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10 Dec 2009

Three British clubs put in excellent performances at the CAMO International Invitational meet in Montreal, Canada from 3rd-6th December.


The competition, which saw City of Leeds, Plymouth Diving and Harrogate travel to Canada, is one of the strongest international diving events in Canada and provides junior and senior level competition.

The four-day competition saw divers from USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Germany and Great Britain competing for honours. 

Jack Laugher (Harrogate) came home with two gold medals in the boys 14/15yrs springboard events pushing Giovanni Tocci and Andrea Chiarabini from Italy into the other medal positions. 

Laugher managed to hold off tough competition from the Italians with some outstanding diving to take his titles with some great scores. He scored 463.65 in the 1m Springboard and 482.10 in the 3m Springboard.

Josh Dowd (Leeds) in the 3m and Ashley Hendrick (Plymouth) in the platform were both unlucky not to medal both coming away with 4th place finishes. Dowd scored 421.60 and Hendrick finished with 393.70.

Alicia Blagg (Leeds) and Grace Reid (Leeds) both dominated the girls 12/13yrs springboard events taking the gold and silver in both events. 

Reid won the 3m title with 323.10 points with Blagg winning the 1m with a score of 299.95. Their scores look very promising for the international season ahead of them in 2010. Their main competition came from Monica Garvaris and Frederique Lalonde from the CAMO dive team. 

Shanice Lobb (Plymouth) showed a very steady list of dives in the platform event to just miss out on the medals in 4th place with 229.15 points.

Jenny Cowen (Leeds) finished her junior career in style in the 16/18yrs 3m springboard winning the prelim with 424.50.  She was edged out of the gold medal in the final by Sabrina Beaupre (CAMO) to take silver in 413.80 and Chloe Hurd (Leeds) not far behind in 6th place.

Rebecca Gallantree and Alicia Blagg (Leeds) teamed up for the first time in the Women’s 3m Synchro and came away with the bronze medal with a score of 261.00. 

After an unsteady start from the girls, they picked up their game and performed well across the optional dives with an excellent Back 2 ½ Somersaults piked scoring 59.40. 

The event was won by Jennifer Abele and Melanie Rinaldi (CAMO) who finished 4th in this event at the World Championships earlier this year in Rome.

Saffron Sutcliffe and Louise Moran (Leeds) put in a strong performance to take fourth place with a score of 259.77.

Helen Galashan and Carol Galashan (Leeds) put in a fantastic synchronised performance on the 10m board to take the sliver medal only 4.35points behind Megan Benfitto and Roslin Filon (CAMO) who took the gold. The twins scored 298.74.

This was a great confidence booster for the girls who performed their new synchronised handstand dive for 72.96points. 

Suzanne Collins and Jenny Cowen (Leeds) also performed well to finish in 4th place only 5 points away from the bronze medal.

The British clubs came away with 4 golds, 4 silvers and 1 bronze medal and will begin the next season with new confidence.

Review of Results

Matty Lee:  1m (23)   15th  246.55
(12/13yrs)  3m (18) 9th 286.90
   PL (23) 12th 224.75

Alicia Blagg:  1m (31) 1st 299.95
(12/13yrs)  3m (29) 2nd 308.90
   3mS (9) 3rd 261.00 with Rebecca Gallantree

Grace Reid:  1m (31) 2nd 298.25
(12/13yrs)  3m (29) 1st 323.10

Saffron Sutcliffe: 1m (27) 9th 290.05
   3mS (9) 4th 259.77 with Louise Moran

Louise Moran: 1m (27) 10th 289.95
   3mS (9) 4th 259.77 with Saffron Sutcliffe

Josh Dowd:  1m (20) 6th 373.60
(14/15yrs)  3m (17) 4th 421.20

Yona K-Wisdom: 1m (20) 12th 326.50
(12/13yrs)  3m (17) 9th 383.85

Jenny Cowen 3m (22) 2nd 413.80
(16/18yrs)  3mS (9) 7th 226.08 with Chloe Hurd
   PLS (4) 4th 282.30 with Suzanne Collins

Chloe Hurd  3m (22) 6th 389.60
(16/18yrs)  3mS (9) 7th 226.08 with Jenny Cowen

James Denny 3m (14) 10th 410.80
(16/18yrs)  PL (12) 10th 376.70

Rebecca Gallantree 3m (13) 7th 259.35
(open)   PL (17) 5th 285.50

Helen Galashan PL (17) 11th 253.20
(open)   PLS (4) 2nd 298.74 with Carol Galashan

Carol Galashan PL (17) 10th 266.40
(Open)  PLS (4) 2nd 298.74 with Helen Galashan

Suzanne Collins PL (17) 13th 239.10
(Open)  PLS (4) 4th 282.30 with Jenny Cowen

Jack Laugher: 1m (20) 1st 463.65
(14/15yrs)  3m(17) 1st 482.10
   PL (15) 7th 385.35

Mathew Dixon 1m (23) 17th  226.65
(12/13yrs)  3m (18) 15th 232.30
   PL (23) 20th 194.05

Shanice Lobb 1m
(12/13yrs)  3m (29) 10th 249.50
   PL (25) 4th 229.15
   3mS (9) 9th 210.09 with Kayleigh Sinclair

Kayliegh Sinclair 1m
(12/13yrs)  3m (29) 20th 229.15
   Pl (25)  14th 205.55
   3mS (9) 9th 210.09 with Shanice Lobb

Ashley Hedrick 1m (20) 20th 265.70
(14/15yrs)  3m (17) 14th 302.65
   PL (15) 4th 393.70

Charlie Wood 3m (14) 12th 358.20
(16/18yrs)  PL (12) 12th 368.05

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