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Francesca Halsall

Fran Halsall was just 16-years old when she won her first major senior medals with 4x100m Freestyle and 4x100m Medley Relay for England at the 2006 Commonwealth Games then gold as part of the 4x100m Medley Relay quartet at the 2006 European Championships.

Fran Halsall Profile

Date of Birth 12th April 1990
Born Southport
Team/Club British Gas GBR National Sprint Squad, Loughborough
Coach James Gibson
After swimming all three relays on her World Championship debut in 2007, she reached the 100m Freestyle on her Olympic debut in Beijing, ultimately finishing eighth.

At 19-years old, Fran lifted her first World Championship medal, clocking a British record to claim 100m Freestyle silver at the 2009 Championships in Rome.

She won international acclaim for her performances the following season, lifting 10 medals across the 2010 European Championships and Commonwealth Games before ankle surgery stalled her progress in 2011.

But after making both the 50m and 100m Freestyle finals at London 2012, Fran returned to the elite podium with World Short Course silver over 50m Freestyle in 2012 then World Championship bronze for the same event in 2013.

Personal Best

Event Time Year Record
Long Course 50m Freestyle 24.11 2009 BR
Long Course 100m Freestyle 52.87 2009 BR
Long Course 200m Freestyle 1:59.13 2008  
Long Course 50m Butterfly 25.69 2013 BR
Long Course 100m Butterfly 57.40 2010  
Short Course 50m Freestyle 23.44 2009 BR
Short Course 100m Freestyle 51.19 2009 ER
Short Course 50m Butterfly 25.44 2009 BR
Short Course 100m Butterfly 55.71 2009 BR

International Competitions

Competition Event Year Time Medal/Position
Olympic Games 50m Freestyle 2012 24.47 5th
  100m Freestyle   53.66 6th
  100m Butterfly   58.52 14th
  4x100m Freestyle Relay   3:37.02 5th
  4x100m Medley Relay   3:59.46 8th
  50m Freestyle 2008 24.80 10th
  100m Freestyle   54:29 8th
  100m Butterfly   58:70 21st
  4x100m Freestyle Relay   3:38.18 7th
  4x100m Medley Relay   3:57.50 4th
  4x200m Freestyle Relay   7:56.16 9th
World Championships 50m Freestyle 2013 24.30 BRONZE
  50m Butterfly   25.70 4th
  4x100m Medley Relay   3:58.67 6th
  50m Freestyle 2011 24.60 4th
  100m Freestyle   53.72 4th
  4x100m Freestyle Relay   3:39.74 9th
  4x100m Medley Relay   4:01.09 6th
  50m Freestyle 2009 24.11 5th
  100m Freestyle   52.87  SILVER
  4x100m Freestyle Relay   3:36.99 7th
  4x100m Medley Relay   3:57.03 4th
  4x100m Freestyle Relay 2007 3.40.94 8th
  4x200m Freestyle Relay   7.57.02 5th
  4x100m Medley Relay   4.02.18 4th
Commonwealth Games 50m Freestyle 2010 24.98 SILVER
  100m Freestyle   54.57 BRONZE
  50m Butterfly   26.24 GOLD
  4x100m Freestyle Relay   3:40.03 SILVER
  4x100m Medley Relay   4:00.09 SILVER
  100m Freestyle 2006 55.40 4th
  4x100m Freestyle Relay   3.42.69 SILVER
  4x100m Medley Relay   4:04.61 SILVER
European Championships 50m Freestyle 2010 24.67 BRONZE
  100m Freestyle   53.58 GOLD
  100m Butterfly   57.40 SILVER
  4x100m Freestyle Relay   3:38.57 SILVER
  4x100m Medley Relay   3:59.72 GOLD
  4x100m Medley Relay 2008 3:59.33 GOLD
  50m Freestyle 2006 25.36 9th
  100m Freestyle   54.88 4th
  200m Freestyle   2:02.15 13th
  4x100m Medley Relay   4.02.24 GOLD
World Short Course Championships 50m Freestyle 2012 23.87 SILVER
  4x100m Freestyle Relay   3:38.23 8th
  4x100m Medley Relay   3:51.85 4th
  50m Freestyle 2008 24.11 BRONZE
  100m Freestyle   52.79 SILVER
  4x100m Freestyle Relay   3:32.88 BRONZE
  4x100m Medley Relay   3:53.02 BRONZE
European Short Course Championships 50m Freestyle 2013 23.91 4th
  100m Freestyle   52.50 5th
  4x50m Freestyle Relay   1:40.26 9th
  4x50m Medley Relay   1:46.56 4th
  4x50m Medley Relay (Mixed)   1:39.81 5th
  50m Freestyle 2006 24.58 4th
  100m Freestyle   53.85 6th
  4x50m Freestyle Relay   1:39.63 5th
  4x50m Medley Relay   1:48.26 BRONZE

