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A playful route to serious diving

The emphasis may be on play but Flip n Fun, the ASA’s way to introduce diving, has a serious side also. Guiding the young swimmer through developing a range of skills, it is the perfect foundation for constructing Olympic hopefuls. Read on to learn more.

Have you watched Tom Daley’s face as he prepares for a competitive dive? Serious concentration is what you see. In fact, he looks so serious it is easy to get the impression that learning to dive must be all work and very little play. Not so!

Targeted at children between the ages of five and 11, Flip n Fun is a programme of athlete development with the stress firmly on fun and offers children and young people the chance to experience something new and challenging.

Flip n Fun has been designed to provide the first layer of the Athlete Pathway in Diving and is also part of the National Plan for Teaching Swimming. Flip n Fun is the first level on a five-stage approach, which has been developed with the help of leading people in British diving.

It starts on dry land, using crash mats and trampolines to develop confidence, before entering the water. The programme encourages agility, co-ordination and balance, and uses children’s positive energy to increase their awareness once in the water.

Guiding and developing children’s confidence and ability to try new skills in a safe and rewarding environment, Flip n Fun is a progressive and entertaining start to a young person’s first sessions in the sport.

 “Flip n Fun is a great way to teach youngsters the basics of Diving. Because learning to Dive involves jumping, tumbling and splashing, it’s an activity kids will really love and it’s something totally different to school sports they usually do.”

Olympic Silver Medallist - Leon Taylor

Look out for Harry and Sally who will take you through the different steps of Flip n Fun. The Introducing Diving FUNdamentals document also explains how to organize your own Flip n Fun festival if you are a pool operator.

To ease young people into the world of competitive diving, the ASA also holds the British Gas National Age Group Diving Championships each year for those athletes already training in a club environment.

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