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Live updates from Day Two of the 2012 Olympic Diving Trials

Keep up to date with all the action from Day Two at Ponds Forge as this summer’s British team takes shape at the British Gas Diving Championships.

  • CLICK HERE for a full news report with video interviews from the second day in Sheffield

Action Updates  

18:45: Here's a very happy Stacie after being given her medal:

18:23: The results for this exciting event are as follows: 

1. Stacie Powell - 376.05
2. Tonia Couch - 361.30
3. Monique Gladding - 359.30
4. Sarah Barrow - 322.85
5. Brooke Graddon - 322.30
6. Megan Sylvester - 275.05
7. Jenny Cowen - 268.00
8. Louise Doodson - 260.15

18:22: I have just been informed that Stacie's winning score is also a British Record. 

18:21: Consistent throughout, Stacie Powell ends on the 5253B (back 2.5 somersaults 1.5 twists) to gain the gold medal. Her final total is 376.05 - she is followed by Tonia Couch in second (361.30) and Monique Gladding in third (359.30). 

18:19: Sarah Barrow's final effort in the 5253B (back 2.5 somersaults 1.5 twists) gives her a 9 from the judges and an end score of 322.85. 

18:18: Tonia Couch is boosted up to first position after obtaining 2 9s from the judges and a 361.30 total. This final is incredibly intense, and still could go any which way! 

18:15: Gladding finishes with a 107B (forward 3.5 somersaults), to give herself a final total of 359.30 - that's the score to beat. 

18:13: Stacie Powell comes back on fighting form, closing this penultimate round with a lovely 5253B (back 2.5 somersaults 1.5 twists) and launching herself back to the top of the leader board. She moves her total up to 304. 05. 

18:11: Tonia Couch shows she won't be defeated, as she increases her total to 291.10 - only 0.7 points behind Gladding - after her 6243D (armstand back double somersault 1.5 twists). 

18:09: Gladding is proving herself to be a real contender for that gold medal position, and London, boosting her tally up to 291.80 points after the 205B (back 2.5 somersaults). 

18:07: Powell has dived consistently well so far, and the 107B (forward 3.5 somersaults) is no exception; she gains a total of 217.65. Gladding is now the current leader (222.20), with Powell second and Couch in third. 

18:04: Tonia Couch performs well on her 107B (forward 3.5 somersaults) to obtain a total of 214.30, however she doesn't quite knock Gladding off the top spot. 

18:02: Gladding completes an impressive 6243D (armstand back double somersault 1.5 twists), to bring her tally up to 222.20 points. 

18:00: With a 207C (back 3.5 somersaults), Stacie Powell retains her spot at the top but only by half a point. At the end of this second round, Powell is in first with 141.15 points, Couch is in second ith 140.80, and Gladding follows very closely on her toes with 140.60 points. 

17:57: Jenny Cowen performs handsomely to garner a 9 from the judges. She moves up the results table with 126.40 points fro her 407C (inward 3.5 somersaults). 

17:56: After a slightly shaky start, Megan Sylvester rectifies her performance on the 107B (forward 3.5 somersaults), to earn a total of 89.05. 

17:54: The crowd erupts as Monique Gladding performs her second dive of the event - the 205B (back 2.5 somersaults). She holds her own with 140.60 points. 

17:53: With her 6243D (armstand back double somersault 1.5 twist) Stacie Powell takes the lead, having obtained 76.80 points in this first round. 

17:51: Sarah Barrow follows suit, earning another 72.00 points for her 407C (inward 3.5 somersaults).

17:48: Very solid start from Tonia Couch who moves straight up to first position after her 5253B (back 2.5 somersaults 1.5 twists), having earned herself 72.00. 

17:47: Monique Gladding up next. She gets nothing short of 8s and 8.5s from the judges, to earn herself 68.60 points for her 405B (inward 2.5 somersaults).

17:46: And they're off! Louise Doodson opens the 10m platform with 305C (reverse 2.5 somersaults) and earns 62.10 points. 

17:43: We're about to begin the final for the women's 10m platform, arguably the most open event of the competition. The medal positions could go to any one of these divers. 

17:08: The results of the final are as follows: 

1. Jack Laugher - 469.90
2. Oliver Dingley - 429.20
3. Chris Mears - 428.05
(Guest). Yorick de Bruijn - 415.40
4. Charles Calvert - 397.50
5. Matthew Roberts - 377.30
6. Josh Dowd - 374.10
7. Daniel Goodfellow - 362.70
8. Ashley Hendrick - 342.45

Well done boys! 