Domestic Events

Competition Event Year Time Medal/Position
British Championships 50m Freestyle 2014 24.51 GOLD
  100m Freestyle   54.12 GOLD
  50m Backstroke   28.04 BRONZE
  50m Butterfly   25.83 GOLD
  100m Butterfly   58.78 BRONZE
  50m Freestyle 2013 24.54 GOLD
  100m Freestyle   54.82 GOLD
  50m Butterfly   25.91 GOLD
  50m Freestyle 2012 24.13 GOLD
  100m Freestyle   53.57 GOLD
  100m Butterfly   57.56 SILVER
  50m Freestyle 2011 25.08 GOLD
  100m Freestyle   55.01 GOLD
  100m Butterfly   57.68 SILVER
  50m Freestyle 2010 24.77 GOLD
  100m Freestyle   54.71 GOLD
  200m Freestyle   2:01.45 8th
  100m Butterfly   57.83 GOLD
  50m Freestyle 2009 24.53 GOLD
  100m Freestyle   54.03 GOLD
  100m Butterfly   58.11 SILVER
  50m Freestyle 2008 24.79 GOLD
  100m Freestyle   54.81 SILVER
  100m Butterfly   58.16 GOLD
  50m Freestyle 2006 25.54 GOLD
  200m Freestyle   2.00.85 SILVER
  50m Backstroke   29.90 SILVER
  100m Backstroke   1.02.96 BRONZE
  50m Butterfly   27.54 SILVER
  200m Individual Medley   2.16.72 BRONZE
  50m Freestyle 2005 26.23 GOLD
  100m Freestyle   56.90 BRONZE
  200m Freestyle   2.06.89 19th
  100m Butterfly   1.03.64 15th
  50m Freestyle 2004 26.43 5th
  100m Freestyle   56.70 10th
  100m Backstroke   1.04.73 10th
  200m Individual Medley   2.23.57 15th
  100m Freestyle 2003 59.35 21st
  200m Freestyle   2:09.94 32nd
  100m Backstroke   1:07.56 25th
  200m Backstroke   2:24.54 15th
  100m Butterfly   1:05.90 20th
  200m Individual Medley   2:28.03 25th
ASA Championships 100m Butterfly 2011 57.44 SILVER
  50m Freestyle 2008 25.24 GOLD
  100m Butterfly   1.01.06 6th

In the Pool

Aspiration: To win Olympic Gold.

Who has been greatest influence on you: My dad. He knows what I am like, he knows how I think, and knows how to pick me up if I’m feeling low. He gives me the confidence to perform, and keeps me on my toes.

Out of the Pool

One thing you can’t live without: Shoe collection

Tip for the top: Strive for perfection because you may end up close.

Life after swimming: Have a comfortable and happy life.


Band/Music: I like such a range of music. From Scouting for Girls, Fratellis and Girls Aloud, to The Stylistics and Diana Ross.


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