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Follow the final day of the Olympic Diving Trials

Can’t see Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield dive for their London 2012 Olympic Games spots? Don’t worry, you can watch the final day of the British Gas Diving Championships on June 10 through our dedicated diving event live stream.

  • CLICK HERE for a full news report with video interviews from the third day in Sheffield

Welcome to British Gas Diving Championships Live Streaming

The live stream for the final day of the British Gas Diving Championships has now closed. Thank you for your support.

Action Updates

17:00: So Tom Daley continues his excellent form to take the 2012 British Gas Diving Championships title. Here are the full results:

  1. Tom Daley 547.60
  2. Peter Waterfield 452.80
  3. James Denny 390.20
  4. Daniel Goodfellow 358.65
  5. Ross Haslam 357.45
  6. Charlie Wood 317.15

16:56: Pete nearly always finishes strongly and he's up to 362.80 after receiving 9s for his 307C (Reverse 3.5 Somersaults).

Tom slips (slightly) with his fifth dive - the 207B (Back 3.5 Somersaults) - he scores 7s and is on 458.50 with one dive to go.

16:54: Wow - Tom awarded a 10 from one judge for his 109C (Forward 4.5 Somersaults). That's his hardest dive at 3.7 difficulty and he earns a whopping 101.75 for it.

He's on to 377.50 after four dives - could be a really special score here.

Pete Waterfield is into silver medal position on 272.05 and James Denny is 252.00 in third.

16:45: Absolute masterclass from Daley - 9.5s for his 626B (armstand back triple somersaults) and he's on to 275.75 overall.

James Denny (209.10) and Peter Waterfield (206.05) trail in second and third.

16:40: More 9s for Tom Daley - he's 176.00 after his first two dives. James Denny second on 138.80 and Pete Waterfield third on 126.50.

16:38: The first round is up and Tom Daley leads on 86.40 from James Denny on 70.40. Pete Waterfield lost some early ground and he's on 56.10 in fifth.

16:34: Don't know about you but I'm ready for some MEN'S 10m action. Woooo. Tom Daley very close (3 points) to his PB in the prelims. Can he top it with a world class performance to close the show tonight?

16:33: Just been told that was a British record and the first time three women have beat 300 in the 3m Springboard at a British Championship. British Diving in rude health right now.

16:00: So Rebecca Gallantree claims her fourth consecutive 3m Springboard title at the British Championships:

  1. Rebecca Gallantree 326.05
  2. Alicia Blagg 313.45
  3. Hannah Starling 301.30
  4. Grace Reid 291.40
  5. Jodie McGroarty 282.80
  6. Inge Jansen 275.60 (GUEST)
  7. Georgia Davenport 251.05
  8. Chloe Hurd 234.45
  9. Clare Cryan 231.40

15:57: 7s for Gallantree - she's got gold in the bag  as she finishes with 326.05.

15:56: Hannah is back in to the top three - she's on 235.30 after her four dives. Becky (263.05) leads from Alicia (244.45) with just one dive each remaining.

15:50: Becky Gallantree storming clear - looking like she's going to collect a fourth consecutive 3m Springboard gold at British Championship level here - she's 263.05 with one dive to go.

15:48: 7s for Hannah Starling and she's up to fifth after three dives - she's on 169.30.

Becky (198.55) leads from Alicia (184.45) - they're still the two to beat.

15:46: Becky's showing no signs of slowing down here - she's on 198.55 after three dives and should be comfortably in the 300s for this competition.

15:43: Ah - that's a shame for Hannah Starling - she drops her second dive (107B - Forward 3.5 Somersaults) for 4s and drops right down the leaderboard - she's on 107.80 in sixth after two rounds.

Becky leads with Alicia in second. THREE dives to go.

15:42: Alicia Blagg has started well - she's on 122.83 after her first two.

15:39: 7s for Becky's second dive - a 305B (Reverse 2.5 Somersaults) takes her to 135.00 after two efforts.

15:37: Hannah starts with a solid 67.50 for her first effort - 405 (Inward 2.5 Somersaults).

15:35: Anything over 320 is a competitive international score in this women's 3m and Becky Gallantree is certainly capable of that.

She has the joint hardest list in terms of difficult - tied with Hannah Starling.

15:33: Gallantree starts well, scoring 8s for a 72 for her 5152B (Forward 2.5 Som, 1 Twist).

15:30: It's time for the final session in Sheffield - we kick off the women's 3m Springboard final. Nine in this final as guest entry Inge Jansen also finished in the top eight.

City of Leeds' Hannah Starling qualified with 318.60 and will be diving last. Alicia Blagg was second in the qualifiers while defending champion Rebecca Gallantree was fifth in the prelims.