17:06: And Laugher takes the gold! Ending on his 5154B (forward 2.5 somersaults 2 twists), he earns a total of 469.60 points. 

17:04: Chris Mears doesn't quite make it a silver, and finishes 1 point behind Oliver Dingley to take the bronze medal. Dingley completes this event with the 307C (reverse 3.5 somersaults), while Mears closes on a 109C (forward 4.5 somersaults). 

17:03: And then there were two... 

17:01: Oliver Dingley carries out the 307C (reverse 3.5 somersaults) to finish with a highly respectacle 429.20 points in total. Let's see where that places him after his competitors complete the round - he is still at the top of the leaderboard, yet Mears, Laugher, Calvert and Dowd are still to dive. 

16:58: In this penultimate round, Laugher remains ahead of the field, tallying 393.10 points.

16:55: Oliver Dingley is putting on a great show. He now has a total score of 353.93, after a nice 5353B (reverse 2.5 som 1.5 twist). He has bumped himself up several places from the preliminary round, in which he finished 6th and now is in contention for a medal position. 

16:54: We are now onto the fifth round out of 6. It's looking exciting! 

16:52: At the end of this fourth round, Laugher leads with 314.35 points, Mears in second with 300.75 points. 

16:50: Behind leaders Laugher and Mears, Oliver Dingley (289.60) and Matthew Roberts (271.70) look very strong in the competition for the bronze medal. They are followed by Bruijn (265.40) and Calvert (262.90). 

16:45: Jack Laugher impresses the judges with his 307C (reverse 3.5 somersaults), and he earns himself scores of up to 9.5. At the top of the leaderboard, his total score is 246.15 afterAthis third round.

16:44: Josh Dowd keeps himself well in the game, earning a total of 191.20 points with a lovely 5152B (forward 2.5 somersaults 1 twist).

16:42: Oliver Dingley impresses with his 109C (forward 4.5 somersaults) which has a high difficulty rate of 3.8. He obtains a score of 229.60. 

16:38: At the close of the second round, Laugher has jumped to the top of the results table after his 5353B (Reverse 2.5 somersaults 1.5 twists), to give him a tally of 151.65. He is followed by Mears (151.50).

16:34: Mears remains at the top of the results table for his 205B (back 2.5 somersaults). Laugher earns 67.50 points for the 405B (inward 2.5 somersaults). 

16:33: Chris Mears hurtles to the top of the leaderboard with 75.00. Jack Laugher is yet to perform his dive. 

16:31: The standard is already very high this evening! Showing off his 5152B (forward 2.5 somersaults 1 twist) Daniel Goodfellow earns 72.00 points, with which Charles Calvert ties (performing his 405B inward 2.5 somersaults). 

16:12: The detailed result for the men’s 3m reveals that Jack Laugher’s best award of 9.07 was the highest within that event and of the day, while his average award of 8.01 was sufficiently higher than his competitor’s. Let’s see if he can be challenged this evening! Daniel Goodfellow’s best award of 8.29 follows closely behind Laugher’s.
The breakdown of scores for the women shows just how close they are. Just to remind you, the top 4 final scores after the preliminaries are as follows:

Stacie Powell – 355.40
Sarah Barrow – 345.35
Jenny Cowen – 343.85
Tonia Couch – 341.15

16:08: The athletes will perform in reverse order based on their results from this morning. For example, in the men’s event, Ashley Hendrick will be the first to compete (finishing 8th after the preliminary rounds), while Jack Laugher performs last as he qualified into the final with the most points.

16:06 We’re back after a nice long lunch break, ready to support the athletes as they compete in the finals. First up will be the men’s 3m, followed by the women’s 10m platform. 

13.27: We will see the top 8 women back tonight for the final. 

13:25: The results for the women's 10m platform preliminaries are as follows:

1. Stacie Powell (355.40)
2. Sarah Barrow (345.35)
3. Jenny Cowen (343.85)
4. Tonia Couch (341.15)
5. Megan Sylvester (316.35)
6. Brooke Graddon (302.10)
7. Monique Gladding (299.05)
8. Louise Doodson (247.45)
9. Georgia Ward (238.15)

13:24: Completing her 614B (armstand double somersault) Megan Sylvester closes the preliminaries in 5th position with 316.35 points. 

