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National Centres for Swimming

The World Class Swimming Programme operates two National Centres for Swimming, one at the University of Bath and one at Loughborough University.

The two national centres will provide the foundation for the sport across Great Britain as it continues to prepare for the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and will become performance hubs for the sport. 

They will grow from their current centre-based training group programme to a more all encompassing approach to preparation, development and eduction for both athletes and coaches. The centres are:

  1. National Centre for Swimming, Bath - based at the Sports Training Village at the University of Bath.  Head Coach Dave McNulty supported by Assistant Coach Graeme Antwhistle.
  2. National Centre for Swimming, Loughborough - based at Loughborough University with coaches Kevin Renshaw, Dave Hemmings and James Gibson.

The National Centres work towards developing an open door policy for targeted athletes and coaches within the world class system which involves attending performance and sport science testing programmes.

Key features of the national centres include:

  • 50m pool
  • Provision of fully integrated daily training environment including 25 hours of dedicated pool training per week (60% water time is allocated to long course training).
  • Selected to provide the best possible living environment conducive to high performance training
  • Aim to give support to athletes to ensure they achieve an ideal lifestyle/performance balance.
  • Targeted athletes and coaches on the World Class Programme will be invited to attend both performance and sport science testing programmes.
  • Regional hubs to educate elite coaches of the future

As well as providing facilities for visiting athletes and coaches there is the opportunity for athletes to be based at one of the centres.  Centre based athletes receive access to:

  • Full time training and coaching support in a high performance facility with priority access to water time
  • Targeted training camp opportunities
  • International competition opportunities
  • An integrated Sports science and sports medicine (SSSM) support programme determined by the National Centre Head Coach or National Sprint Coach and subject to approval by the Head of Sports Science and Sports Medicine

National Centre for Swimming Athlete Membership

  1. You must be eligible for compete for Great Britain.  If you are not eligible to compete for Great Britain your enquiry will not be considered
  2. Complete the online enquiry form here
  3. On receipt, your enquiry will be considered by the relevant National Centre Coach and the GB Head Coach
  4. The aim is to notify eligible applicants within two weeks whether or not their enquiry has been successful.
  5. If the enquiry is successful you may be offered a trial at the National Centre.  Some financial support may be available to support the trial
  6. Athletes who are offered a place at National Centre will be subject to a National Centre Agreement.
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