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Taper Time: Jazmin Carlin - time at camp

As Loughborough ITC swimmers head off to camp in Cyprus, Welsh swimming sensation Jazmin Carlin, in her new regular Taper Time blog, tells us about the difference time at camp makes to a swimmer.

A training camp is really different to normal training. It’s far more intense, much tougher and it really makes a huge difference to my performance.

For example, the recent training camp in Majorca was a good opportunity for outdoor training, as the European Championships and Commonwealth Games will both be outdoors.

As for food and sleep, we try and maintain a balanced diet but our intake does increase because of the extra training!

I also tend to sleepas much  possible to make sure I recover and can train as hard as possible.

An example of a day at camp is my alarm going off at 7.00am for breakfast. I then train from about 8.00am till 10.00am and then it’s back to the room for a quick nap before lunch.

Lunch is usually at 12.00 and then back to the rooms for R&R until training at 4.00pm.  That finishes at around 6.00pm with dinner at 7.00pm. After that I’ll hang out with the other athletes and generally go to bed at around 10.00pm.

When not training I relax and watch a bit of TV. I like socialising with everyone as well. It's not often I get to see all the GB swimmers so it’s nice to catch up.

A key element of camp is that you can train with people of the same discipline. In Majorca, for example, I trained with my Coach Bud McAllister and I was in a group with the freestyle boys: Ross Davenport, David Carry, Rob Bale and Daniel Coombs. So it was nice to have a different training group and we all helped each other a long.

However, training camps are really intense, so I am always happy to get home. After getting back from the GB training camp in Majorca spent time catching up on Britain’s Got Talent. The new season of the Hills had also started on MTV, so I caught that. I also had a BBQ on the beach. Just what I need after camp.

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