13:22: Sarah Barrow and Jenny Cowen finish just behind Stacie Powell, with 345.35 and 343.85 points respectively. The last diver is Megan Sylvester, let's see if she changes the leader board scores. 

13:21: Tonia Couch is back in the game with several 9s earnt for her 305C (reverse 2.5 somersaults). She finishes on 341.15. 

13:18: Stacie Powell up next to see if she can topple Jenny off the top spot. She completes a 5253B (back 2.5 somersaults 1.5 twists) and earns 8s to 8.5s across the board. Her final total is 355.40. 

13:14: Sarah Barrow doesn't quite do enough to maintain the top spot in her 305C (reverse 2.5 somersaults) and Jenny Cowen takes over the gold medal position. Jenny lays in the top spot with 279.85, with Stacie Powell boosting herself up to second (278.60) and Megan Sylvester remaining in third (270.75). 

13:13: Brooke Graddon completes her 5253B (back 2.5 somersaults 1.5 twists) in this penultimate round, to earn a total of 240.00. 

13:10: The top 3 results so far are as follows:

Sarah Barrow - 223.00
Jenny Cowen - 213.15
Megan Sylvester - 213.15

13:09: Megan Sylvester doesn't quite manage to maintain her position at the top: after carrying out a 407C (inward 3.5 somersaults) to earn 213.15 points in total she closes this round in third position. 

13:07: Nudging herself higher up the results table, Sarah Barrow completes 6243D (armstand back double somersault 1.5 twists) to earn 223.00 points. 

13:06: Jenny Cowen earns herself a huge cheer and a total of 213.15 after an impressive 305C (reverse 2.5 somersaults) in this third round. 

12:58: Jenny Cowen sails right up the leader board after her 407C (inward 3.5 somersaults), to earn herself 7.5-8.5s and a total of 144.30. Sarah Barrow remains only slightly ahead with 144.60. With a stunning 107B (forward 3.5 somersaults) Megan Sylvester takes the lead by just over a point after this second round (145.95).

12:55: As the second round gets underway, crowd favourite Monique Gladding carries out a 5253B (back 2.5 somersaults 1.5 twists) to earn a tally of 109.00.

12:53: After her first dive, the 407C (inward 3.5 somersaults), Sarah Barrow launches herself straight into first position amidst humongous cheers from the crowd. She earns herself 81.60. At the moment, Megan Sylvester follows in second with 73.95, while Couch lays in third with 70.40. 

12:46: This event is very open, however a lot of eyes will be on Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow, European gold medalists for the 10m synchro. They were unrivalled yesterday in that event and earned themselves a highly respectable 327.18 points. 

12:42: The women for the 10m platform preliminary are coming onto poolside. The start list for this event is as follows:

Georgia Ward (Crystal Palace DC)
Louise Doodson (City of Leeds DC)
Stacie Powell (Southampton DA)
Monique Gladding (City of Sheffield DC)
Tonia Couch (Plymouth Diving)
Brooke Graddon (Plymouth Diving)
Jenny Cowen (City of Leeds DC)
Sarah Barrow (City of Leeds DC)
Megan Sylvester (City of Sheffield DC)

11:53: So after 6 rounds, the top 8 looks as follows:

1. Jack Laugher - 480.80
2. Chris Mears - 433.85
3. Josh Dowd - 385.90
4. Charles Calvert - 383.25
(Guest) Yorick de Bruijn - 379.70
5. Oliver Dingley - 371.10
6. Daniel Goodfellow - 364.90
7. Matthew Roberts - 359.25
(Guest) Yona Knight-Wisdom - 354.30
8. Ashley Hendrick - 342.14

11:52: Yorick de Bruijn closes the preliminaries with 5154B (forward 2.5 somersaults 2 twists), to earn himself a total of 379.70 points and finish just within the top 5. 

11:50: Leader Laugher boosts himself to 480.80 points with his final dive - 5154B (forward 2.5 somersaults 2 twists). He closes this round, and the preliminaries in a very clear first position. 

11:49: Impressive dive from Charles Calvert and he completes this event with 383.25 points. 

11:46: Chris Mears finishes on 433.85 placing him first on the leader board - but Laugher is still yet to dive. 