12:45: That's it for now - join us again at 15:30 for the finals in both events. Promises to be a fantastic final session.

12:43: And the results for the men's 10m platform are as follows:

  1. Thomas Daley - 562.10
  2. Peter Waterfield - 445.70
  3. James Denny - 370.75
  4. Daniel Goodfellow - 352.15
  5. Ross Haslam - 348.96
  6. Charlie Wood - 326.55

All of these men will come back for tonight's final. 

12:42: Waterfield ends the round with Daley just a tad out of reach. He scores a total of 445.70 and finishes the preliminary round in 2nd position. 

12:40: Rookie Ross Haslam finishes with a lovely armstand back double somersault 1.5 twists and a final tally of 348.95. 

12:40: Daley finishes with yet another impressive dive, which earns him a collection of 10s and a final score of 562.10. 

12:39: James Denny finishes just ahead of Goodfellow with a score of 370.75 for his reverse 3.5 somersaults. 

12:38: Daniel Goodfellow completes his participation in this event with back 3.5 somersaults, to give him a final score of 352.15. 

12:37: One more round to go - Daley in first (4664.75), Waterfield in second (391.70) and Denny in third (322.90). 

12:36: Peter Waterfield completes reverse 3.5 somersaults to lay a touch behind Daley with 391.70 points. 

12:35: Daley follows Waterfield gaining a 10 from the judge for his back 3.5 somersaults. He soars in front with 464.75 points. 

12:34: James Denny impresses with back 2.5 somersaults 1.5 twists to earn a score of 322.90. 

12:33: Waterfield (302.60) and Denny (241.30) lay in 2nd and 3rd positions behind Daley after R4. 2 more rounds to go. 

12:32: Peter Waterfield gains the first 10 of the day for his reverse 3.5 somersaults and boosts his score to 302.60. 

12:31: Daley soars over 100 points ahead of his competitors wit ih back 3.5 somersaults. He remains in first position with 362.15 points. 

12:29: Opening R3 Daniel Goodfellow earns himself 9s and 9.5s from the judges and a roar from the crowd after impressing with reverse 2.5 somersaults. He now has a score of 222.10. 

12:27: Peter Waterfield retains his silver medal position with forward 4.5 somersaults and a score of 211.85. 

12:25: Tom Daley pleases again, obtaining several 9s from the judges and a total score of 264.10 to push him further ahead of the competition. 

12:24: Charlie Wood closes R2 with back 2.5 somersaults 1.5 twists and a score of 111.80. 

12:22: Ross Haslam clearly has the crowd on his side, as they cheer his inward 2.5 somersaults which leave him with a score of 109.00.

12:21: Tom Daley steps up to perform inward 3.5 somersaults, and in the process tops up his leading score to 176.60. 

12:19: A very solid start from the men. At the end of R1 the scores are as follows:

  1. Thomas Daley - 91.80
  2. James Denny - 80.00
  3. Peter Waterfield - 61.05
  4. Charlie Wood - 57.40
  5. Daniel Goodfellow - 54.60
  6. Ross Haslam - 43.20

All of these men will go through to tonight's final. 

12:17: Tom Daley follows with a near-perfect back 2.5 somersaults 2.5 twists, which shoots him to the top of the leadboard. He has a current total of 91.80. 

12:17: What a crowd pleaser from James Denny! He completes inward 3.5 somersaults to earn 8s and 8.5s across the board. He gains a total of 80.00 and sets the standard high. 

12:15: Up first in the men's 10m platform is Daniel Goodfellow. He opens with inward 2.5 somersaults to earn himself 54.60 points. 

11:25: It's the top eight Brits into the final so Clare Cryan makes it - Inge Jansen will also compete tonight.

11:23: At the end of that event, the results are as follows:

  1. Hannah Starling - 318.60
  2. Alicia Blagg - 302.30
  3. Jodie McGroarty - 292.95
  4. Grace Reid - 276.55
  5. Rebecca Gallantree - 274.70
  6. Chloe Hurd - 266.00
  7. Georgia Davenport - 254.05
  8. Inge Jansen  - 251.90 (GUEST ENTRY)
  9. Clare Cryan - 250.80
  10. Georgia Ward - 241.45
  11. Amber Sheppard - 237.10
  12. Katherine Torrance - 227.10
  13. Emily Moses - 196.90
  14. Jessica Riley - 182.85
  15. Rhea Gayle - 107.70

11:20: Gallantree gains 7s and 1 7.5 from the judges for her back 2.5 somersaults to place her fifth at the close of this preliminary round, behind Starling, Blagg, McGroarty and Reid. Hurd follows a touch behind with 266.00. 

