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High Performance Centre selection

British Synchronised Swimming’s High Performance Centre in Aldershot centralizes the elite side of the sport into one training facility. Only a few athletes are selected to train at the centre. Learn more about our selection criteria…

High Performance Centre Part Time Athletes Selection 2014

Click here for the HPC part time athletes selection policy

Selection Criteria for the High Performance Training Centre Synchronised Swimming

To be selected for the British Synchronised Swimming High Performance Centre, athletes are assessed to see if they met the necessary standard.

The National Performance Director, the Head Coach and the Assistant Coach form the selection committee. Input may also be gathered from all staff working with the athletes and any other person the NPD considered necessary to assist in the final decision.

Accuracy, Improvement and Consistency of the following factors are considered.

Physiological Requirements:

  • General Physical Fitness
  • Synchronised Swimming general and routine specific fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Lean and well defined athletic appearance

Technical ability:

  • Synchronization
  • Execution
  • Pattern accuracy
  • Height
  • Extension
  • Energy
  • Artistic Mastery – ability to deliver the choreography
  • Highlight consistency

Specific Technical markers that the coaches will be looking for:

  • Flat Splits (in the water)
  • Mid Thigh Vertical
  • Barracuda and Rocket Split height
  • Accuracy and on the spot spin
  • Synchronization
  • Pattern accuracy

Compatibility with coaches and other athletes

  • Individual contribution to enhance team dynamics
  • Has the ability to appreciate each team member

Psychological abilities:

  • Mental Toughness - ability to maintain and highlight optimum performance under pressure and adversity.
  • Focus and Concentration - ability to maintain performance related focus for the duration of all training and competition sessions.
  • Demonstration of an internal drive and motivation towards excelling in all areas
  • Confidence in own ability to correct and adapt at competition

The Human Factor:

  • Work ethic based on intensity of training
  • Receiving, acting on and maintaining corrections
  • No curve balls prior to or during the competitive performance


Click Here to download the 2014 High Performance Centre Selection Information.

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