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23 Jul 2009
Some exceptional performances were witnessed on day two of the British Gas ASA National Age Group Championships in Sheffield as more records were broken.

Matthew Powell of Plymouth Leander set a new British Age Group Record for the boys 14-years 100m freestyle. Coming into the final as the fastest qualifier, Powell’s strength off the blocks helped him into an impressive lead that he was able to maintain throughout the race finishing in 52.59. Powell adds this to the 100m backstroke title he won yesterday.

Of the result he said: “I was just hoping to better my time from this morning, but to knock another second off is really great.

“It’s nice to add another gold to the collection, and hopefully I’ll swim well enough to get some more.”

Yesterday’s double gold medallist, Kristina Neves (Guernsey), continued to build her medal tally as she took to the pool to contest the 200m butterfly and 400m freestyle events in the 12-years category. Starting both races as fastest qualifier Neves raced into an early lead in the 400m Freestyle and was too strong for the rest of the field. Finishing with a time of 4:30.87 she beat Lauren Cheston (Southport) in second and Alice Lim (Rushmoor Royals) 4:39.22 in third.

Neves said after the race: “It’s all going well, I’ve got more races to come including the 800m so I’m confident about that and I’ll hopefully get a PB.”

City of Sheffield’s Matthew Johnson continued his impressive form from yesterday as he set more British Age Group Records of the Championship.

Pushing off the blocks he gained a considerable lead within the first 100m of his 1500m campaign, and turning four seconds ahead of his closest competitor, Joseph Poynter (Bournemouth D), coming into the final length he was unreachable as he swam to the title in a new record of 16:06.66.

Poynter also finished under the previous record with a time of 16:10.32
Johnson continued his impressive form throughout the evening capturing two golds (200m butterfly and 200m IM) to add to the collection, in both he set a new British Age Group Record.

City of Birmingham’s Penny Wittingham took almost four seconds off her PB in the girls 11-years 400m freestyle with a time of 4:40.86, and followed it up with a silver in the 200m butterfly (2:29.29) behind Preston’s Shauntelle Austin (2:27.58).

Having taken the gold in the girls 11-years 400m IM yesterday Wittingham’s Championships appear to be going according to plan: “I’m happy that I won and I’ve got some more events to come so I might get another medal.”

A closely fought race was contested between Aaron Lloyd and Benjamin Stevens for the boys 11-years 200m butterfly title.

Stevens went into the final length a half second ahead but was caught by Lloyd in the final metres which proved too much to overcome. Lloyd took the title in 2:31.45.

Of the closely contested race he said: “I thought that [Benjamin Stevens] was going to beat me so I just kept thinking go, go!”

The boys 13-years 200m butterfly saw another battle for gold, this time between Cameron Austin (Preston) and Mark Szaranek (Carnegie) both of whom set PBs in the heats. The medals were decided in the final touch as Austin finished in 2:11.05, 0.02 seconds ahead of Szaranek, to defend his title coming up from the 12-years category.

Of the narrow victory Austin commented: “I’m really pleased with the result and it feels good to have won again. I wasn’t sure that I could do it, but I did and I’ve come away with the gold.”
Looking toward his 200m IM he said: “I’m hoping for a PB, which would be great!”

Despite setting a new girls 13-years 200m breaststroke British Age Group Record in the morning (2:35.05), Cheadle’s Jodie Hawksworth was unable to keep the title from Jessica Liss (Plymouth Leander) in final. Liss set the pace from early on and dominated the event to take the gold medal in 2:30.38.


Full list of results for day 2 – Thursday 23rd July 2009

Boys 12-years 1500m freestyle
1. Benjamin Levart (Amersham) 17:37.91
2. Thomas Diaper-Fox (Co Southampton) 17:39.80
3. Thomas Gregson (Portsmouth N) 17:49.30

Boys 13-years 1500m freestyle
1. Caleb Hughes (Mid Beds) 16:23.33
2. Joel Knight (Millfield) 17:03.38
3. Luke Reilly (UBC Dolphins) 17:06.70

Boys 14-years 1500m Freestyle
1. Matthew Johnson (Co Sheffield) 16:06.66 British Age Group Record
2. Joseph Poynter (Bournemouth D) 16:10.32
3. Conor Turner (Aer Lingus) 16:20.79

Girls 11-years 400m freestyle
1. Penny Whittingham (Co Birmingham) 4:40.86
2. Brearnna Close (Co Manchester Aq) 4:44.45
3. Erin Nabney (Harrow Weald) 4:45.40

Girls 12-years 400m freestyle
1. Kristina Neves (Guernsey) 4:30.87
2. Lauren Cheston (Southport) 4:33.15
3. Alice Lim (Rushmoor Royals) 4:39.22