11:18: Blagg completes her dives with a forward 2.5 somersaults 1 twists which bumps her total up to 302.30. 

11:17: Jodie McGroarty's final dive of reverse 2.5 somersaults places her just behind Starlign with 292.95 points. We have Blagg up next. 

11:16: Current leader Hannah Starling ends this event on a pleasing forward 2.5 somersaults 1 twist, to earn a final total of 318.60. Let's see if she has done enough to stay at the top. 

11:15: And we have one round to go... 

11:13: At the end of R4, the current standings are as folows: Starling in first (252.60), Blagg in second (237.80), and McGroarty in third (231.35). 

11:11: Galantree drops just outside of the top 5 on the leaderboard, with her total of 211.70 just behind Reid (220.55) in fourth and Hurd (213.50) in 5th. 

11:10: We have another failed dive from Jessica Riley. She will score no points in R4. 

11:08: Rhea Gayle has unfortunately withdrawn from the competition. We continue with Alicia Blagg. She pleases the crowd and the judges with her back 2.5 somersaults, to provide her with a total of 237.80.

11:02: At the end of R3, the results table remains fairly unchanged. Starling lays in first with 189.60, Blagg is in second with 179.30, Gallantree in third with 175.70. McGroarty (173.95) and Reid (161.75) follow in 4th and 5th. 

11:00: With forward 3.5 somersaults, Gallantree brings her score to 175.70. She now sits in third behind Starling and Blagg (179.30).

10:58: Rhea Gayle unfortunately does not complete her dive - a failed dive - and therefore does not score any points in R3. 

10:57: McGroarty pleases the crowd with forward 3.5 somersaults, and earns a current tally of 173.95. 

10:55: Current leader Starling tops up her score with reverse 2.5 somersaults, to give a total of 189.60. 

10:53: At the end of R2, Starling leads with 128.10, followed by Blagg (123.30) and Galantree (123.00). 

10:48: The points are creeping up steadily, Clare Cryan performs a tidy forward 2.5 somersaults 1 twist to push her up the leadboard to 4th, behind Starling, Blagg and McGroarty. 

10:45: Starling performs her forward 3.5 somersaults to earn a tally of 128.10. Reid follows with inward 2.5 somersaults and 106.65 points. 

10:44: So, after that first round, Blagg and Gallantree lay in first and second, followed by Starling (63.00), McGroarty (60.75) and Moses (59.40). 

10:42: Rebecca Gallantree steps up to the springboard amidst a cheering crowd. She performs with a lovely forward 2.5 somersaults 1 twist, for which she is awarded 64.50 points, just behind Blagg.

10:36: With inward 2.5 somersaults, Alicia Blagg shoots to the top of the scoreboard, with 64.80. A solid start from the other competitors too, with Hannah Starling currently in second with 63.00 points. 

10:33: So let's begin! The start list looks like this:

Chloe Hurd (Leeds City College Aquatics)
Hannah Starling (City of Leeds DC)
Amber Sheppard (Crystal Palace DC)
Grace Reid (Ediburgh DC)
Jode McGroarty (City of Sheffield DC)
Rhea Gayle (Crystal Palace DC)
Alicia Blagg (City of Leeds DC)
Clare Cryan (City of Sheffield DC)
Jessica Riley (Crystal Palace DC)
Rebecca Gallantree (City of Leeds DC)
Georgia Davenport (City of Sheffield DC)
Katherine Torrence (Crystal Palace DC)
Emily Moses (Crystal Palace DC)
Inge Jansen (PSV Schoonspringen)
Georgia Ward (Crystal Palace DC) 

10:29: We have just heard that competitor number 3, Francesca Del Celo, has pulled out of the women's 3m springboard. 

10:10: Competing in the women's 3m preliminary this morning we have both well-known names and young divers who are most certainly up-and-coming. We have of course, favourite in this event, Olympian Rebecca Gallantree of City of Leeds DC, reigning British Champion in this event since 2009. Also competing this morning is last year's silver medalist in this event, Alicia Blagg, who has appeared as part of Team GB at the World and European Championships and the Commonwealth Games. Grace Reid has stirred up quite a storm on the Junior International stage, taking silver in the 3m springboard at the European Junior Championships 2011. She placed 5th at last year's British Championships, but in 2010 she was the silver medal winner behind Gallantree. Last year's 3m springboard bronze medalist was Hannah Starling, competing today. The 16 year old (her 17th birthday is in 2 days!) just missed out on a final spot at the European Championships this year, however her international efforts show her to be a real contender for a medal position today. 

08:00: Welcome to the final day's action from Ponds Forge - we will be live streaming (see above) all day in Sheffield with the women's 3m Springboard and men's 10m Platform taking centre stage. The action starts at 10:30.

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