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The British athletes at the 2014 British Para-Swimming International Meet (BPSIM) will be aiming to secure the qualifying times to be selected on the British Gas GBR Para-Swimming Team for the 2014 IPC European Championships in Eindhoven this summer.

Click on the buttons below to view the qualifying times for the events in which there are British athletes competing at BPSIM and a list of athletes who have made the cut.

Please note, this is a list of athletes who have made the qualifying times only. Final selection is at the discretion of National Performance Director Chris Furber.

  • Click here to view the selection policy and download full PDF documents for the male and female qualifying times respectively.


50m Freestyle

Event Men Women
S6 50m Free Sascha Kindred (33.18)  
S7 50m Free Matt Walker (28.57) Susie Rodgers (33.67)
S8 50m Free   Steph Slater (30.87)

100m Freestyle

Classification Men Women
S6 100m Free   Ellie Simmonds (1:16.71)
S7 100m Free   Susie Rodgers (1:12.50)
S8 100m Free   Steph Slater (1:07.33)
S9 100m Free   Amy Marren (1:03.90)
Steph Millward (1:04.63)

200m Freestyle

Event Men Women
S5 200m Free QT - 2:54.76 QT - 2:55.41
S14 200m Free QT - 2:02.77 QT - 2:13.23

400m Freestyle

Event Men Women
S6 400m Free QT - 5:14.71 QT - 5:47.80
S7 400m Free QT - 4:45.37 QT - 5:45.68
S8 400m Free QT - 4:36.31 QT - 5:22.39
S9 400m Free QT - 4:21.18 QT - 4:56.87
S10 400m Free QT - 4:17.96 QT - 4:45.19
S12 400m Free QT - 4:17.32 QT - 4:42.55
S13 400m Free QT - 4:08.31 QT - 6:04.53


50m Backstroke

Event Men Women
S4 50m Back QT - 47.80 QT - 1:00.97
S5 50m Back QT - 42.99 QT - 49.77

100m Backstroke

Event Men Women
S6 100m Back QT - 1:18.65 QT - 1:29.93
S7 100m Back QT - 1:12.51 QT - 1:31.33
S8 100m Back QT - 1:05.75 QT - 1:22.99
S9 100m Back QT - 1:05.44 QT - 1:15.40
S10 100m Back QT - 1:03.50 QT - 1:12.22
S12 100m Back QT - 1:02.44 QT - 1:10.15
S13 100m Back QT - 1:01.59 QT - 1:20.84
S14 100m Back QT - 1:04.97 QT - 1:09.50


100m Breaststroke

Event Men Women
SB6 100m Breast   Charlotte Henshaw (1:41.43)
SB8 100m Breast   Claire Cashmore (1:21.50)
SB14 100m Breast Scott Quin (1:09.50) Nicole Lough (1:18.91)


50m Butterfly

Event Men Women
S5 50m Fly QT - 42.34 QT - 44.45
S6 50m Fly QT - 34.06 QT - 39.65
S7 50m Fly QT - 33.17 QT - 39.60

100m Butterfly

Event Men Women
S8 100m Fly QT - 1:05.88 QT - 1:17.65
S9 100m Fly QT - 1:01.59 QT - 1:12.27
S10 100m Fly QT - 59.53 QT - 1:09.82
S12 100m Fly QT - 59.84 QT - 1:09.26
S13 100m Fly QT - 58.23 QT - 1:28.03

Individual Medley

200m Individual Medley

Event Men Women
SM5 200m IM Andrew Mullen (3:10.79)  
SM6 200m IM Sascha Kindred (2:49.86) Ellie Simmonds (3:09.26)
SM8 200m IM Oliver Hynd (2:26.07) Steph Slater (2:43.77)
SM9 200m IM   Amy Marren (2:34.80)
SM10 200m IM   Eleni Papadopoulos (2:39.00)
Gemma Almond (2:39.09)
SM14 200m IM Jack Thomas (2:18.22)
Craig Harris (2:19.46)
Jessica-Jane Applegate (2:33.13)
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