11:43: The bid for the bronze appears to be constantly changing. Dowd pushes himself back into the running with his 205B (back 2.5 somersaults) to give him 318.40 and 3rd position on the results table. Yorick de Bruijn and youngster Daniel Goodfellow refuse to let the medals escape entirely out of sight as they close this fifth round in 4th and 5th respectively behind Laugher, Mears and Dowd. 

11:39: As the divers make their way through this penultimate round, Charles Calvert moves himself into a medal position, ahead of Matthew Roberts with 305.05. Laugher still leads the way with an impressive 394.10 points, with Mears in the silver medal position with 359.75.

11:35: Josh Dowd chases the medal positions, finding himself in 4th after 4 rounds. He has a current total of 259.90, close behind Matthew Roberts, who has a tally of 261.00. 

11:34: After a very solid 205B (back 2.5 somersaults) from Charles Calvert, he boosts himself into a top 5 position, with 254.05 points. 

11:28: We are now at the halfway point of this event after 3 rounds. The top 5 scores are as follows (8 men will go through the final):

Jack Laugher - 252.60
Chris Mears - 215.25
Matthew Roberts - 204.00
Oliver Dingley - 200.00
Josh Dowd - 197.00

11:25: Jack Laugher and Chris Mears are moving apart from the rest of the field now, laying in first and second respectively. Having just performed the 307C (reverse 3.5 somersaults) he earns himself a total of 252.60, while Mears follows with 215.25 points. 

11:24: Round 3 is well underway. Both Matthew Roberts and Oliver Dingley have carried out the hardest dives of this event (3.4 and 3.8 difficulty respectively). Roberts has a tally of 204.00, while Dingley's score totals 200.00. 

11:16: Fantastic 5353B (reverse 2.5 som 1.5 twists) from Jack Laugher, and he is rewarded with 9 points from each judge. He is bumped to the top of the results table with 158.10 points.

11:14: Oliver Dingley lies 0.1 points ahead of Chris Mears, the former with a tally of 141.10, the latter with 141.00. 

11:11: And we go straight onto round 2. Matthew Roberts up again this time with 405B (Inward 2.5 somersaults).  

11:10: In the lead after one round is Oliver Dingley with a respectable 74.80 points for his 5152B (Inward 3.5 somersaults). 

11:08: Jack Laugher also produces an encouraging dive, completing 405B (Inward 2.5 somersaults) with a score of 69. 

11.04: Solid start for Chris Mears. He scores 69 on 205B (Back 2.5 Somersaults). 

11:03: First up in Matthew Roberts with 5152B (Forward 2.5 Somersaults 1 Twist). He scores 67.5. 

10:57: The referees are coming onto poolside, followed by the divers. Here is the start list for the men's 3m.

Matthew Roberts (City of Leeds DC)
Chris Mears (Southampton DA)
Frederick Woodward (City of Sheffield DC)
Oliver Dingley (City of Leeds DC)
David Cowen (City of Leeds DC)
Ashley Hendrick (Plymouth Diving)
Sean Larner (Leeds City College Aquatics)
Jake Gardiner (Southend on Sea Diving)
Charles Calvert (City of Leeds DC)
Jack Laugher (City of Leeds DC)
Josh Dowd (Leeds City College Aquatics)
Daniel Goodfellow (Cambridge Diving Team)
Yona Knight-Wisdom (City of Leeds DC)
Yorik de Bruijn (De Dolphijn)

10:29: The divers are getting nicely warmed up and ready to flaunt their stuff. Chris Mears of Southampton DA will be one to watch in the men's 3m; after winning the men's 3m synchro accompanied by Nick Robinson-Baker yesterday he will be a real contender for the gold medal position. World and Junior Championship 2010 gold medalist in 1m and 3m springboard Jack Laugher (City of Leeds DC) will also be putting on a great show, with an aim to book his place in London.  

08:27: The first session starts at 11:00 this morning with the preliminaries of the men's 3m then the women's 10m, the top eight from each event progressing to this afternoon's finals.

08:25: Good morning and welcome to live coverage from the second day of the 2012 British Gas Diving Championships at Ponds Forge, Sheffield.

Did you catch all of the action yesterday?

Sarah Barrow and Tonia Couch set a British record in the 10m Synchro then, not to be out-done, Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield did the same in the men's event!


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