Girls 13-years 400m freestyle
1. Emily Jones (Garioch) 4:26.22
2. Marcella Aris (UEA Norwich) 4:27.33
3. Molly Grayson (Co Sheffield) 4:27.51

Boys 11-years 200m butterfly
1. Aaron Lloyd (Portsmouth N) 2:31.45
2. Benjamin Stevens (Co Southampton) 2:32.35
3. David Wheadon (Portsmouth N) 2:34.87

Boys 12-years 200m butterfly
1. Benjamin Kerry (SwimTrafford) 2:25.70
2. Thomas Gregson (Portsmouth N) 2:26.11
3. Daniel Liu (Yeovil) 2:26.12

Boys 13-years 200m butterfly
1. Cameron Austin (Preston) 2:11.05
2. Mark Szaranek (Carnegie) 2:11.07
3. Elliot Hynes (Co Salford) 2:14.97

Boys 14-years 200m butterfly
1. Matthew Johnson (Co Sheffield) 2:04.35 British Age Group Record
2. Miles Garner (UEA Norwich) 2:07.38
3. Ryan Flanagan (Bo Kirklees) 2:12.08

Girls 11-years 200m breaststroke
1. Daniella Whiting (Bath Univ) 2:48.58
2. Ellen Suddes (York City) 2:53.36
3. Angharad Eburne (Rushmoor Royals) 2:54.35

Girls 12-years 200m breaststroke
1. Chloe Davey (Plymouth Leander) 2:41.49
2. Georgina Evans (Co Liverpool) 2:42.14
3. Jade Scott (Plymouth Leander) 2:42.39

Girls 13-years 200m breaststroke
1. Jessica Liss (Plymouth Leander) 2:30.38
2. Jodie Hawksworth (Cheadle) 2:32.22
3. Bethan Davie (Tenby) 2:35.67

Boys 11-years 100m freestyle
1. Philip Dowding-Young (teamipswich) 1:02.33
2. Myles Pillage (Plympouth Leander) 1:02.50
3. Mark Ovington (Derwentside) 1:03.16

Boys 12-years 100m freestyle
1. Jordan Hughes (N Ayrshire) 57.08
2. Jarrod Bradfield (Clacton on Sea) 57.80
3. Matthew Sotheran (Rotherham Mo) 59.15

Boys 13-years 100m freestyle
1. Jack Smith (Plymouth Leander) 54.61
2. Cameron Lambourne (Atlantis) 54.95
3. Taylor Whitchurch (Co Hereford) 55.35

Boys 14-years 100m freestyle
1. Matthew Powell (Plymouth Leander) 52.59 British Age Group Record
2. Oliver Leonard (Plymouth Leander) 53.77
3. Ben Wood (Chase) 53.90

Girls 11-years 200m butterfly
1. Shauntelle Austin (Preston) 2:27.58
2. Penny Whittingham (Co Birmingham) 2:29.29
3. Breaanna Close (Co Manchester Aq) 2:31.98

Girls 12-years 200m butterfly
1. Kristina Neves (Guernsey) 2:25.60
2. Alice Lim (Rushmoor Royals) 2:29.93
3. Eilidh Macgregor (Bracknell) 2:30.43

Girls 13-years 200m butterfly
1. Elena Sheridan (Romford Town) 2:21.27
2. Phoebe Lenderyou (Co Newcastle) 2:21.87
3. Tegan Turner-Clarke (Co Sheffield) 2:23.26

Boys 11-years 200m IM
1. Rubers King (Guildford Ct) 2:33.80
2. Jake Dixon (Co Birmingham) 2:36.75
3. Douglas Walker (Co Leeds) 2:36.78

Boys 12-years 200m IM
1. Rio Kurihara (Millfield) 2:22.64
2. Daniel Liu (Yeovil) 2:24.33
3. Dale McAnish (Falkirk) 2:28.35

Boys 13-years 200m IM
1. Fraser Minnican (Barrow) 2:14.80
2. Mark Szaranek (Carnegie) 2:15.06
3. Caleb Hughes (Mid Beds) 2:15.69

Boys 14-years 200m IM
1. Matthew Johnson (Co Sheffield) 2:08.19 British Age Group Record
2. Joseph Poynter (Bournemouth D) 2:12.29
3. Max Litchfield (Donc Dartes) 2:13.73

Girls 400m freestyle team
1. City of Cardiff 4:05.00
2. University of Bath 4:06.02
3. Stockport Metro 4:07.33

For more information please contact the ASA/British Swimming Media Assistant, Lauren Sanderson on 07795 251 917 or email lauren.sanderson@swimming.org

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