he's on 144.15.

It's a nightmare working this out but I THINK he's seventh after 39 divers through R2.

14:52: Castillo looking good after his second dive as well - he's now on 158.10 ahead of Germany's Sascha Klein (148.65) and Canada's Alex Despatie (147.90) approaching half way through this second round of dives.

14:39: China's Qin Kai leading after first round of dives with his effort of 81.00. Mexico's Yahel Castillo is right behind in second and Ukraine's Illya Kvasha in third. Then it's GB's very own Jack Laugher in fourth.

14:35: We're nearly at the end of the first round of dives here.... Here's a picture of Jack Laugher preparing to dive to keep you entertained:

14:26: Good start for Chris Mears! He scores 67.5 for his back 2.5 somersaults in pike (205B) and he drops in around 15th with 18 divers left.

14:20: Jack Laugher kicks off his campaign brilliantly - lovely inward 2.5 somersaults in pike position (405B) for 76.5 points and he's straight into second place after 30 divers' first efforts.

Mexico's Yahel Castillo leads with 79.9.

14:10: This will be Chris' second consecutive day of competition here in London - see an interview with him and read the report on yesterday's action HERE.

14:07 Laugher qualified an Olympic quota place for GB with his performance to finish eighth at last year's World Championships in Shanghai.

Mears finished 30th in the Shanghai prelims but a top-18 place (and subsequent semi final qualification) would ensure GB have a second quota spot for London 2012 in this event.

14:00: The men's 3m prelims are under way. There's 59 competitors so we're in it for the long haul here. Maybe around four hours.

Jack Laugher goes 30th, Chris Mears goes 41st.

11:45: Men's 3m preliminaries start at 14:00 so see you then! We've got Chris Mears and Jack Laugher going for GB.

11:30: That's a wrap then for the women's semi-final. Monique Gladding progresses in 10th for GB. Stacie misses out after finishing 15th but dived beautifully until that last dropped dive. Here's the full results:

1. Chen Ruolin (CHI) 373.30
2. Hu Yadan (CHI) 338.85
3. Noemi Batki (ITA) 320.75
4. Carolina Mendoza (MEX) 319.95
5. Roseline Filion (CAN) 317.00
6. Christin Steuer (GER) 315.25
7. Yuliya Koltunova (RUS) 314.75
8. Tatiana Ortiz (MEX) 314.35
9. Maria Kurjo (GER) 308.80
10. Monique Gladding (GBR) 306.95
11. Mai Nakagawa (JPN) 305.15
12. Un Hyang Kim (PRK) 303.15

13. Meaghan Benfeito (CAN) 301.20
14. Loudy Wiggins (AUS) 295.00
15. Stacie Powell (GBR) 291.50
16. Pandelela Rinong Pamg (MAS) 288.55
17. Haley Ishimatsu (USA) 287.30
18. Traisy Vivien Tukiet (MAS) 280.55

11:20: Monique finishes nicely. 63.00 for her forward 3.5 somersaults in pike position (107B) to finish with 306.95. She's safely through to tonight's final with that effort.

11:15: Stacie drops her final dive there - scores 22.40 for her inward 3.5 somersaults in tuck position (407C) to leave her on 291.50. Going to be a nervous wait to see if she's top 12.

11:08: Not quite top 10 - Monique drops to 11th on 243.95. Chen (294.90) still leads from European champion Noemi Batki (277.55) and GB's Stacie Powell (269.10) in second and third.

11:05: Monique may drop a couple of places after scoring 56.55 for her back 2.5 somersaults in pike position (205B) but should still be just about top 10.

10:59: Yes! Stacie will be fine with dives like that. She scores eights from the judges for her forward 3.5 somersaults in pike position (107B) to receive 72 and move on to 269.10. Should be top five after that.

10:54: Chen still leading with two dives remaining. Russia's Yuliya Koltunova up into second ahead of Italy's Noemi Batki in third. Stacie Powell fifth and Monique Gladding eighth.

So far so good for the British women.

10:47: Further improvement from Monique and now she's looking good as well - she scores 67.20 for her armstand back double somersaults, 1.5 twists in free position (6243D) and she's up to sixth with five divers remaining. Should be in top 10 now.

10:43: Hu Yadan much better with her third dive - the defending champion climbing up the leaderboard after a shaky start. Stacie still in third after 12 dives though in this third round.

10:39: Stacie picks it up with her third dive - she scores 62.70 for her back 3.5 somersaults in tuck position (207C). Should still be in top 10 after that and looking good for a final place - just needs to keep her head for these last two dives.

10:33: So world champ Chen Ruolin takes control of the contest on 148.80. North Korea's Un Hyang Kim is currently second on 135.00 and Japan's Mai Nakagawa third on 134.60.

Stacie well in it though. She's fourth on 134.40 and Monique stayed 13th with her second dive.

10:30: Nice improvement from Monique - she scores 65.60 for her back 2.5 somersaults, 1.5 twists to move on to 120.20 overall. Might have sneaked up a couple of places with that effort.

10:26: Stacie still third with only six divers left to complete their second dives.

10:22: Not quite as tight on her second dive, Stacie scores 60.80 for her armstand back double somersault, 1.5 twists in free position (6243D) and drops initially to second. Should still be in amongst the leaders though.

10:15: Even China's world champion Chen Ruolin can't topple Stacie from the leaderboard - she's on top after the first round of dives with Chen second and Russia's Koltunova third. Monique is 13th.

10:13: Monique starts a touch slower than her British teammate - she scores 54.60 for her inward 2.5 somersaults in pike position (405B). She improved with every dive in yesterday's prelims though so there's a long way to go.

10:05: Good start for Stacie! She's the early leader after scoring 73.60 for her back 2.5 somersaults, 1.5 twists in pike position (5253B).

09:56: Stacie knows what it takes to reach the World Cup final in this event - she finished ninth in 2008. Monique has also had her fair share of experience from the individual platform - she's a European and Commonwealth finalist.

09:54: Stacie will go fifth and Monique 13th in each round of dives, of which there will be five.

09:47: We've got Monique Gladding and Stacie Powell competing for Great Britain after they qualified in sixth and 14th respectively. Elsewhere, there's China's world champion Chen Ruolin who qualified in first ahead of Russia's Yulia Koltunova and Germany's Christin Steuer.

Also, there's China's defending champion Hu Yadan who wasn't her best in yesterday's prelims but will be a favourite to progress to tonight's final.

Top 12 from the 18 will go through.

09:45: Warm up has finished this morning and the first event will start in 15 minutes. It's the women's 10m Platform semi finals.

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