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Grace Reid

Welcome to Grace Reid’s profile page.

Personal Data

Date Of Birth: 9th May 1996

Born: Edinburgh

Team/Club: Edinburgh Diving Club

Coach: Jenny Leeming

International Competitions

Competition Event Year Score Medal/Position
European Championships 3m Synchro 2011 275.49 5th
  3m Springboard 2010 276.20 4th
Commonwealth Games 1m Springboard 2014 269.40 5th
  3m Springboard   297.50 9th
  3m Springboard 2010 303.15 6th
World Junior Championships 1m Springboard (Group A) 2012 386.20 9th
  3m Springboard (Group B) 2010 349.30 9th
  3m Synchro   257.31 8th
European Junior Championships 3m Synchro 2013 262.56 BRONZE
  1m Springboard (Group A) 2012 378.90 5th
  3m Springboard (Group A)   419.30 SILVER
  3m Synchro   278.13 GOLD
  1m Springboard (Group B) 2011 292.00 7th
  3m Springboard (Group B)   368.00 SILVER
  3m Synchro   261.63 SILVER
  1m Springboard (Group B) 2010 325.70 SILVER
  3m Synchro   271.95 BRONZE

Domestic Events

Competition Event Year Score Medal/Position
British Gas Diving Championships 1m Springboard 2014 250.60 4th
  3m Springboard   246.15 6th
  1m Springboard 2013 237.65 BRONZE
  3m Springboard   296.55 GOLD
  3m Springboard 2012 291.40 4th
  3m Synchro   276.03 SILVER
  1m Springboard 2011 226.95 6th
  3m Springboard   263.75 5th
  3m Synchro   251.22 BRONZE
  1m Springboard 2010 230.90 5th
  3m Springboard   273.75 SILVER
  3m Synchro   270.24 GOLD
  1m Springboard 2009 176.50 10th
  3m Springboard   222.85 6th
  3m Springboard 2008 182.35 10th
  10m Platform   214.20 10th
  3m Synchro   246.24 BRONZE
British Gas National Cup 1m Springboard 2014 254.60 SILVER
  3m Springboard   259.05 5th
  1m Springboard 2012 237.05 5th
  3m Springboard   269.20 BRONZE
  3m Synchro   282.21 SILVER
  1m Springboard 2011 225.90 5th
  3m Springboard   217.10 8th
  3m Synchro   276.33 SILVER
  1m Springboard 2010 211.35 4th
  3m Springboard   260.55 BRONZE
  3m Synchro   264.18 BRONZE


Finest ever performance: British Championships in Sheffield 2010. I prepared well and was mentally ready. I had nothing to lose and did my dives really well.

First senior international meet: I went to Moscow for the Fina Grand Prix.

Role models: I have always admired Chris Hoy and Chris Cussiter

Aspirations: Go to the Olympics and be able to do the dives to the best of my ability. Hopefully that will be enough to get me a medal. Learn lots of new dives and be able to do them to a high standard.


Tip for the top: Just to try things. Don’t be afraid. Diving is a scary sport. Your coach won’t allow you to do a new dive if they didn’t think you were ready. Be brave and enjoy it.

If I wasn’t a diver I would be: I wanted to do ballet when I was younger. Gave it up because of diving, so some form of dance I think.

Life after diving: I would like to stay involved in sport. Maybe a physio? Certainly want to keep the link with sport.

Would most like to meet: Jingjing Guo, best female Springboard diver in the world.

Most prized possession: Not sure, probably my rabbits. I have two.

Biggest influence on career: My mum.


Music: Michael Buble and Justin Beiber.


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