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Alicia Blagg

Alicia Blagg was touted as a hot prospect after winning 1m Springboard gold as a 13-year old at the 2010 British Gas National Cup.

Alicia Blagg Profile

Date of Birth 21st October 1996
Born Wakefield
Team/Club City of Leeds
Coach Edwin Jongejans / Ady Hinchliffe
She was handed her Commonwealth debut the same season, finishing eighth in the 1m, 10th in the 3m and fourth competing with City of Leeds teammate Rebecca Gallantree in the 3m Synchro.

Blagg won her first Grand Prix medal in 2011, again combining with Gallantree for 3m Synchro silver in Fort Lauderdale, before making her World Championship debut in Shanghai.

The pair continued to improve in 2012, setting a personal best 302.40 to qualify second for the European Championship final before ultimately finishing fifth, then placing seventh on Blagg’s Olympic debut at London 2012.

Blagg and Gallantree made further headway in 2013, winning two silvers in the FINA Diving World Series before claiming bronze at the European Championships then finishing sixth at the World Champs.

International Competitions

Competition Event Year Score Medal/Position
Olympic Games 3m Synchro 2012 285.60 7th
World Championships 1m Springboard 2013 205.00 34th
  3m Springboard   253.80 18th
  3m Synchro   284.73 6th
  1m Springboard 2011 212.50 30th
  3m Synchro   239.40 15th
European Championships 1m Springboard 2013 227.30 11th
  3m Springboard   286.80 8th
  3m Synchro   292.17 BRONZE
  1m Springboard 2012 235.05 11th
  3m Synchro   258.90 5th
  1m Springboard 2010 233.75 14th
  3m Springboard   240.95 15th
  3m Synchro   280.08 5th
Commonwealth Games 1m Springboard 2014 257.50 10th
  3m Springboard   300.95 7th
  3m Synchro   300.24 GOLD
  1m Springboard 2010 253.85 8th
  3m Springboard   243.30 10th
  3m Synchro   293.04 4th
FINA Diving World Cup 3m Springboard 2014 280.95 18th
  3m Synchro 2012 287.10 11th
  3m Synchro 2010 297.24 8th
World Junior Championships 1m Springboard (Group A) 2012 334.80 12th
  3m Springboard (Group A)   424.10 10th
  3m Synchro   287.70 SILVER
  1m Springboard (Group B) 2010 346.40 4th
  3m Springboard (Group B)   352.55 7th
European Junior Championships 1m Springboard (Group A) 2013 407.40 GOLD
  3m Springboard (Group A)   472.05 GOLD

Domestic Events

Competition Event Year Score Medal/Position
British Gas Diving Championships 3m Springboard 2014 334.80 GOLD
  1m Springboard 2013 273.15 GOLD
  3m Springboard   296.00 SILVER
  3m Synchro   312.24 GOLD
  3m Springboard 2012 313.45 SILVER
  3m Synchro   300.30 GOLD
  1m Springboard 2011 248.20 SILVER
  3m Springboard   285.00 SILVER
  3m Synchro   283.20 GOLD
  1m Springboard 2010 254.00 GOLD
  3m Springboard   271.45 BRONZE
  3m Synchro   256.20 SILVER
  1m Springboard 2009 188.40 7th
  3m Springboard   229.60 5th
  3m Synchro   241.83 5th
British Gas National Cup 1m Springboard 2014 287.25 GOLD
  1m Springboard 2012 266.25 SILVER
  1m Springboard 2011 242.80 SILVER
  3m Springboard   278.55 SILVER
  3m Synchro   283.92 GOLD
  1m Springboard 2010 216.95 GOLD
  3m Springboard   197.30 11th
  3m Synchro   272.40 GOLD

In The Pool

Favourite event: Synchro. Because it is with Becky Gallantree, who is more experienced and is confident so can show me what to do.

Finest ever performance: A couple of years ago, at the G-Star competition in Leeds. I got 177 points over three dives. I don’t think I have dived like that before. I learnt a new dive and did really well with it.

First senior international meet: February 2010, FINA Grand Prix in Moscow. Then did the Canada Grand Prix followed by the China World Cup.

Role models: Becky Gallantree. If she drops a dive she just comes back with a better one. She’s laid back and chilled at competitions and is a great person to be around.

Out Of The Pool

Tip for the top: Train really hard and always give 100% effort, and enjoy it. No point doing it if you don’t enjoy it.

If I wasn’t a diver I would be: Probably athletics. I really enjoy doing that.

Life after diving: I'd quite like to be a physio.

Would most like to meet: Russell Brand. He seems fun to be around.

Most prized possession: My ipod. Never apart from it! I think I have about 500 songs on there, maybe 600.

Biggest influence on career: My family.


Music: RnB. I like Eminem and Rhianna

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