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Rebecca Adlington

Welcome to the hall of fame home of double Olympic champion swimmer Rebecca Adlington.

Personal Data

Date Of Birth: 17th Feburary 1989

Born: Mansfield, Notts

Team/Club: Nova Centurion

Coach: Bill Furniss

Favourite Events: 400 and 800m Freestyle

Rebecca Adlington is Britain's first Olympic swimming champion since 1988 and the first British swimmer to win two Olympic gold medals since 1908 and Great Britain's most successful Olympic swimmer in 100 years.

At the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, Adlington became a household name overnight after winning gold in the 400m Freestyle. Later in the week, Adlington set a world record in the heats of the 800m Freestyle before going on to win the final two days later in another world record of 8:14.10 - two seconds under the previous record set by USA's Janet Evans when Adlington was six months old.

Adlington scooped her first World Championship medals over long course, winning bronze in the 400m Freestyle and 4x200m Freestyle Relay.

2010 saw Adlington return to her best form as she added the Commonwealth crowns to her two Olympic golds over 400m and 800m Freestyle. A succesful week at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi also saw Adlington collect 200m Freestyle and 4x200m Freestyle Relay bronze.

Adlington continued her progression into 2011, winning her first World Championship silver medal in the 400m Freestyle in Shanghai before going one better to become Great Britain's first ever freestyle swimming world champion by taking 800m Freestyle gold.

Personal Best

Event Time Year Record
Long Course 200m Freestyle 1:56.66 2008  
Long Course 400m Freestyle 4:00.79 2009  
Long Course 800m Freestyle 8:14.10 2008 WR
Short Course 200m Freestyle 1:59.25 2006  
Short Course 400m Freestyle 3:59.04 2009  
Short Course 800m Freestyle 8:08.25 2008  

International Competitions

Competition Event Year Time Medal/Position
Olympic Games 400m Freestyle 2012 4:03.01 BRONZE
  800m Freestyle   8:20.32 BRONZE
  400m Freestyle 2008 4:03.22 GOLD
  800m Freestyle   8:14.10 GOLD
World Championships 200m Freestyle 2011 1:59.40 24th
  400m Freestyle   4:04.01 SILVER
  800m Freestyle   8:17.51 GOLD
  400m Freestyle 2009 4:00.79 BRONZE
  800m Freestyle   8:17.90 4th
  4x200m Freestyle  Relay   7:45.51 BRONZE
  800m Freestyle 2007 8:36.26 10th
Commonwealth Games 200m Freestyle 2010 1:58.47 BRONZE
  400m Freestyle   4:05.68 GOLD
  800m Freestyle   8:24.69 GOLD
  4x200m Freestyle Relay   7:58.61 BRONZE
European Championships 400m Freestyle 2010 4:04.55 GOLD
  800m Freestyle   8:27.38 7th
  4x200m Freestyle Relay   7:55.29 BRONZE
  400m Freestyle 2006 4:13.91 11th
  800m Freestyle   8:27.88 SILVER
  4x200m Freestyle Relay (heats)   7:57.86 4th
World Short Course Championships 800m Freestyle 2008 8:08.25 GOLD
  4x200m Freestyle Relay   7:36.96 SILVER
European Short Course Championships 400m Freestyle 2006 4:09.66 14th
  800m Freestyle   8:20.42 4th
  400m Freestyle 2004 4:20.43 20th
  800m Freestyle   8:36.84 7th
  200m Butterfly   2:15.02 20th

Domestic Events

Competition Event Year Time Medal/Position
British Championships 400m Freestyle 2012 4:02.35 GOLD
  800m Freestyle   8:18.54 GOLD
  200m Freestyle 2011 1:58.90 GOLD
  400m Freestyle   4:02.84 GOLD
  800m Freestyle   8:20.23 GOLD
  200m Freestyle 2010 1:57.87 GOLD
  400m Freestyle   4:05.50 GOLD
  800m Freestyle   8:21.95 GOLD
  400m Freestyle 2009 4:00.89 SILVER
  800m Freestyle   8:18.86 GOLD
  200m Freestyle 2008 1:57.94 GOLD
  400m Freestyle   4:04.50 GOLD
  800m Freestyle   8:20.29 GOLD
  200m Freestyle 2006 2:01.34 BRONZE
  400m Freestyle   4:10.28 SILVER
  800m Freestyle   8:30.40 GOLD
  200m Freestyle 2005 2:05.43 12th
  400m Freestyle   4:27.55 15th
  800m Freestyle   8:45.38 BRONZE
  200m Freestyle 2004 2:06.30 24th
  400m Freestyle   4:22.78 10th
  800m Freestyle   8:40.80 SILVER
  100m Freestyle 2003 1:01.34 40th
  200m Freestyle   2:08.56 26th
  400m Freestyle   4:27.57 12th
  800m Freestyle   9:04.44 6th
  100m Butterfly   1:07.19 28th
ASA Championships 200m Freestyle 2012 1:58.68 GOLD
  800m Freestyle   8:19.03 GOLD
  400m Freestyle 2011 4:08.32 GOLD
  800m Freestyle   8:24.77 GOLD
  200m Freestyle 2008 1:58.75 SILVER
  400m Freestyle   4:02.80 GOLD
  800m Freestyle   8:27.86 GOLD

In the Pool

Greatest Achievement to date Winning two Gold Medals at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing which included the world record in the 800m Freestyle

Aspirations To qualify for the Olympics in 2012

Training Regime I train ten times a week in the pool, each session lasts two hours. Additionally I spend one hour a day doing dry land work either running or gym work

Who has been greatest influence on you My coach Bill Furniss

Swimming Short term Goals To qualify for the Commonwealth Games

Swimming Long Term Goals To qualify for the London Olympics

When did you begin swimming I learnt to swim aged four following the footsteps of my two elder sisters and started competitvely for Sherwood Collery in Mansfield doing relays aged nine and individually at ten

Out of the Pool

Family Members Parents Kay and Steve, Older sisters - Chloe and Laura and dog Daisy

Studies Full time swimmer

Other sports I run a little

Ultimate Relaxation Staying in my joggers and watching a movie with friends

One thing you can’t live without  Family

Last book read Chris Hoy's autobiography

Most surprising thing that has happened to me Getting an OBE aged twenty. Never expected to!

Tip for the top Enjoy what you do

Life after swimming? To enjoy new challenges and some lie ins!

How would you like to be remembered Someone who worked hard enjoyed what they did and hoepfully made a difference to the sport


Films Love Comedy/Rom Coms. Too hard to pick all time favourite but the UglyTruth and The Hangover from the past twelve months

Band/Music Mixure of most genres, bit of Beyonce/Girls Aloud and the Killers

Food Mum's Sunday Roast - the Yorkshire Puddings are immense

Hobbies None really

Sports Person Chris Hoy - not only for what he has achieved but his work ethic and the way he conducts himself


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