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The Vivienne and Leonard Cherriman Award

The Vivienne and Leonard Cherriman Award is made annually by the British Swimming Board on the recommendation of the British Masters Committee to ‘the person or organization who or which has done the most to promote and foster the cause of Masters swimming in Great Britain.’

Nominations are sought by the British Masters Committee from the ASA, the Scottish ASA, and the Welsh ASA until 31 August in time for the award to be made at a suitable occasion in the Autumn. Nominations for the award should be sent to the Masters Administrator, Lindsay Biro-Moore at the ASA.


Nominations are welcomed until 31 August each year from all areas of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Any nominations received after this date will be automatically rolled over to the following year.

Nominees should explain to the committee why they think their nominee should receive this award and may like to think about the following questions:

  • How has this person or organisation promoted Masters swimming? (This may have been through coaching, volunteering, providing a service to Masters or any activity that has made a difference to Masters swimming).
  • How has this person or organisation fostered the cause of Masters? (This could include anything the person has done which has improved the image of Masters, helped people understand what Masters is about or made the Masters community more enjoyable).
  • Give some specific details if possible. (Where has this activity taken place, how many people have been affected, or how has it altered individuals' lives? Why should this person receive the award over others? How long have they been doing this? How much time does it take?)

Please note: The committee will not normally give the award to a person who is working in a paid capacity for this Master’s activity

About The Award

The award commemorates the achievements and contribution to Masters swimming made by two redoubtable people, Leonard and Vivienne Cherriman. Both were successful swimmers in their youth and in later life, especially in the early days of British Masters swimming.

As well as being a successful Masters swimmers, Vivienne established the Masters newsletter, which is now distributed to all competitive English Masters and Senior (18/24yrs) swimmers.

The award normally takes the form of an engraved cut glass goblet together with a modest cash sum.

Past Recipients

  • 2012 - Alan Rowson
  • 2011 - Tony and Helen Ward
  • 2010 - John Eyre
  • 2009 - Terry John
  • 2008 - Jenny Ball
  • 2007 - Sheilah Roberts
  • 2006 - Roy MacAlister
  • 2005 - Andy Wilson
  • 2004 - David Chaney
  • 2003 - Donald Muirhead
  • 2002 - Ian Woollard
  • 2001 - Verity Dobbie
  • 2000 - John Jeffery
  • 1999 - Margaret Evans
  • 1998 - Tony Holmyard
  • 1997 - Geoff Stokes
  • 1996 - Dougie Scales
  • 1995 - Jane Asher
  • 1994 - Tony Warn
  • 1993 - Otter Swimming Club
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